Towel Warmer Racks and Cabinets to Any Taste and Need

towel warmer cabinet

The main function of a towel warmer is to provide warm towels to be used after a shower or bath. However, there are some other possible uses. For example, a towel warmer rack is perfect for drying hand washable and delicate items, as well as bathing suits.

Such devices are available in most homes, besides there are also special towel warmer cabinets that are widely used in professional massage saloons. Dry or moist towels can be placed inside a warmer. This is an effective way of giving a client extra comfort. Plus, there is no need to do laundry or moisten the towels yourself. These devices are often confused with fluid warming cabinets. But its not correct.

Of course, in most cases such devices are purchased to dry the towels, but still there are people, who purchase them to add an upscale, modern and spa-like feel and look to their bathrooms. Why not? They are affordable and can be purchased in different sizes and models.

Electric Towel Warmer

This is the option most people give preference to. An electric towel warmer is designed like a water heated unit, though it uses electricity instead. The device plugs into the outlet in a bathroom. Such units heat the towels, but aren’t able to create a spa-like radiant heat.

electric towel warmer

Generally speaking, these units consume as much electricity as a single light-bulb. In this case the energy serves a function of warming the bathroom, while warming and drying the bathrobe, clothes and towels. This type of warmers can be installed with a special timer, and you know when the coats and towels are dry and waiting for you.


Hydronic Towel Warmer

A hydronic towel warmer uses hot water plumbing in order to produce the required heat by running the hot liquid through a special towel warmer. As a rule, this is done in one of two ways:

  1. by connecting to the open system (one’s home’s hot water heater)
  2. by connecting to the closed system (a specific hydronic heating system)

In many cases hydronic towel warmers are the most energy-saving method. However, the problem is that they can be pretty difficult for installation, except for the cases when the installation is a part of a new construction or a complete remodel.

hydronic towel warmer

Many warmers of this type are self-contained. They circulate water and glycol mixture or oil. The liquids are usually heated by a special inbuilt element and then circulated through the device. The safety features of electronic devices and those of hydronic towel warmer racks are similar. The latter ones have special inbuilt controls, which are important for preventing the device from becoming extremely hot. When the definite temperature is reached, the device turns off automatically and turns on, when it is needed. This reminds the work of a water heater.


Wall Mounted Towel Warmer

And what about a wall-mounted towel warmer? This type is regarded to as perfect for bathrooms that have a limited floor space. Such devices offer functional warming properties and are always ready to bring a new level of comfort and quality into the lives of those, who use them.

The racks are likely to feature exposed hot surfaces, which can even burn, if touched. Sometimes this becomes a real problem, especially when the bathroom is very small or you have pets or small children, who use it often.

wall mounted towel warmer

Still there are many modern models of wall-mounted devices that add a very modern and spa-like feel and look to the bathroom. One can always make a choice from a very huge range of pretty modern, but also affordable towel warmers. No matter what design you’d like to accomplish, you may be absolutely sure that you will always find the things you need.


Freestanding Towel Warmer

Though this type is the last to be mentioned today, it is one of the most popular, and there are several reasons of popularity. Of course, such warm unit takes up more space than other similar types. However, the benefit is that it can always be removed and stored in some other place. In addition it can always be shared between several bathrooms, if there are such.

Many modern models have a sufficient cover in order to prevent possible burns. They are considered to be more effective for warming gloves, scarves, mittens, bathrobes and other small items.

freestanding towel warmer

Another advantage is that they can be easily placed at any bathroom without the need of installation. Some people choose to place them in other areas, like rest rooms and pools. Most hotels and resorts place them at spas to provide a really luxurious experience to their clients.

Their designs should be mentioned as well. The choice is never limited, so everyone can choose the unit he/she likes. Great quality and effectiveness make these warmer units the best choice.

Though there are several variants to choose from, they all have benefits and drawbacks, specifications and styles, installation instructions and recommendations that should be considered, while making the final choice.

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