Vestibular testing equipment

vestibular testing equipment

Vestibular testing comprises of various tests that figure out whether there is some kind of problem with the vestibular (adjust) segment of the inward ear. These tests can segregate tipsiness manifestations to a particular cause that can regularly be dealt with.

Vestibular testing hardware is made out of a few parts, including videonystagmogram (VNG), revolving seat and vestibular evoked myogenic potential (VEMP). It is vital to know whether you are getting a total or halfway examination. For instance, a rotational seat gives superb data with respect to your vestibular framework and is the main bit of gear equipped for making certain determinations. Because of the high cost of buying a revolving seat, most by far of vestibular testing offices don’t have this critical bit of symptomatic hardware.

What is Nasal Cannula? Full guide


The term “Nasal Cannula” is a medical device used to deliver concentrated oxygen or increased airflow to a patient or person who needs respiratory help. For this purpose, oxygen face masks can also be used but in generally Nasal cannulas are used because they have the slimline shape which allows a patient to move around and to perform normal activities like eating, drinking or talking more effectively than with a face mask. Nasal cannulas are also cheap to replace and can rapidly be placed in most patients.

Patients who are receiving long-term oxygen therapy, they most commonly use a nasal cannula. The appliance is usually well tolerated, allowing normal speech, eating, and drinking. Cannulas can be used by combining with spectacle frames for convenience. For patients receiving long-term oxygen therapy, oxygen conserving cannulas combined with inlet reservoir are also available which are more comfortable. As oxygen flows continuously, almost 80% of the gas is wasted during expiration, so to avoid oxygen loss there are valved reservoirs that allow the storage of incoming gas or oxygen unless patient starts inhaling.

What is a cpm machine

What is a CPM machine?

CPM, additionally known as continuous passive motion, could be a device that’s accustomed flex gently and extend the knee joint. The CPM machine is used after surgery to permit the ginglymoid joint to bend slowly.

The initial thought was that CPM would improve motion following knee replacement surgery, still as alternative knee procedures, and eliminate the matter of stiffness.

By inserting the knee during this device before long once surgery, the connective tissue wouldn’t develop, and also the drawback of stiffness wouldn’t be a priority.

Oral thermometer

Oral Thermometers

Fever may be an alarming symptom in various conditions, including infections such as common cold, pneumonia, urinary tract infections, meningitis, etc. Other non-infectious causes that may result in elevated temperature include autoimmune diseases, cancer, tissue destruction and drugs side effects. In addition certain variations of body temperature during the day may be associated with specific conditions (malaria for example). On the other side extremely low body temperature (known as hypothermia) is also dangerous for the normal body functioning. This underlines the importance of accurate temperature measuring methods and instruments. There are still certain disagreements on what’s the normal temperature range as well as which is the most accurate method to measure it. However, oral temperature (along with rectal temperature), if taken correctly, is currently considered as very reliable.

Medical vending machines

Medicine Vending Machine

There has been a lot of advancements in the technological sector in the recent years. Hence, every dimension or institution whether its business or health related has to improve as technology grows. Many innovations have come up and the health section has not been left behind in this advancements. There are various medicine vending machines that have been developed to make health care services more efficient and reliable. We are going to look broadly on these machines and discover which each of them entails, how they work, their advantages and also disadvantages because as much as any tool can be helpful, there will always be disadvantages and side effects and therefore we cannot ignore that perspective (Anna-Marie, 2010).

Medical shower chairs

Bathroom Safety Shower

It may be hard for few people to take a bath from tubs and showers as they get slippery while taking a bath. To find a balance in between while, and forget about the fear of slipping while taking a bath, shower chairs have been introduced. With the continuously changing technology and advancement, products like these have been introduced to help people in the best possible way.  These chairs are designed to provide the best comfort and safety while taking a bath in the bath tub. They include non-slippery grips which keeps the hold of the seat no matter how much the tub is filled with water.

Applanation tonometer

Applanation tonometer

Eye care is very important as we age, especially if there is a family history of glaucoma.  Eye screening is also as important as screening for breast cancer, testicular cancer or prostate cancer. The worst part of neglecting eye screening can cost your eyesight due to glaucoma advancement.  Applanation Tonometer is an instrument used to measure the ocular or eye pressure and which is an important clue for the diagnosis of glaucoma.

What is a hydrocollator


During physical therapy, depending on the seriousness of the patient’s condition, physical therapists can use anything from their hands to medicinal balls to other objects during the therapy sessions. Most of the times when the muscle damage is deep, medicines are used alongside therapy session for faster recovery. Hydrocollators are used in such cases to assist the therapy sessions and improve the effectiveness of the massages. The technique is little less known to the general public, but it had proved its advantages when it came to preparing the skin for deeper massage in various health conditions.

Medical refrigerator

Medical refrigerator

If the refrigerator at your home breaks down, what gets spoiled is some food supplies; it’s a lot of inconvenience especially if you are about to make yourself some sandwich at 2 AM. But what happens when a medical refrigerator breaks down at a nearby hospital? It leads to a loss of some valuable medications or even patients’ lab samples. So we are talking about a much bigger problem when we say that the medical refrigerator broke down.

Hemoglobin meter

Hemoglobin meter

The existence of glucometer (to check blood sugar level) or sphygmomanometer (to check blood pressure level) is acknowledged by most of us; however, we fail to recognize the existence of Hemoglobin meter.  Hemoglobin meter is equally important as a glucometer or a sphygmomanometer. Hemoglobin meter helps to measure the level of hemoglobin in our body and also further calculates the value of hematocrit.

Hemoglobin is an important protein molecule that is located within our red blood cells. It is the receptor for oxygen binding to the red blood cell and also for the transport of oxygen to different parts of our body. In addition, hemoglobin also transports carbon dioxide away from the tissue and aids in the excretion of the carbon dioxide gas. But, why do we need to measure the hemoglobin level? Hemoglobin is one of the determinant factors in iron deficiency anemia, where the level of the hemoglobin and the hematocrit determines the severity of the disease. The Hemoglobin meter comes in handy at home to get the reading and to notify the doctor, in order to begin the treatment procedure right away without any delay. The delay of the treatment could cause serious complications.