Medical Gas Manifold Systems

medical gas manifold

Medical gas manifolds and gas manifold systems have been designed for industrial and laboratory applications that require permanent inflows of medical gas at a specified level of pressure.  There is a whole range of offers for various types of medical institutions as well as for wide spectrum of medical gases (oxygen, nitrogen, CO2, medical air, helium, etc.). Designed in compliance with official standards such as EN ISO 7396-1 or HTM 02-01 they can be easily customized for any application depending on the size of the institution, clinical requirements and specific customer needs. For small medical institutions there are simple, semi- and fully automated gas manifolds, while for large clinics there are manifold systems terminals and manifold plants.

Typical automated manifold is a pipeline system filled with high-pressured medical gas that flows from cylindrical containers or tanks. It consists of two banks of containers on either side of the pressure control set and an additional source for emergency gas supply. As primary supply for oxygen, liquid source typically is in use, while two-side cylinder supply serves as a reserve. The position of the automatic switchover indicates which bank is being utilized at a particular moment and which is still in reserve. The gas pressure remains constant at a preset level. The manifold takes gas in from the “working” cylinder until its get empty. Then manifold automatically switches to the “reserved” cylinder bank intake. After the replacement of the empty cylinder, bank the changeover moves to the other side to reset the manifold. Each manifold is supplied with a detailed operating instruction and a warranty manual.  

Contemporary manifolds provide efficient and reliable service and offer many advantages.


Available models can satisfy diverse users, from small clinics, dental offices with one terminal unit for gas, up to the huge health-care institutions with thousands of terminal units.

Compatibility, easy maintenance and handling

Valves for cylinder joints are available in all standards established for high-pressure equipment all around the world enabling integration with other networking systems.

Filters and other disposable components are easily accessible, so regular and timely service can be carried out.

Conical shape of the cylinder connection and a lever on all connecting points enable easy replacement of all empty cylinders.

Constant gas flow and safety control

Pressure regulators ensure that required gas inflow comes to pipelines even during installation or service of any component of a manifold.

Special safety valves are installed for each source of high pressure, as well as a separate safety valve for the line pressure.

All information about the manifold status (control of pressure level of each source as well as line pressure) is controlled by the system and displayed on the control panel. Advanced systems also enable remote access to collected information and distribution of this information via Internet or mobile devices. It can send text-messages on essential warnings.

Well-timed scheduling of maintenance and service or immediate decision in case of emergency is supported by warning signals of the system. System design also allows inclusion of the status of newly added parts into the existing central control system.

Ongoing professional technical assistance on the part of the producer enables timely interventions in case of unanticipated system failures.

Advanced systems enable effective cost control and energy saving by providing statistics on gas consumption in different unites and on operation of compressors, pumps and filtration systems.

System control and supervision models are available with the central LED display or as software that may be installed on PC.


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