Types of Medical Exam Tables and Their Use in the Field of Medicine

medical exam tables

Whether you are working in an emergency room or hospital, private practice or health clinic, you need high quality examination equipment to ensure the safety and comfort of all your patients. And medical exam tables are an essential part of this equipment. To maximize productivity of medical staff as well as the comfort of the facility, it is important to invest in a high quality medical table.

As for today there exist many various types of tables for specific medical purposes. It is essential to make the right choice and pick the best table.

Midmark Exam Tables

midmark exam table

What do you know about Midmark exam tables? The company is based in Versailles, Ohio. It is known both for manufacturing and distributing office and surgical equipment used in dental, medical or veterinarian offices all over the USA and far beyond its borders.

Why has this very brand become so popular? The answer is pretty simple: it is the most reputable in providing high quality equipment and medical tables that every medical institution needs. The tables are ergonomically designed, assisting physicians in getting the patient to settle down. They all ensure the best comfort, making the entire process of examination much easier. To the most popular models belong:

  • Midmark 604 Manual Exam Table
  • Midmark’s Barrier-Free Exam Table
  • Midmark Ritter 204 Manual Exam Table
  • Midmark 623 Barrier Free – Power Exam Table
  • Midmark 625 Barrier Free – Power Examination Table


Medical Bedside Tables

medical bedside table

Not only exam, but also bedside tables are regarded to be an integral part of care. They are small, but perfect as an easy transport, storage and surface space, enhancing the patient’s experience. Many modern models boast of spring-loaded height adjustment mechanisms, which make it possible to raise or lower the bedside table to the height that is the most comfortable for patients.

Most of them are portable, made of high quality materials and feature durable casters. This ensures a long-time service.


Stainless Steel Medical Tables

stainless steel medical table

This is another type of medic tables worth mentioning. Everyone knows that the most standard material that is typically used in most of medical equipment is stainless steel. This is the number one choice all over the world due to the fact it can be easily cleaned and disinfected.

All tables feature a heavy-duty stainless steel design that is coupled with a solid welded construction. Such tables are used for many applications: from the transportation of important medical instruments and to anesthesia preparations. They are rust-resistant and easily sanitized in order to promote a hygienic environment.

As each medical field has it own needs, there are different types of medical tables that are created to meet all of them. Most utility constructions have riser backs and backsplashes, lower shelves and over shelves. When extra storage place is needed, it is recommended to choose the stainless steel tables with lower shelves.

All tables’ surfaces and the undersides are polished to a lustrous finish. They feature open bases. Being built with rounded edges and corners, tables ensure safety and high level of functionality.


Portable Medical Exam Tables

portable medical exam table

What about portable medical exam tables? They all are manufactured with the used of quality raw material and according to the medical industry norms and recommendations. In addition to basic features many new models also offer:

  • optimum load bearing capability
  • high durability
  • excellent strength


Today’s market offers models that come in different types, sizes and styles, which is highly important for proper examination of patients, regardless of their injuries and illnesses.

When there are portable examination tables in the hospital, the patients don’t have to move or walk. They shouldn’t be transported great distances only to be properly examined. Forget about basic benches and old table models, as new portable units offer secure surface and comfort to all the patients. A physician can easily choose the right height that is needed for the most effective examination.

It is also easy to find specifically equipped tables to manage heavy weight and special needs patients or hi-low tables, which are perfect for the wheelchair-bound patients. In addition to these types, there are exam tables designed for obstetrical and gynecological needs, orthopedic practices and pediatric use, physical therapy or traction, etc.

Why choose these medical exam tables? They can combine the characteristics of a classic examination couch and the benefits of a mobile massage table. Being portable, well-equipped, height-adjustable, they are suitable for all clinical cases and injuries. This is why they are a number one choice in all hospitals and clinics.

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