What Are Compression Stockings?

compression stockings

There are many people in the world who suffer from all types of illnesses, from varicose veins to diabetes. Such conditions often necessitate certain lifestyles and changes that can be complicated and confusing for newcomers. One of the most peculiar circumstances is when the general practitioner you see regularly recommends the use of compression stockings. These weird socks tend to cause some discomfort, because they are quite different from what the average person is used to. They serve a purpose beyond just protecting your feet from the dangers of wearing bare shoes, and they prevent more than just blisters from occurring. Compression stockings are specifically designed to generate pressure on the lower parts of your legs, which increases and maintains appropriate blood flow. Thus the swelling and discomfort that can occur with certain conditions can be easily alleviated. You do not have to have a particular medical condition to wear compression stockings, however, because they are helpful for anyone who deals with aches, swelling, and discomfort as a result of sitting or standing for long periods of time. That does not make compression stockings any easier to understand, however. How do they work? What are compression stockings? What do they look like? You may be full of questions, but this article is full of answers.


What Do Compression Stockings Do?

Compression socks are the pivotal part of compression therapy, which is used to improve physical fitness in legs and feet for individuals in need of help. If your legs are often fatigued, feel inexplicably heavy, or ache constantly despite not being worked any more than normal, you could stand to benefit from compression therapy. Compression amps up the pressure, targeting the tissue directly beneath the skin. That means the subcutaneous tissue is stimulated appropriately, leading to a significant reduction in the pains and inflammation that have become commonplace. This pressure, when appropriately applied, actually keeps the blood in the superficial veins along the legs from becoming congested. Congestion occurs when the blood flows backwards, which happens when the veins overfill from excessive standing or sitting. Congestion actually accounts for the majority of physical complaints in terms of leg ailments. Typically, compression stockings come in gradients, with different regions of the socks providing different amounts of compression. Usually, the tightest part is at the ankle, which makes the sock slightly easier to put on for the majority of people. These stockings are still incredibly tight, because otherwise they would not be capable of providing the support and help that people need. Usually, compression socks come at regular sock lengths, but knee-lengths can also be specifically recommended by your doctor. Knee-length compression socks, panty-hose style compression tights, and all of the other options are available for those with worsening conditions. A physician can best tell you which one would be the most appropriate for your given issues. On the whole, compression socks are an incredibly beneficial opportunity for people from all walks of life with a wide range of insufficiencies and disorders.


Compression Socks Benefits

There are a veritable multitude of impeccable benefits for anyone wearing compression socks, but here are the top five most impactful benefits.

  1. When you wear compression socks, you notice how wonderful your legs finally feel. There are definitive venous blood flow improvements that you can detect immediately. Your legs no longer ache and feel overwhelmingly sore, and you can perform your daily tasks unimpeded.
  2. The aforementioned negative impact of congested blood in the superficial veins on the legs can be much more detrimental than you might suspect, but when you wear quality compression stockings that are appropriate for your personal needs, you can prevent any potential blood pooling within your veins. This can lead to many other benefits, and it can prevent other disasters from occurring.
  3. Blood clots are no joke, and they can result in everything from heart attacks to strokes. Instead of worrying about how your venous insufficiency could lead to your untimely death or horrible impairment, you should invest in a pair of perfect compression socks, which have been shown to dramatically decrease the likelihood of blood clots.
  4. With all of this talk about blood, it would be safe to assume that any sort of inflammation or swelling would decrease with the proper regulation of the most important liquid substance within our bodies. Blood is what causes swelling, as it is usually called to the scene when damage occurs. Instead of being helpful in most situations, however, blood can seriously impede normal functioning. Thankfully, with the help of compression stockings, you can see a serious reduction in the amount of swelling that your legs and feet undergo on the regular.
  5. No matter what sort of disease you are currently suffering from, whether it’s varicose veins or a terrifying strain of bacterial infection, your symptoms can be lessened when you bother to take your doctor’s advice on wearing compression stockings. Your physician knows what’s best, truth be told, and if they say that you would benefit from wearing tighter socks, then you can be sure your symptoms will become at the very least manageable instead of overwhelming.


Compression Socks for Nurses

It is no secret that nurses are active, always on their feet, and keeping other people safe and healthy all day or night long. Hour after hour is passed, standing, pacing, walking, running, fretting. You would be hard pressed to find a job that required more on-your-feet action. With such a remarkable and important job, it can be difficult to predict the amount of soreness, pain, and potential health issues that can accompany it. The fact of the matter is, all nurses should wear compression socks. By the end of a shift, most nurses are in immense pain, which can drastically alter their bedside manner and mental alertness. Instead of fighting your needs in favor of being in unnecessary pain, you should deck out your nursing gear with a few pairs of compression socks. Nurses know that compression socks promote healthy blood circulation and prevent blood clots, but for some reason, they overlook the magnitude of import these socks can have on their own lives. From alleviating perpetual soreness to improving overall physical health, compression socks and nurses ought to go hand in hand—or, foot in cloth, rather. The most popular compression socks in the nursing community include the following:

  • GO2 Compression Socks, which come in a multitude of styles and colors. They are fully supported by both the nursing and the athlete community.
  • Hearts Compression Socks, which are just as cute as they sound. Covered in an array of colorful hearts, these socks come with a gradient compression and have a lot of variety.
  • SnugFx Compression Socks, which are perfect for working long shifts and trying to keep your legs from developing potential health problems. They come in a variety of colors, but each sock has a certain athletic style and appeal.

compression socks for nurses

Best Compression Socks

  • Medipeds

Available in a four-pack, the Medipeds compression socks are great for people who would benefit from immediate usage of compression socks. Whether you were just diagnosed or have been searching for a way to easily alleviate leg pains due to your work environment, these are the right socks for you.

  • Different Touch Motion Travelers

If you prefer your socks to be stylish and sophisticated, you don’t have to worry about giving that up for your health. With the Different Touch compression socks, you can find the perfect socks to match your new suede suit and quirky accent ties. Whatever your style, you can keep your health a priority without losing your sense of personality. You should always feel comfortable with putting your personal preferences as a priority.

  • Wanderlust Travelers

With a cool name like Wanderlust Travelers, you don’t really need more information to go off of. Perfect for people who have been diagnosed with a lower leg condition but still want to make the most out of their lives. Whether you have edema, plantar fasciitis, or any other leg-wrenching issues, you can live your life to the fullest, worry-free and happy with these compression socks.


Compression Stockings

At the end of the day, only you can make the choice to switch from your average and boring socks to literal life-saving alternatives. Your doctor can recommend these changes all they want, but you have to take the initiative in your own life to prevent further damage and keep yourself healthy. Compression socks offer a world of comfort and appeal, allowing everyone to experience the best possible life without giving up what they love. If you adore your career as a waitress, a teacher, a professional trainer, or, of course, a nurse, you should have the option of keeping yourself healthy without sacrificing your dreams. You can find a happy medium, with the benefit of compression socks. Suffer no longer; get yourself a pair of high-quality and top-notch compression socks today to change your life for the better.


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