High quality physiotherapy equipment is a key to successful treatment

physiotherapy equipment

Physiotherapy is a highly credible, professional and natural medical treatment method. This option can help with such problems as muscular injury, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis and arthritis, workplace injury and lymphoedema. It can be also recommended in case of pregnancy, post-surgery, mental health, stroke and asthma.

Physiotherapy may include such aspects of care as manual therapy, manipulation (also known as the ‘crack’), exercise therapy, athletic taping & bracing, acupuncture and electrotherapy. In its turn, electrotherapy treatments include transcutaneous nerve stimulation (TNS), interferential, laser and ultrasound therapy.

The most common types of physio equipment

Physiotherapy equipment usually includes such devices as:

  • Balance balls. They are designed to strengthen and heal the shoulders, spine, arms and legs. Balance ball chairs can be also included to this type. They provide support to the neck and spine.
  • Hydro boots are ideal for lower body exercises in water therapy sessions. They can strengthen the body and improve your health.
  • Treadmills and bicycles. These physiotherapy machines are considered to be the most effective and useful in physical treatments.
  • Hydro weights are used in swimming sessions to improve strength and flexibility.
  • Upper Body Ergometers (the UBE) are pedaling devices which can be used in strengthening the shoulders, arms and the upper part of your body.
  • Mini trampolines are mostly used to treat leg injuries and strengthen the muscles.
  • Hot and cold therapy equipment (e.g. cold and hot packs, elbow swellings) is used to relieve inflammation and pain.
  • Parallel bars and staircase trainers are designed to improve the strength and mobility of the body.
  • Different types of physiotherapy tools like mobility devices, ultrasonic machines and laser equipment are also widely used in physiotherapy sessions.

Physiotherapy accessories

physiotherapy accessoriesApart from physiotherapy machines, the following accessories can be also required for treatment:

  • Shoulder Wheel Axial;
  • Physiotherapy Wax;
  • Weight Cup Set;
  • Heel Exerciser;
  • Steeper;
  • Examination Cough;
  • Buttoning Frame;
  • Bolster Cushion;
  • Finger Exerciser;
  • Ultrasound Paper, gel and roll;
  • Wax Bath and many other items.

Physiotherapy ultrasound machine

physiotherapy ultrasound machine

Ultrasound therapy involves using high-frequency sound waves to treat wounds, injuries and other disorders. This therapy can efficiently improve healing, reduce inflammation and relieve pain. It is especially helpful in treating soft tissue damage (fascia, tendons, bursas/joint cushions, muscles).
Ultrasound therapy can be also recommended in such conditions as:

  • Contracture of muscle, fascia and tendon;
  • chronic lower back pain;
  • coccydynia;
  • muscle strains, sprain, spasm;
  • sports injuries;
  • rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, tendonitis, bursitis and other diseases of the joints.

Ultrasound therapy is a quick and simple procedure that usually lasts for a few minutes. Frequency of sessions, duration and dosage of intensity varies depending on each condition.

How it works? A console of an ultrasound machine is connected to an AC adapter. A coaxial cable provides a handheld transducer with electrical current. Ultrasound waves are emitted through the applicator head. A physiotherapist applies a special gel to the affected area and moves the device over your skin for 5-10 minutes a session.

Physiotherapy tape

physiotherapy tape

Physiotherapy tape is used to treat various physical disorders, such as athletic injuries, pain in the knees, pain in the neck or back, shoulder pain and other problems with musculoskeletal system. The elastic cotton strip can efficiently relieve pain and improve your health.

Types of Physiotherapy Tape include:

  • Kinesiology Physio Tape. It is used for rehabilitation after sports injuries. This Tape helps improve fitness levels and reduces recovery times.
  • Zinc Oxide Physio Tape can be used to help prevent injured joints.
  • Elastic Adhesive Bandage Physio Tape combines flexibility, support & compression. It is ideal for injured joints.
  • Tear Lite EAB Physio Tape is often used to fix an ice pack. It is also used as lifting tape in rugby.
  • Crepe Bandages Physio Tape provides protection, support and padding. It is often used as boxing hand-wrap.
  • Cohesive Bandage Physio Tape would be ideal for allergies and hairy areas.
  • PVC Sock Tape has a wide range of applications, so it would be helpful for any medical kit.
  • Tubular Bandage provides smooth support for weakened joints, muscles, sprains and strains.

Apart from that, physio taping accessories include Pre Taping Sprays for extra adhesivness and skin preparation, Heavy Duty Bandage Shears, Foam Underwrap, Adhesive Remover Sprays, etc.

Physiotherapy equipment suppliers

The most well-known companies offering physiotherapy equipment are:

  • Suppliers in the USA. Dynasplint Ankle Rehabilitation, FMC Medical and Rehabilitation, MedSource USA, Source 1 Medical, WisdomKing.com Inc. and others.
  • Suppliers in Canada. Aboriginal Medical Supplies LTD, Vitacare Medical Products, Remington Medical Equipment Ltd. , Farabloc Development Corporation, Electro-Therapeutic Devices Inc., Four Directions Medical Supply Inc., Milestone Financial Corporation ,T.H.E. Medical a div of 107349 Ont. Ltd.
  • Suppliers in Europe. Airbath Aquabeau Ltd., Biosys Electromedicali, Cynosure UK Ltd., Etoile S.r.l., Tecno Gamma, GymnaUniphy N.V. and others.
  • Suppliers in India. Supreme Surgicals Company, India Medico Instruments, Avishkar International Private Limited, Advanced Technocracy Inc, Shailesh Mechanical Works and Track Manufacturing Co. Pvt. Ltd.
  • Suppliers in China: Wuhan HNC Technology Co., Ltd., Zhangjiagang Stark Import & Export Co., Ltd., Wuhan HNC Technology Co., Ltd., Foshan Leawell Medical Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing OERHUATAI Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Shunkanglai Technology Co., Ltd. and others.

If you need to purchase physiotherapy instruments for your clinic or home use, you should deal with experienced and reliable companies only.