Portable Massage Tables for Your Work Out Doors

portable massage table

Are you planning to do out-call massages? Then you should have a portable massage table. When choosing one, it is very important to consider some essential things like whether the clients are seen only in their individual homes or in offices, too. The choice of a table must be based on if a therapist is going to treat the clients with some special need (handicap, obesity and pregnancy).


Earthlite Massage Tables

According to the latest massage table reviews, Earthlite is now an industry leader in building high quality tables, accessories and supplies for use by massage therapists all over the world. The company is widely known for innovations and quality that make their massage tables best in design and construction. And this is mainly why they are so popular.

earthlite massage table

All tables manufactured by Earthlite are ergonomically designed in order to fit different body heights and types. In addition, they suggest plush foam padding in order to ensure the client’s comfort. Tables are durable, sturdy and hand-crafted with the best materials.

Today you can easily choose one of the Earthlite massage tables that are available in different colors and styles, with different massage table packages and accessories to suit all of your needs.


Electric Massage Tables

These are the examples of the latest technology designed for massage therapists. The thing is there are many special circumstances in the massage therapy. In fact, massage is used for medical purposes as well, so professional therapists need some alternative portable massage tables. Electric tables are used for medical massage and sometimes look like dentist chairs.

electric massage tables

Such equipment has its own benefits from the point of view of both clients and practitioners:

  • They offer a much greater stability along with easy adjustment and operation.
  • They provide greater comfort both for a professional and a client.
  • Though they are typically more expensive than traditional portable massage tables, they are well worth the cost.
  • They are widely available, and there are many various selections of style, color and model.
  • Because of its weight, the table is stationary, demanding the need for a client to come for a treatment.
  • Stability is another important feature worth mentioning. It isn’t unusual for those clients, who are new to massages. They don’t feel unsupported or anxious as in cases with wood structures. The bed remains stable while a client climbs onto/off the bed.
  • All electric versions are manufactured from metal and have a single thick pedestal in the bed’s center.

Hydraulic Massage Tables

If you are looking for a reliable hydraulic massage table, make sure it has a sturdy, but still lightweight metal frame, featuring a hydraulic lift, which functions smoothly with as little noise as possible. The hydraulic lift makes it possible to adjust the table’s height, which is very important for ensuring that a therapist and a client feel comfortable during the massage.

hydraulic massage table

The lift system is usually operated either by a foot pedal or a special push button. In fact, it is highly important to keep in mind that tables that feature a foot pedal have hands-free adjustment that always allows extra versatility. Besides, there is no need to interrupt the massage in order to change the height of the table.

Don’t forget about the level of customization, as well as whether the leg/arm rests can be easily adjusted. Such tables usually come with extra leg or arm rests, as well as face cradles. So, before purchasing, make sure that the table has everything you are interested in.


Pregnancy Massage Tables

It is no wonder that so many practitioners have pregnancy massage tables. Such massage equipment has a hole cut in the middle of the table in order to accommodate the belly of a mother. The larger the belly is, the more stress it puts on the lower back, while lying on a pregnancy massage table. Still, such massages are very helpful.

pregnancy massage table

It is a well-known fact that during pregnancy hormones are changing, causing discomfort and pain, skeletal and circulation changes. This is the reason why massage during pregnancy has lots of benefits. It helps to:

  • regulate hormones
  • relax muscles
  • reduce swelling
  • improve body circulation
  • relieve back pain
  • reduce nerve pain
  • relieve swelling in joints
  • improve sleep patterns
  • play a major role in attitude and mood
  • improve lymph system

Those women, who receive massage on a special pregnancy massage table on a regular basis, have fewer complications not only during pregnancy, but also during delivery. Newborn complications (for example, low birth weight) are also fewer, if a mother receives some therapeutic massage.


Lightweight Massage Tables

What is a lightweight massage table? This equipment is just perfect for travelling therapists and those, who need to fold and move their massage tables on a frequent basis. This is highly important to find the best lightweight massage table that is characterized by a pretty good design and strength. Such table is going to provide great support to a decent amount of weight, remaining portable.

lightweight massage table

What are other important factors to consider?

  1. long-term stability
  2. comfort both for the masseuse and the client
  3. cost

Such tables are usually made of those materials that are a lot lighter than wood (aluminum, for example). The equipment is smaller than the majority of portable massage tables. The most perfect examples weigh below 30 pounds and flaunt adjustable features, including arm shelf, the headrest, face rest, etc.

What else makes them so popular? In addition to the numerous features described above, portable tables for massage are sturdy and light for any practitioner to carry around, when visiting clients at their houses and flats.

Are you lucky enough to live and work in a climate that allows being mobile enough to work outdoors? Then you should try any of the portable massage tables and use a chance to move freely, work more and earn more. Good luck with that!


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