What Is Autoclave? Its Types, Use and Reliable Manufacturers

what is autoclave

What is autoclave?  This is medical equipment that was initially created by a French microbiologist Charles Chamberlain in 1879. Today it destroys microorganisms using steam and is commonly regarded to as one of the most dependable systems that are available for the sterilization of laboratory reagents, glassware and media.

Types of Autoclave

Today they differentiate several different types. The simplest one reminds a pressure cooker. This is a large pot with bolts that fasten the top. The water that is inside the container is heated above the boiling point and the steam destroys all microorganisms.

FYI, each unit can be classified either as a type B or N device. Type N devices don’t use a vacuum for removing the air from the chamber, and type B units feature a special vacuum pump. What is the difference? And what is an autoclave used for? Type N devices are suitable for solid unwrapped instruments, whereas type B ones are used for hollow and wrapped instruments (equipment can be easily sterilized now to be used later).

types of autoclave

There are four types worth mentioning:

  1. A download displacement device or a gravity displacement unit. It was called so due to the method of the air removal in a special sterilization chamber. When the temperature level is sufficient, the drain hole is automatically closed. Then the process of sterilization takes place.
  2. A negative pressure displacement device is a very accurate type of autoclave. After the door of the sterilization chamber is closed, the vacuum pump starts removing the air.
  3. A positive pressure displacement device features an improved design, when compared to that of a download one. The steam is created in a separate chamber. It is held until the required amount is accumulated.
  4. A triple vacuum autoclave. This model reminds a negative pressure displacement device. There is a pump that removes air from the chamber. The steam is also created in a separate chamber.

How Do Autoclaves Work?

What is autoclave? How it works? An effective unit contains dry saturated steam. The air should be removed from the chamber and load. This can be done in several ways. The air removal from  low surface area units with high mass require little air removal, which can be done by automatic air purging. The air can leave the chamber via and special vent, when the steam enters it from a downward displacement (external supply) or an upward displacement (integral source) with the vent closing when the air is completely removed from the chamber.

As for today, a vacuum system is regarded to as the most efficient way of air removal. The vacuum is achieved before any steam introduction, removing the air before vacuum pulsing and (or) free steaming.

how autoclaves work

When the air is completely removed both from the chamber and the load, the temperature, as well as the pressure in the vessels are going to rise, until the selected temperature is reached. In order to achieve the sterilization temperature of 121°C (a typical mark) or even more, the steam should be pressurized to 1.1 Bar G.

Autoclaves’ Manufacturers

Now that you know what an autoclave is used for, you are to get acquainted with the manufacturers that offer the most reliable models. Among them are:

  1. Astell Scientific
  2. Biotechnologies Inc.
  3. ZIRBUS technology
  4. The Autoclaves Group

Astell Scientific is a very popular manufacturer that specializes in the production of autoclaves that range in size from 30 and up to 3 000 liters for medical, laboratory and pharmaceutical sectors. They offer autoclaves to exact specification and sizing requirements.

Biotechnologies Inc. is one of the well-known manufacturers and exporters of popular laboratory equipment. Today they suggest:

  1. Dental Autoclave
  2. Laboratory Autoclave
  3. Medical Autoclave
  4. Stainless Steel Autoclave

ZIRBUS technology is known for developing and producing sterilizers, freeze-drying installations and customized autoclaves.

And finally, the Autoclaves Group. They specialize in designing, project management, manufacturing as well as installation of autoclaves. The Autoclaves Group guarantees an excellent technical support along with efficient after sales support.


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