Waterproof cast protector

Waterproof cast protector

It is not all about the comfort that comes with waterproof casts, but also the increase in the rate at which physical functioning of fractured bones returns. With minimal exercise, bones osteoblasts tend to form more of the growth material that aids in the reconstruction of the fractured areas. Children have benefited the most, but it does not leave out the adults, as they have been found to carry out their duties almost regularly. Studies in children with fractured bones have shown that those with waterproof casting recover faster as compared to those without. Individuals using waterproof casts also reported minimal levels of skin irritation and pain and reported overall satisfaction (Silva, Avoian, & Warnock, 2016). Despite the many pros associated with the utilization of the cast, the disadvantages cannot be avoided as the waterproof casts are expensive and may provide a false sense of protection when not applied as required.

A reason to worry

Summer bells are ringing, and everyone is ready for this period. It is pretty obvious that swimming pools and the beaches are fully booked. Children cannot calm down until they get themselves into the cold water and splash it all over the pool with sweet sounds in the air. Having a cast can be problematic and becomes worrisome to the bearers. Their summer breaks are limited, and they feel neglected and not belonging. They cannot join the rest with their casts protecting an injured bone inside, either of the arm or leg. It becomes tough to enjoy a majority of the activities taking place, and this may lead to a state of depression. Once depression sets in, the healing process slows down. It is always annoying to live with a broken arm or leg, and the worst scenario is trying to maintain the cast dry all the time. Individuals with broken limbs will try to avoid outings as there is also the fear of the rain and moisture that weakens the integrity of the cast. Once the integrity has been tampered with, chances of infection and irritation increase and its ability to stabilize the broken bone is lost. It no longer serves its purpose and proper healing does not take place.

Waterproof Cast Protector Leg

Why waterproof casts?

There is no need to worry as there is a solution already. You can still take part in the outdoor activities without the interruption of the fractured bone. The plaster of Paris must be protected from water all the time and be kept as dry as possible. Therefore, the cast must be protected by waterproof materials of being replaced by casts made of waterproof materials. Swimsuits and trunks are available, eliminating the worry of tampering with the work of the orthopedic surgeon. There is no need to worry and avoid the shower as the waterproof casts give you the assurance of protection 24 hours a day. One doesn’t have to stick their arms with casts in the air as they shower or keep the legs with casts outside the bath tub. The quick recovery comments on the casts will remain printed on the casts until fully recovery takes place, thanks to the waterproof casts that are now available in the market. It is for this reason that there should be no more reason to worry about.

Quite a Variety to Choose from

The market is offering a variety of waterproof casts that are meant to keep patients comfortable and improve their post-treatment care. A majority of patients recommend the use of the Dry Pro Waterproof Cast as compared to the rest of the products provided by other companies. The cast comes with a twin pack called the Bandage Cover Protector. The two products are released as a single pack that works as an entity. There is also the BLOCCS Waterproof Protector for Casts and Dressings that is commonly used. Patients have also used the Walgreen’s Reusable Waterproof Cast and Wound Protector as well as the ArmRx Arm Glove Cast Bandage Protector.

The Dry Pro Waterproof Cast and Bandage Cover Protector

  • The most used product in the market.
  • A majority of the patients who have used the product have left a 5-star rating and recommend that others should use it.
  • The cast and bandage fit perfect to the affected arm or leg and has proved to provide more safety when it comes to activities that expose the affected limb to water and moisture.
  • The appealing feature of this product is the vacuum seal which is meant to maintain absolute dry conditions inside the cast.
  • The market provides casts for both the arm and the legs, an added advantage. It also comes in a wide range of sizes that fit different age categories.
  • The product allows the holder to fully submerge the covered limbs and take showers without fearing any consequences.
  • However, the cast needs an expert to help in fitting it on. A patient cannot fix it by themselves as they require help.

BLOCCS Waterproof Protector for Casts and Dressings

  • A great product as it caters for both the legs and the arms.
  • The main advantage with this product is its reusability.
  • Comes in different sizes making it available for both adults and children.
  • Much comfort is achieved from its soft nature plus its flexibility.
  • There are some individuals, however, who may develop an anaphylactic allergic reaction to rubber, limiting the use of this product which is made of rubber.
  • The presence of a watertight seal distinguishes this product from the rest in the market.

Walgreen’s Reusable Waterproof Cast and Wound Protector

  • A one-handed protector that does not need help to fit.
  • The waterproof cast protector is reusable and also provides protection for wounds.
  • The main disadvantage with this protector is the unavailability of an arm protector, only for the leg.
  • Comparing with the two protectors discussed above, this version is cheaper.
  • The patient does not need to buy more than one protector for a single cast as one protector can take care of a lifetime of a cast or bandage.

ArmRx Arm Glove Cast Bandage Protector

  • A recyclable product that can be disinfected and be used by more than one individual.
  • It allows for a total submersion of the affected limb.
  • It is preferred because of its light weight.
  • The disadvantage is that it for the arm only, no option for the leg.

Key Considerations when Choosing a Waterproof Cast Protector

It is sometimes difficult trying to choose a product from a variety of options. It is, however, easy as there are only a few factors to bear in mind. One needs to consider how much protective the product is to water entry, the material that the product is made of, the ease of application, and the ability to re-use the product. These four factors should serve as the guide to a buyer and make them not enter the market blindly.

Waterproof Cast Protector


Life can become easy and comfortable when one purchases a protector that is reusable. It becomes the same procedure when the protector is applied, and the patient does not need to buy more products of the same type. It is expensive trying to purchase new protectors every time an individual wants to have a shower or goes swimming.


Some individuals are allergic to rubber and must avoid some products at all costs. It can be uncomfortable wearing a heavy cast as it produces a lot of heat that can make the skin itch. It is, therefore, recommended that individuals go for lighter protectors. Choose a product that is airtight and made of polyethylene materials as compared to those made of rubber.

Ease of use

It is good to choose protectors that are not complicated when it comes to application. For instance, the product with a vacuum is more complicated, and it requires help to fit. No one would want to break another arm trying to fit a protector to an already fractured limb. It is, therefore, important to choose wisely.


The essence of the product is to protect the cast from water and moisture. It is, therefore, pretty important to go for a waterproof protector. Water is destructive to the cast as it makes it weak and can lead to infection. Quick recovery requires a dry cast with no interference.


All patients suffering from bone fractures would want to recover soon and get off the cast. It is, therefore, important to protect the casts from conditions that may weaken the casts and delay the healing process. One doesn’t have to stick their arms with casts in the air as they shower or keep the legs with casts outside the bath tub. The reviews above are a guide to the patient as advantages and disadvantages of each are highlighted. The major factors to consider are; how much protective the product is to water entry, the material that the product is made of, the ease of application, and the ability to re-use the product. One should not be restricted to do the things that they love thanks to the protectors.

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