Scholarship Program

One of the ultimate purposes of medinstrum is to provide a financial aid to students to help them achieve their dream of pursuing higher education. It also helps in encouraging and motivating the students especially those who cannot afford to pay their college fees due to many reasons.

Thus, Medinstrum is pleased to offer a scholarship for eligible students who seek to study medicine, and are looking for a way to fund their study. Medinstrum is very selective, so only the applicants with great motivation and outstanding study results will be able to avail the scholarship.

Who can apply?

There is a set of criteria that every applicant should meet in order to avail the program. The scholarship program of medinstrum can be given to students with an average academic background based on their other skill sets, talents criteria and many more. Criteria can be with respect to linguistic minority group or religious minority groups. Many private companies recognize the applicant’s talent for providing a scholarship.

For instance, just in case you have an average academic background, but you have an excellent record in the field of sport, music and other co-curricular activities, there are organizations which encourage you to enhance your knowledge in that particular field of interest by funding your tuition expenses.

Since we have a very limited number of slots for the scholarship, only the most outstanding and highly eligible candidates will be granted the scholarship.

How to Apply?

Those who believe they meet the qualifications and want to apply for the scholarship should send an email with a letter attached at

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at Our reliable customer service representative will be available to cater to your needs and address your concerns.