How to use Exergen Temporal Thermometer?

exergen temporal thermometer

When dealing with recurring fevers of your kids or even adults, one of the most important things you should do is to get the temperature of the person. Using different ways and methods in getting the temperature may result to different results as well. That’s why it is very essential that you know what is the best type of thermometer to use in order to get the accurate temperature.

There are different methods and types of thermometers available, and it is crucial to decide which is the right one to use. One of the best keys for you to decide in taking the temperature is to select the right method where you and your physician is comfortable with. But of course, you want to be more consistent in taking the temperature of your child and switching to the different types of thermometer and methods will only make you more confused. Therefore, it is wise to use the best thermometer to get accurate temperature of your child.

The temporal thermometer is perfectly designed to easily get the right temperature of a person. It is also the best thermometer to use for you and your family. You can use it to infants or adults. This temporal thermometer is safe and easy to use. That’s why it is best recommended to use for the family. With the use of the exergen temporal thermometer, you will get the fastest, safest, gentlest, and most accurate temperature.

Here are the simple ways on how to use the exergen temporal thermometer:

  1. Slide it straight across the forehead.
  2. Place probe at the center of the forehead and depress the button, keep depress until the temperature is complete.
  3. Slide probe straight across the forehead to your hairline.
  4. Touch soft perfume spot behind your ear.
  5. Remove it from your head and read the temperature.

The exergen temporal thermometer is also called as forehead thermometer. For three consecutive years, this type of thermometer is one of the most top selling thermometers at the retailers. This thermometer provides the unparalleled thermometer accuracy and it continuously satisfy customers. It is the number choice of most pediatricians in U. S, and it is being supported by many published studies because it is renowned of providing fast, non-invasive, and accurate results.

It was proven that the accuracy of the exergen thermometer is better than other common temperature devices that you used like the ear thermometer (such as Braun Thermoscan pro 4000). Aside from the accurate readings that it provides, it is also more comfortable and much easier to use for adults or for your child. The exergen temporal thermometer can help to reduce your child’s anxiety when taking their temperature, because this thermometer allows you to take the accurate temperature without disturbing your child from sleeping.

An exergen temporal thermometer can provide the accurate temperature from an infant to adult, with sliding it across forehead. It is necessary that you know the proper way to use it in order to get the accurate temperature of the body. If a person is wearing an eye glasses, you need to remove it first, for you to get the correct temperature readings.

Vital Facts You Should Know

  • The temporal thermometer measures the core temperature for about 1 degree or higher than the oral temperature. The mean core temperature of a person is 99.4degree F vs. 98.6degree F for the oral temperature. The fever protocol need to adjust upward if the current protocol was based on the oral temperature readings.
  • The Exergen temporal thermometer is available in the oral calibration and required no adjustments in a fever protocol.
  • The high temperature reading is typically because of the area that is being measure is not expose well, and in comparing to the other methods, it is typically a measurement of oral temperature.
  • The low readings of temperature are typically results of; the dirty lens. The lens of the thermometer must be cleaned. It needs to be clean weekly with the Q-tip and damp with alcohol wipe. Another reason are sweaty patients, and multiple temperature taken in the same patients.

Important Things You Should Avoid

  1. You should not take multiple temperatures in the rapid succession with same patient because, the skin is also part of the measurement and it can cool the skin of the patient. Before you repeat taking the temperature of the patient, you must wait for a few seconds.
  2. Do not rely on the temperature accuracy of the patient by just touching them in determining if they have fever. One of the reason is that, your hands are not good indicators of fever. It depends on the body temperature of the patient and the temperature of your hands.

The Various Thermometer for Fevers

You want to get the average temperature of the person who has fever. Fevers are considered as rectal, temporal artery, or ear with 38 degree Celcius or higher than the normal temperature. That’s why it is important to know the various thermometers for you to have knowledge on what to use in taking the temperature of a person who has a fever. It is also better if you ask a physician for you to know the proper treatment recommendations for the patient.

Here are the various types of thermometers and tips on how you will use them:

  • Tympanic Thermometer

This type of thermometer get the temperature average just similar to the rectal. This tympanic or ear thermometer is being compare to rectal thermometer temperature. For you to get the temperature, using this type of thermometer, you just need to take t in both ears of your child and get the highest average reading temperature. However, some of the individuals are not using this method because the reading of the temperature is commonly affected by the ear especially if you have a small ear canal.

tympanic thermometer

  • Artery Thermometer

The artery thermometer has almost similar reading average temperatures with the rectal and ears thermometer, but to others it has lower average. This type of thermometers has the most inconsistency when compare to some other methods. It is very important that you know on how to use this thermometer and follow the proper methods. Incorrect used of this thermometer will result to inaccurate temperature.

The most important thing that you need to remember is to follow the instructions and the correct methods before using the thermometer. Just like the exergen thermometer where, it requires scanning the forehead, before you get the reading temperature.

  • Mercury Thermometer

Before, people used the mercury thermometer in taking the average temperature. But, today this is no longer recommended to use because of the new and thermometer available that are more safe to use for the patients and provide the accurate temperature.

  • Axillary Thermometer

The axillary is where you are measuring the average temperatures under your armpit. This is less reliable in getting the accurate temperature of your body. The axillary thermometer can register the lower degrees of temperature. The average temperature is lower than the other types of methods such as the rectal and the ear thermometer temperature. However, this type of thermometer is still acceptable and still being used in hospitals.

The methods of axillary thermometer can give the accurate temperature if it is being used correctly. In using this method, you need to place the thermometer in the deepest part of the armpit of the patient and just held it. Fold the arm down until you get the body temperature. This type of thermometer is usually used by many patients because it is more convenient to use even while travelling. Aside from that, this is also a type of thermometer that is small and easier to replace.

  • Rectal Thermometer

A rectal thermometer is also considered as one of the most thermometer that can provide the accurate measurement of the body temperature. This is also the standard to monitor the body temperature of the core. However, this is not generally recommended to use for the patients because of the risk tears ad rectal perforation of this method. It is also important to use a separate type of thermometer for your oral and rectal.

Preventive Maintenance

The Battery – The 9-volt battery of the thermometer can provide of approximately 15,000 temperature readings. The battery of a thermometer is located at the compartment under the instructions label. The battery of the thermometer is easily to change. You just need to loosen the screw and remove the cover of it. It is very necessary to maintain the battery of the thermometer because the device is unable to provide an accurate temperature readings with the low battery.

Cleaning the Device – A dirty lens will result to a low temperature readings, that’s why it is very important to maintain the cleanliness of the device or the thermometer before using it. The lens of the this instrument or device, is very important to be cleaned since it is where you can see the temperature readings. A dirty lens can affect the accuracy of the temperature. It needs to be clean weekly with the Q-tip and damp with alcohol wipe.

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