How to use a quad cane

How to use a quad cane

Quad canes are mobility devices which aid mobility and walking. These devices are similar to standard canes but usually got metal base at the bottom with four smaller feet extending off the base. These feet actually have rubber caps which help in reducing slippage on the floor. The quad canes are also commonly made of lightweight aluminum and are adjustable with push button.

One of the biggest advantages of quad cane is that it delivers good stability. The quad canes can also be utilized on stairs unlike the wheeled walker or standard walker. When sitting, the quad cane can actually stand next to you and you’ll not fall over. When standing, make sure that you will not use quad cane to pull yourself up or out of your chair as it might tip over. You first need to stand up and grab the handle. Knowing the proper ways on how to use a quad cane is therefore vital to ensure that you will gain the right support for walking and mobility.

Know the Different Types of Quad Canes

It is essential to invest your time knowing how to use a quad cane properly however, getting familiar with the different types of quad canes is also important. Remember that the ways on how to use a quad cane will somehow rely on the type of quad cane you choose. Basically, there are two known types of quad canes available; the narrow base and the wide base quad canes. The wide base have larger base where the four legs are securely attached. This type helps in providing more improved stability and support while walking. But individuals have to note that this type is actually heavier and might be harder to maneuver.

The narrow base quad canes on the other hand got narrower base where the four legs are also attached. Though this offer less support as compared to the wider base, this is easier to maneuver and lift while walking.

Choosing the Most Ideal Quad Cane

When selecting a quad cane, it is highly imperative to talk to your physical therapist or doctor to be able to decide which type of quad cane is perfect for you. Generally speaking, limitations on your balance and strength will dictate which quad cane is most suitable for you. With these significant balance limitations or weakness, the wide base quad cane might be the best option. If your balance and weakness limitations are just mild, then the narrow base quad cane is the most excellent choice.

If you’re presently walking with standard wheeled chair or walker, progression to quad canes might be warranted. But make sure that you check this matter with your PT or doctor for they can help you by teaching the proper ways on how to use a quad cane.

Quad Cane

Upon picking the right quad cane for you, make sure that this fits perfectly. The most vital part of getting started is to ensure that your quad cane is set with the right height. Majority of canes have pin that you can actually push in order to change the height.

In your upper leg, there’s this bone which sticks out known as your greater trochanter. This is just below your hip. This is exactly where you wanted the top of the quad cane. You also need to have slight bend of about 20 degrees in your elbow. In case the cane is ultimately high, this might irritate your shoulder and if too low, you ma lean too much.

Ideal Features to Look For in a Quad Cane

When purchasing a quad cane, whether it is you first cane or not, there are important points or essential features that you need to keep in mind. These might include the following:

  • Hand Grip

This is the major point of contact between the user of the cane and the cane itself. It is highly imperative that the quad cane’s hand grip is both comfortable and effective in providing support. Opt for quad canes with hand grip that is padded and can guarantee secure and comfortable hold.

  • Tip

Many canes come with anti-slip rubber cane tip but if you want more stability from your cane you can consider tripod tip or something that provides broader support base. If living on areas with challenging surfaces, choose a quad cane that has the ability of improving balance immensely. This is one ideal way to ensure that you can go your way conveniently.

  • Length

If your quad cane got the wrong height for your unique body, you might actually be experiencing more harm than good. A quad cane that is too short can trigger you to hunch over and might hurt your back and throw your balance. The one that is too tall may strain your wrist and force your forearm to take the weight that the quad cane is supposed to carry.

  • Stability

The entire concept of this cane is to offer support and stability for long term or recovery needs. The stability of the quad cane is therefore a major feature that you need to pay close attention with when purchasing quad cane. Stability is actually the function of design and material so make sure that the quad cane you choose can deliver the utmost stability.

Regardless of your needs, make sure that the quad cane you will purchase offers great support and stability that you need on daily basis.

How to Properly Use a Quad Cane-Unveiling the Five Steps You Need to Follow

Medical mobility aids commonly come in the form of medical walkers, rolling shower seats and quad canes. These tend to give those individuals with no or with limited mobility some sense of support and independence. The quad canes are sometimes being used to assist in rehabilitations and recovery following an injury. Moreover, quad canes also provide support to individuals with permanent inability conditions.

