SureSight Vision Screener

SureSight Vision Screener

Refractive disorders are very common in children. Disorders like farsightedness, shortsightedness, and astigmatic affect millions of children globally. Unfortunately, in most children, vision disorders often go undetected for many years. This often leads to poor academic performance and more important, the child is unable to participate in social and sporting activities. Further, if a condition like a lazy eye (amblyopia) is left untreated, it leads to permanent blindness. This leads to lack of job opportunities, difficulty driving, and a poor quality of life. Even when teachers note difficulties in vision in children, they are often powerless to do anything about it.

For a long time, one major obstacle in eye testing was the lack of a suitable machine. Most of the traditional eye screening machines are large, cumbersome, lack portability and often induce panic/fear in children.

Now, finally, there is a small portable machine that can help assess refractive disorders in children. The SureSight Vision Screener was developed to screen for vision problems anywhere and in any age group. It is the most accurate vision-screening device on the market. Within seconds, the machine can diagnose any type of refractive disorder. There are countless data indicating that when refractive eye disorders are promptly diagnosed and treated, not only do people do well in academics but also the quality of life is vastly improved.

What is SureSight Vision Screener?

SureSight Vision Screener has been developed using Welch Allyn’s latest proprietary technology to screen for eye diseases with speed accuracy and rapidly. It overcomes the problems associated with eye chart screening or a visit to the optician’s clinic. This portable machine that runs on a battery can be used in any environment and can screen for refractive eye disorders in people of all ages including infants. Within seconds, the SureSight device automatically screens for common refractive disorders like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. The SureSight Vision Screener is a hand-held device and can be used in the clinic, in schools, the home, or any other place.

In what age group can the SureSight Vision Screener be used?

The SureSight Vision Screener can be used to screen vision in babies, children, and adults. In fact, the device is so versatile it can even be used to screen people while they are wearing contact lenses or eyeglasses. Irrespective of the person’s disability, age, race, gender, occupation, or lifestyle, the SureSight can be used to check vision. The SureSight has been designed in such a way that it makes eye screening easy, entertaining and fun.

What visual problems can the SureSight screen?

The SureSight can screen for the following refractive eye disorders:

  • Shortsightedness
  • Farsightedness
  • Astigmatism (inability to focus equally with both eyes
  • Anisometropia (each eye having a different power to focus)


What are advantages of SureSight Vision Screener?

  1. The device is child-friendly. It is not large and does not scare children; it appears more like a toy.
  2. To engage the child, the SureSight vision screener does emit sounds and lights.
  3. The device is easy to use and works very fast. Because of the automation, the eye screen checks take no more than 5 minutes in total.
  4. As soon as the eyes are screened, the machine provides a visible readout on a screen if the results are abnormal. The provider does not have to think, guess, or ponder over the diagnosis. One does not need to get a second opinion from another specialist.
  5. The device quickly addresses the sensitivity of the eye to the chart and presence of any refractive problem.
  6. The device is not invasive or intrusive. The distance at which vision is assessed is 14-inches and this makes most children comfortable.
  7. The individual does not have to be responsive verbally. The SureSight works on automation and requires minimal cooperation. This makes it ideal for use in children. In addition, the device can be used even in children who have not yet learned to speak or speak another language.
  8. The SureSight Screening device is also ideal for use in people who are bed-ridden, those who have restricted mobility or are non-ambulatory. Since this device does not require any type of active interaction from the patient, it can be used to screen various types of patients with developmental disabilities.

What accessories come with the SureSight Vision Screener?

  1. The device can be connected to a printer via a remote wireless link. The print-out provides a copy for the medical records and another copy can be given to the patient.
  2. The device is battery-operated and thus it can be used in places where there is no electricity. This also allows the device to be used in almost any environment.

SureSight Vision Screener accessories

What are the technical features of SureSight Vision Screener?

  1. To make the device work, one just presses a button, which then automatically checks both eyes in a sequential fashion.
  2. Any test result that is abnormal is automatically displayed on the screen.
  3. After each eye screen, there is a 5-second pause and the machine automatically checks for any compliance issues. This ensures that the readings with each screening are reliable.
  4. The entire device is compact and portable.
  5. The hand-held device can be taken to rural areas with no power and it will work continuously for at least 3 hours.
  6. The device is ergonomically manufactured and there is no strain on the eyes, the neck, or the back.
  7. The SureSight Vision Screener weighs two pounds and features an easy grip handle. There is also a self-adjusting strap that can accommodate people of all sizes.
  8. The rugged construction protects the interior optics and electronic hardware. The device can also stand shock or vibratory motions.
  9. The sealed unit helps keep out debris, dirt, and body fluids.
  10. The SureSight Vision Screener has a built-in microchip, which automatically screens the eye and then indicates any abnormal reading on the visible screen. Because the machine actually reads the result, there is no need for any consultant or optician or ophthalmologist needed to interpret the results.


What are Technical Specifications of SureSight Vision Screener?

  1. Data is acquired by measuring and averaging 6-8 readings per eye.
  2. The amount of time to acquire data averages 2-3 seconds per eye.
  3. The working distance is 14-inches and this makes it non-threatening to most children.
  4. The SureSight Vision Screener has a battery that lasts at least 3 hours after continuous usage.
  5. The machine does have a visual low battery indicator that comes up when there is 15 minutes of battery time left.
  6. The weight of SureSight is 2 pounds, which is less than most laptops.
  7. All new machines come with a 12-month warranty.



The SureSight Vision Screener has been used for many years and is often used by eye doctors who travel to under-developed countries where there are often no devices to check for refractive eye disorders. The instrument is reliable and consistently produces accurate results. The SureSight Vision Screener has been shown to consistently achieve high success rates across people of all ages and it may be very useful in the detection.

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