Pediatric Exam Tables. Most Important Features in a Single Economical Package

pediatric exam table

Today’s market offers a great variety of pediatric exam tables of different models. Colorful designs are great for all kids, especially those of dogs, cats and favorite cartoon characters always keep kids interested, which makes them a perfect background for a calm examination. Bright, colorful and shiny tables are always very popular.

The surface of a pediatric table is designed to resist scuffs, marks or wear. As all the colors are extremely bright, they add extra color to the room, remaining comfortable for kids to lie down during examination. Some modern models also adjust at mid-section, thus allowing the upper body and head to be properly elevated for ease in examination and additional comfort.


Hausmann Pediatric Tables

Hausmann Industries Inc. is recognized as a leader in manufacturing and distributing quality healthcare supplies. It is always ready to offer the best tables that help the consumers stay up-to-date with the current status. No matter what design or model you are about to choose, the brand offers a 3-year limited warranty on all products.

You can always buy pediatric exam tables and tables for patients with special needs, hand dynamometers or floor mounted bars. In addition all the tables can be designed in a way to meet Class ‘A’ fire resistant requirements. This is one of those few brands that are selling green products for all hospitals. All the tables are manufactured from eco-friendly materials, which help to reduce carbon footprints, improving the quality of air and protecting the surroundings. And this is of top importance!


Midmark Pediatric Tables

Midmark 640 offers the tables that are essential, if you want to give the patients the best care possible. They have beveled sides and an upholstered end panel, so that infants cannot roll off the pediatric examination table. As the sides are flat and have no sharp ends, kids are safe from harm, unlike in cases with other tables.

Those, who examine up to 20 children daily, always experience pain and stress on the back. Midmark tables eliminate the possibility of pain with the exam surface height of 36″. It means that a pediatrician can always have a comfortable access to his patients without any need to bend over to do the exam.

midmark pediatric tables

With Midmark you are sure that everything you need is right at your hands, so there is no need to walk another place for weighting, measuring and other supplies. Besides, there is no need to use a separate scale that takes up valuable counter space.

As there are always storage needs, the pediatric exam table has one oversized drawer and a bulk storage area for keeping equipment and diapers. A special paper roll holder that has a paper tear strap at one end is another convenience. This all helps to keep children from crawling beneath the table.

There are other brands offering secure pediatric tables for proper examination. They all ensure comfort and convenience, reliability and accuracy in a single package.


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