So, for greater support and mobility aid, following these ways on how to use a quad cane properly is of absolute importance:

Adjust the Quad Cane’s Height

Place the quad can next to you and place your arms on their sides. The quad cane’s handle must be at the crease of your wrist.

Adjust  the Height More if Necessary

Moving the quad cane up and down mainly depending on the needs of the person using the quad cane is important. In order to adjust the height, you need to push the button properly.

Cane Height & Positioning

Can height should be set on the crease of wrist and the quad cane must be in the unaffected side. It would be best if the cane is adjusted properly and accordingly. The quad cane is usually shaped like “K” and the longer side must be closest to the person using the cane. Make the necessary adjustments if needed.

Switching  Positions for the “K Positioning”

In this phase, you’ll need to lift the lever on the quad cane having the “K” facing opposite direction for it to be positioned rightfully on the unaffected side.

Walking With the Quad Cane

Make sure that the quad cane has remained its same height after rotation. When walking with the quad cane, you will need to put the cane in front and then push through it and always step with the affected side then you need to follow through the side that is unaffected.

More Helpful Tips When Walking with a Quad Cane

As mentioned, the quad cane must always move with the affected or injured side. If this side goes forward, the quad cane also goes forward for reliable support. This is how the human body moves naturally. The quad cane should be for ideal safety and balance. If you feel like you’re pushing harder on it or if you cannot walk smoothly, these might be signs that you are not ready for a quad cane yet.

Walking with a Quad Cane

But once you get used to it, walking with a quad cane becomes easier and more natural. When walking normally, your opposite arm apparently swings with you opposite leg. When using a quad cane, you might want similar technique so never risk injuring yourself especially if you are in the process of recovering. Follow the right ways on how to use a quad cane and you can surely obtain ultimate support and mobility aid.

The following are simple yet helpful steps to walk with quad cane:

  • Hold the quad cane with your hand. If one of your legs is weak then hold the quad cane on the hand opposite to the weak leg.
  • Advance the quad cane forward in about the length of one arms and ensure that the 4 legs of the cane is properly in contact with the floor to avoid tipping.
  • Step forward with your weak leg.
  • Press down to the handle of the quad cane gently using your hand to aid with stability and slightly move your other leg forward past to the first foot.
  • Repeat the cycle

When Should You Stop Using Quad Cane?

As your balance and strength improve, you might see that walking is simpler. At the point when this happens, it might be a great opportunity to utilize standard cane, which gives less support, or utilize no device or gadget at all. Make sure to talk with your specialist and physical therapist to make certain that you are protected to quit utilizing quad cane. Once in a while, balance restrictions and strength are permanent, and along these lines, walking with quad cane might also be permanent.

In the event that you suffer an illness or injury, you may have balance or weakness issues that keep you from walking. A quality and durable quad cane can be an amazing device you can use to guarantee that you can walk securely and freely.

The Benefits of Using Quad Cane Properly

Quad canes are designed and built to be more durable and sturdier so that these can assist individual faced with mobility issues to deal with their day to day activities with ease. The following are great benefits that individuals can get from using quad canes:

  • Reliability

Quad cane is highly beneficial to individuals recovering from ankle, leg or foot injury. This is also ideal if you are looking for a cane that can provide you with added stability and support in your course into recovery. The quad cane is proven to be the most stable cane available in the market today. Options include large base quad cane which is sturdier and the small base quad cane which is more mobile and sturdier.

  • Convenience

Quad cane is convenient and easy to carry and can provide you with all the mobility support that you need. However, there are certain instances that a quad cane is not really the most convenient and viable option to take. You need to keep this in mind. Quad cane also allows convenient maneuverability. Quad cane can be your best choice if you are looking for convenient and reliable aid for walking.

  • Cost-Effective

Quad canes are reasonably priced. In fact these are one of the most affordable mobility aids available today. Even the most advanced quad canes are half the price of other mobility aids offered in the market today. For individuals who are concerned about their budget, there are affordable yet durable canes they can get that can provide them with ideal safety and savings as well.

All these essential things are somewhat connected to using a quad cane. You do not really need to concentrate mainly on ways on how to use a quad cane but you also need to take time learning other essential things connected with it.

Overall, regardless of what type or style of quad cane you choose, make sure to consider each and every aspect on how you will use it and why you actually need it. In such case, you can be certain that you have made the right decision to keep you mobile and safe.

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