Use of Medical Oxygen Tanks for Lung Diseases

medical oxygen tanks

In case of breathing problems the level of oxygen in lungs decreases. This leads to the decrease of the oxygen amount that is normally delivered to the vital organs via the blood stream. This is when oxygen therapy is given in order to prevent possible complications. Medical oxygen tanks are the devices used for this purpose.

What is a Medical Oxygen Tank?

This is a special container that has either liquid oxygen or compressed oxygen gas. The tank delivers pure oxygen to the patient. Small containers are also referred to as mobile ones, as they can be easily carried around. To show great results they are to be professionally filled.

Medical oxygen tanks are made of aluminum and are commonly available in different sizes. They store oxygen that is highly important for human medical use. The substance is given through a mask or a nasal cannula. When using the device for an extended period of time or using a stationary liquid oxygen system, a patient should better have it refilled at some point.

As it was mentioned, the containers for medical use are available in different sizes. The optimal one is M2. It is 5.3 inches tall and features a diameter of 2.5 inches. As for today this is the lightest and the smallest tank that can be used for medical oxygen delivery.

oxygen tanks


How to Refill the Tank?

FYI, the most convenient way of refilling a container is doing it at home by means of a special personal oxygen tank refill system. Frankly speaking, such systems are not cheap, however they ensure your freedom of refilling the containers as needed in the comfort of your place.

These systems are available in different types. Some popular models even double as oxygen concentrators in order to fulfill the needs for oxygen.

Rules of Storage

It is highly important to make sure that your medical oxygen tank is labeled and is of a correct type. Start with checking the cylinder for the signs of damage to the valves or tank. The valves should be turned off. If you notice any sort of damage, return the tank immediately.

To store it put the tank in a location you’ve chosen or in a special storage cabinet. Make sure that the container is stored in an upright position. It is forbidden to cover it with any flammable material or cloth. You should also lock the cabinet.

What Are the Benefits of Home Oxygen?

medical oxygen tank

As it has already been mentioned, most models are made of aluminum that is environmentally friendly and much lighter than other materials. The portable tanks are simple and can be easily carried around. A user can also carry it to a refilling system to make sure that there is plenty of backup oxygen handy.

The use of a medical oxygen tank increases the survival in most people with XOPD. It is also beneficial in cases of lung diseases and for prevention of heart failure. The use of a tank for at least 15 hours per day ensures health, long and better life of those, who are fighting against serious heart conditions. Consult your physician as to what device to by and try out all the benefits yourself.


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