Patient Monitoring: Remote and Multiparameter Devices and Their Manufacturers

patient monitoring system

Patient monitoring is always highly important in any emergency and operating room, as it has already proven its reliability in recovery rooms and during respiratory therapy, transportation and out-patient care, ambulatory and gastroenterology departments, sleep screening applications and at home.

The very first primitive patient monitoring began in 1625 with the work done by Santorio. It was measuring blood pressure and body temperature. The new technology developed after the World War 2. As for now, there is a vast number of different monitoring types.

Basically, a patient monitor consists of an analog front end, sensors, a human-machine interface, a processor, memory, power supply and communication interface circuits.

Why is it so important? The primer reason is the fact it reduces possible risks of complications and infections, providing necessary comfort.  When there is the need for patient monitoring devices? There are several cases:

  • critical physiological conditions
  • unstable physiological regulatory systems (anesthesia, drug overdose, etc)
  • risks of developing life threatening conditions

As for today, patient monitoring is found in hospitals like wards or operating rooms, ICUs, etc. They have already become indispensable devices for monitoring heart rate and ECG, blood pressure and SpO2, body temperature, respiratory frequency and pulse.


Remote Patient Monitoring Devices

RPM or remote patient monitoring is referred to as homecare tele-health. This is a sort of an ambulatory healthcare, which allows patients using mobile medical devices in order to perform routine tests and the send the data to a healthcare provider in real time.

Usually remote patient monitoring devices are very user-friendly and are easy to operate. These features make them perfect for remote monitoring. Any patient can be easily trained how to use the device and monitor himself.

The RPM technology includes such devices as:

  • heart/blood pressure monitors for those receiving cardiac care
  • glucose meters for those having diabetes

Data is sent by using a special software app that is installed on the Internet-capable computer, of the patient, smartphone, tablet PC, etc.

remote patient monitoring devices

Multiparameter Patient Monitor

What is a multiparameter monitor? This is a special device that is used for keeping track of the vital signs of patient’s health. This patient monitoring equipment is generally used in different hospital departments to monitor patients in their beds. The equipment measures blood pressure, ECG, temperature, respiration rate and other data. If we speak of specialized versions, they include cardiac and fetal output, as well a neuromuscular monitors.

As for the new monitors, they are generally equipped with much better ECG filtering, as well as accurate NIBP – non-invasive arterial blood pressure. The integrating parameters enable monitoring on one display that speeds up the clinician’s decision-making process.

In addition to the above-described features, new devices lead to a much better workflow of the nursing staff.

multiparameter patient monitor

Patient Monitor Manufacturers

The manufacturers of patient monitoring equipment are multiple, and here are the most reliable ones.

GE Healthcare. The manufacturer provides professional consulting services as well as transformational medical technologies that help to improve patient care. GE Healthcare is principally focused on medical information and imaging technologies, offering patient monitoring systems, biopharmaceutical and drug discovery technologies, equipment financing and digital solutions, quality maintenance and specialized asset management services.

Both products and services from this brand enable physicians to diagnose and treat such diseases as cancer, neurological and heart diseases.

Bio-Optronics Inc. This manufacturer is a leader in healthcare technology, providing clinical trial management systems, physician scheduling applications as well as products for patient ID.

Clafin Equipment Company is another leader in patient monitoring equipment that serves surgical centers, clinics, hospitals and general practices nationwide and abroad through online services.

C. R. Bard, Inc. is the company that caters to the markets for urology, vascular, surgical and oncology specialty products. It provides products to extended care facilities, hospitals, alternate site facilities and individual health care professionals.

Infinium Medical is one of the highly respected manufacturers of patient monitors as well as operating room equipment. All products are valued for their superior design, cost efficiency and reliability.

All these patient monitor manufacturers supply a range of different products and systems that will assist all patient monitoring requirements.


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