Medical Gas Pipeline System for Healthcare Units

medical gas pipeline system

Medical gases are always used in hospitals as life-supporting elements that assist in maintaining a patient’s life. They are provided via a special medical gas pipeline system.


What is MGPS?

A medical gas pipeline system, or MGPS, is always installed for providing a cost-effective, safe and very convenient unit for medical gases provision, so that medical staff can freely use it when needed. The whole unit reduces a bunch of different problems that are usually associated with the use of gas cylinders, for example noise, storage and safety, of course.

The system consists of three primer components. These are:

  • Medical gas pipeline for the transformation of gas for the point of use.
  • Central gas supply.
  • Connectors that help to connect the pipes to the equipment for medical gas delivery.


pipeline system

How Does It Work?

A centralized system is today a basic life support infrastructural requirement of any hospital. It assists in maintaining hygiene in such high-risk areas as ICCU, OT, ICU and Nursery. In addition, it saves time and effort that is involved in dragging heavy cylinders.

Medical gas is used in many emergency cases, and the problem is that a cylinder may appear to be empty, or an attached flow meter may be damaged due to the falling or the key may not be traceable. In such cases lost minutes result in an avoidable hypoxia to the patient.

The use of a medical gas pipeline system ensures there is an easy access to the life-saving oxygen as well as the vacuum facility. So, any doctor has a chance to save his patient without rush and anxiety. As for today this is the safest and most effective method of delivering required medical gas from the source, via a pipeline system and right to the patient.

Each gas is supplied from a separate system, and it is of top importance to ensure that all the parts of the system are gas specific, so that there’s no possibility of cross-connection between different systems.

FYI, a patient can be endangered in case the system malfunctions. What features characterize such systems?

  • sources of the gases
  • means of gas delivery to the OR

It is very important to understand this in order to have a chance to prevent/detect supply line misconnection and medical gas depletion.

Medical staff that is involved into work with such systems must be well-informed and trained in a proper way. Every hospital should also follow strict guidelines as far as storage, utilization and procurement is concerned.

medical gas pipeline

What Are MGPS Manufacturers?

Medical gas pipeline system manufacturers provide oxygen supply systems, vacuum supply systems, oxygen generation plants, compressed air cooled system that are commonly used in all medical units.

To the list of the world-known manufacturers belong:

  • G S Healthcare
  • S. S. Enterprise
  • GALAXY HI – Tech Medical Systems
  • Almast Hospi Hub (P). LTD.
  • Precision UK Ltd
  • AL-Med Equipments
  • ARK Enterprises

Hospitals should be very careful, while choosing a medical gas pipeline system, as this is a very important and long-term investment.


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