Medical toilet seats

Modern technology is the new trend, spreading worldwide. Its ultimate aim is to make the traditional medical equipment wireless and could be handled with ease. It is replacing the large medical device with modern, quickly hand able and digital devices which are up to date and can be operated by advanced 3G technology. Well not going to that ultra level but a comfortable medical device which can serve the affected ones by reducing their efforts which they make while using the regular toilet seats is the medical toilet seat.

The medical toilet seats are a bit different from the conventional toilet seats as they are elevated to an optimal height so that the patients in the hospitals and the elderly individuals can easily use these seats without getting any strain or stress. Such type of seats are preferably designed for the patients and elderly individuals, keeping in mind their physical needs and the extent of various problems they are facing. As their body is prone to different strains and stress when they bend for using the regular seats, so to avoid such hectic pains and stress, the medical seats are frequently used till the one is affected and rehabilitates from their disturbed medical condition.

The W’s regarding the usage of medical toilet seats

A medical toilet seat or also referred as the elevated toilet seats which add extra height to the standard seats for those who require assistance when using the bathroom. The medical seats are preferred for the individuals with partial or complete immobility or any other medical condition in which a person is advised to restrict the movement of the particular area. It is a type of elevated seat with some modifications and can be attached to the lid of regular seats. Another type of modification exists with an adjustment under the regular seat where an elevated portion is added to increase the length up to a comfortable level. A free style configuration is a portable form of medical toilet seat which can be moved to the patient. Adding more safety and comfort to the seats, additional arms are added so one can easily balance their body weight while standing and sitting on the toilet seat. Arm support is added for more than just comfort; it is added to reduce the risk of bathroom falls and further injuries due to disturbed medical conditions.

Benefits of Using a Raised Toilet Seat

Specialized seats are available for various medical conditions that will be according to them. Certain conditions like back pain, which is one of the shooting pains that causes the great disturbance in our lives and also affect our daily routines. A person suffering from back pain usually faces a lot of problems as he/she is not able to move, stand or do any of the routine tasks properly and as an effect it may also lead to severe headaches and fever. This pain starts to form the lower back and extends till the last of the spinal cord. The primary cause of these aggressive illnesses is any fault in the spinal cord (backbone). Mostly these causes include bowed spinal cord, slipped discs, friction between consecutive discs, partial or complete absence of disc fluid (gel pad) present between two discs that act as the shock absorber and also protect the cord against any abrasive damage.
Raised Toilet Seats Products

Doctors recommend using a medical toilet seat for the patients of backache. For this purpose toilet seat risers are used. This modification of toilet seat fits in the regular seat and increases the overall height. It can be utilized by the patients with lower extremities i.e. the ones who can move their lower body without any strain. The patients with the backache are asked to use these seats as the height will provide comfort without bending their back to cause pain or discomfort.

Next problem to be mentioned which requires the assistance of medical seats is Arthritis is one of the leading ailments reported by people when they reach the age of their late 40’s. It is a form of inflammation of joints and act as a syndrome with multiple factors and causes. According to research there are about 100 different types of arthritis with different causes and treatments. But most common and chronic are the osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Mostly the disease pops up in late 60’s when joints are worn out and fails to work properly or there appears any disruption in their proper functioning. But sometimes it also appears in children, teens or young adults. To some extent, it is gender specific too. It widely hosts the women as compared to the men who are overweight. The specialized seats for this purpose are available with related modifications. Grab bars are serving for this purpose with extreme comfort for the patients. Such seats provide more support as they are fixed to the wall and are best for the ones with upper extremities i.e. they can move their upper body easily.

Apart from the partial immobility, next comes the permanent or complete immobility. In this reference, the complete immobility counts for the paralysis, patients suffering from stroke or cardiac arrest. All these patients suffering from the above mentioned medical conditions are recommended to uses the portable toilet seats also termed as mobile seats which can be moved to the patients as they are not able to move from bed. Such seats are termed as the portable lift device (sling type). These seats are mostly used in hospitals as a helping hand for the patients who are recommended to stay on the bed.

Other situations that call for the need of such medical seats with added facilities and modifications involve the patients in recovery rooms after surgeries, the ones who suffer from dizziness or any kind of neural ailment and it can also serve the patients suffering from joint dislocation. These specialized medical seats will not only provide them with comfort and ease but also aids them to recover without causing any further strain or drawback in their present medical condition. These seats elevated up to 3 to 6 inches to reduce the bending of the patient to lessen the bending of the patient or the user up to an optimal extent which can aid them in ease and comfort.

A Source of relief for senior citizens

Apart from the patients the next potential users of the medical toilet seats are the senior citizens i.e. the seniors who are prone to the fall and dizziness in the bathrooms while they are using the regular toilet seats. They are weak and also confront a lot of problems when they use standard toilet seats. Their joints are so weak and fragile that cannot bear any weight or bend and if induced can cause dislocation. For relieving their problem, doctors recommend them to use the medical seats or even the portable ones for the individuals with complete immobility due to any severe medical strains.

 Medical toilet seats for senior citizens

Other users of the medical toilet seats

The other user of the medical toilet seats are the pregnant women who are unable to bend down in their pregnancy and mainly in their third trimester. It is difficult for them to bend down to use the regular seats, so doctors usually recommend them to use the elevated seats so that it will reduce the level of strain caused during bending and to avoid any serious consequence due to bending.

Significance of medical toilet seats

Significance of medical toilet regarding their strength, height, weight and stability are as follows:

  • Decreases the distance between user and the seat so they have to apply less strain.
  • Lower or higher elevations allow the patient to carter their specific injury by using specialized seats with their desired modifications.
  • It can ensure about the stability and stability of these seats also depends upon the type of modification one is using.
  • They are secured by the Velcro and non-skid pads.
  • They also come with weight modifications and various forms of them are present for bearing different weights.
  • For further security handles and supports are present to avoid the fall risks.

Availability of wonder medical equipment

The medical seats are easily available in the market or pharmacies. Online medical stores are also selling these medical seats in affordable ranges. Everyone quickly can access to these seats and can buy them for their loved ones facing problems due to their medical strains. They are present in all affordable prices with desired modifications which assure you of high strength and durability and also ensure the comfort and ease of your loved ones.

The medical seats can also be used without the direction of doctors as it will only help you to reduce the pain and problem which you face while bending, sitting and standing when you use the regular toilet seat and can be employed by any age group by adjusting the height. But it is also recommended that one should use these seats only during the period of rest, otherwise movement of joints and other body parts is vital for the regular of the normal functioning of human body.


Hence, it is proved that the medical toilet seats are highly useful and easily available. It will add comfort and ease in the life of individuals who faces a lot of problems mainly due to their underlying medical conditions and can serve them up to the maximum extent without any side effects. It is a form of relief for those who are in desperate need for such medical equipment in affordable ranges and can solve their problem without any high-cost implantation of complex devices.

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