How to use fleet enema? Detailed instructions

how to use fleet enema

In a society of greasy fast food, stress and high anxiety, constipation and other stomach ailments are not uncommon. Constipation can become an irritating problem as the feeling of stuck up affects our entire day. Although it is best to try to solve constipation problems through changes in one’s diet, there are times when an over-the-counter or prescription constipation relief product may be needed for temporary relief. Sometimes important to know how to use fleet enema. Fleet enemas are usually recommended when other methods of treating constipation fail. It works effectively and immediately to provide relief from the symptoms of constipation.

About Fleet enema

Fleet enema is a saline laxative that works by absorbing water into the colon. This helps in softening the stool mass and increasing bowel action. This form of laxative promotes bowel movements and relieves constipation. It is considered as the most powerful enema, and therefore is prescribed with caution.

When is fleet enema used?

Fleet enema works as lubricant laxative to reduce the absorption of water in the bowels. This saline enema is basically used in following conditions:

  1. To relieve constipation
  2. To promote bowel motions before rectal examination
  3. To prepare for endoscopy
  4. To prepare for surgery
  5. To treat impacted bowels
  6. To prepare for x-rays
  7. To cleanse the bowels after barium enema

What does fleet enema consist of?

The main ingredients of fleet enema include salt- monobasic sodium phoshate monohydrate and dibasic sodium phosphate. The other inactive ingredients include disodium EDTA, benzalkonium chloride and purified water.

How does fleet enema work?

Fleet enema is a saline lubricant that works in two different ways to cleanse your bowels.

  • It helps in drawing water into the gastrointestinal tract or colon. Increased water in the colon adds moisture to the dry, hard stools that are difficult to eliminate from the body. Water softens the stool, making it easier to pass through the rectum.
  • Another way in which fleet enema works is by increasing rhythmic movements of the intestines. One of the main reason of constipation is the sluggish bowel motion. Fleet enema stimulates rectal motility and facilitates fecal elimination.

How to use fleet enema?

Fleet enema is simple to use and can be easily used at home. All you have to do is follow the instructions mentioned on the label. Fleet Phosphate enema comes with a nozzle and a disposable squeeze bag. The usual dose of sodium phosphate is 120 ml in adults. This has to be administered rectally as one single dose. The recommended dose in children (2 to 12 years) is 60 ml administered in one single dose. To lessen the pressure felt in your colon, empty your bladder before you begin the enema. Follow the below mentioned steps to administer fleet enema safely and correctly:

STEP 1. Wash your hands with clean water and soap thoroughly. Wipe them with a clean cloth.

step 1 how to use fleet enema

STEP 2. To use this enema, lie down on your left side or in a knee chest position. Hug your knees to your chest while lying on your stomach. This is the most convenient position for the solution to reach the colon.

step 2 how to use fleet enema

STEP 3. Remove the cap of the applicator and apply the solution rectally. The tip of the applicator is lubricated with petroleum jelly to facilitate insertion.

step 3 how to use fleet enema

STEP 4. Do not force the enema tip into the rectum as it may cause injury.

step 4 how to use fleet enema

STEP 5. Now, squeeze the bottle until all the liquid is gone. Wait till all the liquid is entered in your rectum and breath deeply.

step 5 how to use fleet enema

STEP 6. Once the bottle is empty, remove the tip from the rectum gradually.

step 6 how to use fleet enema

STEP 7. Maintain the position until the urge to defecate is strong.

step 7 how to use fleet enema

How long does it take for fleet enema to show results?

Fleet enema is one of the most powerful enemas. It usually takes two to five minutes to feel the strong urge to evacuate.

What are the types of fleet enema?

Fleet enemas are available in three major types:

  1. Fleet adult enema
  2. Fleet child pediatric enema
  3. Fleet mineral oil enema

What are the health concerns regarding enemas?

Fleet enemas work as hyper-osmotic laxative that absorbs water into the gastrointestinal tract. In healthy patients, single dose of fleet enema will not cause any problem. The enemas start working immediately and the effects are noticed within 5 to 10 minutes. This limits the risk of phosphate toxicity as the enema fluid is eliminated with the stool.

However, fleet enemas when not evacuated completely from the body, can be dangerous. According to a recent publication by Yaacov Ori and colleagues titled “Fatalities and Severe Metabolic Disorders Associated With the Use of Sodium Phosphate Enemas”, great caution should be taken when prescribing Fleet enemas in old and frail population and those on certain medications.The risks associated with the use of phosphate enemas include phosphate absorption in the body due to inadequate evacuation from the body, hyperphosphotaemia and dehydration. Therefore, it’s use is limited in people with renal and heart conditions. Fleet enemas are restricted in children and elderly people.

What are the contraindications for fleet enemas?

Fleet enemas should not be used in people who:

  • have appendicitis
  • are allergic to sodium phosphate or other ingredients in fleet enema
  • have high blood pressure or any heart disease
  • are suffering from kidney diseases
  • have ulcerative colitis or rectal bleeding
  • have intestinal blockage
  • are above the age of 55
  • are on medications that may affect kidney function (this includes diuretics and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs like ibobrufen, aspirin and naproxen

There is no doubt that enemas provide immediate relief to the frustrating problem of constipation. However, as they are associated with various side effects, they should be used with caution. Frequent use of enemas is associated with damage to rectum and colon. As mentioned above, fleet enema is the most powerful type of enema and should be given in precise dose as mentioned on the label.

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