Hospital Beds: Their Types and Features


A hospital bed is not a simple bed, but a specialized type that is designed to meet all the needs the hospital environment has. As such beds have many features they are much more costly than regular models. As a rule they have rails that can be lowered or raised in order to make patients feel more comfortable or perform different procedures.

Most popular models require electricity to work properly and run the adjustment mechanisms as well as control panels. Some older models can be cranked by hand into various positions; others are available with sophisticated computer systems that are designed to save special settings that are the most comfortable for the procedures or patients.

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Hospital Bed Dimensions

hospital bed dimensions

Speaking of the standard hospital bed size, it is normally a variant of the standard twin (a hospital twin). Standard twin size mattresses measure around 99 cm (39 inches) in width and 190.5 cm (75 inches) in length. The twin size features a longer length that equals about 203 cm (80 inches).

These beds need twin-sized sheets on the mattresses. They can be purchased either at regular length, extra long and double extra-long to fit the adjustable beds. When the mattress is padded or thicker, extra long sheets should be chosen.


Electric Hospital Beds

electric hospital bed

An electric hospital bed features electric motor controls, which raise the head and foot, as well as the bed frame with a single button push. It also has a cord that should be plugged into an electrical outlet. The control pad is normally hooked to the belt and looks like a TV remote control. There are several buttons on this control. Each of them has a certain picture that shows how the whole construction is going to move after the button is pushed.

As the positions are changed fast and easily, most hospitals give preference to these models and many people choose them for home use. In fact, most manufacturers suggest beds that are built in scale for weighing a person as well as hospital bed tables to suit them.

There are tow types of such beds:

  1. semi-electric
  2. total electric


Semi-electric beds are used when the patients meet the criteria for fixed height or require frequent/immediate changes of the body position.

Total electric beds allow for electric height, leg and head adjustments in elevation with the helps of a hand control. Such models make the work of a caregiver a bit easier, as there’s no need to bend over too frequently. Besides, patients can get in bed or out of it making some easily adjustments.

Total (full) electrical hospital beds are completely automated, whereas semi-electric ones have the foot and head sections automated. However, they also feature a manual crank for raising the height of the bed. This is how one can raise legs, head or both, aiding patients in their transfers.


Bariatric Hospital Beds

bariatric hospital bed

What about bariatric hospital beds? As obesity is one of the main problems of today’s society, there are many patients with excess weight, who find it really hard to move, especially when injured. These special beds can provide care for such patients of size. Today they are used by larger people, who are receiving homecare or are currently hospitalized.

Such beds support and provide comfort during recovery from surgery or illness. As to their dimensions, they come in 42-, 48-, 54- and 60-inch width. The length is more standard – 80-84 inches.

The frame of the bed is made of heavy duty steel. So, any bed is able to support 1 000 pounds. Besides, all models are electric for easy adjustments. These beds move with ease and have a great range of motion. Any patients are able to sit up/ lie down completely.

Today there are many different types of such beds. And one can always choose the units he needs either for a hospital or for home care. However, it is also important to pay attention to the price of this bed, as some models are too expensive and far not everyone can afford this sort of purchase.

Though the majority of features remain similar for each specific type of a bariatric hospital bed, the cost can change depending on several factors: materials, dimensions, manufacturer, etc.


Hospital Bed Manufacturers

hospital bed manufacturers

As we have already mentioned, the price of a hospital bed depends on many factors, including the manufacturer. However, at times it is better to pay more buying a high quality bed, than save money and be afraid of the risks of damage.

It is essential to look for a manufacturer that puts all the existing efforts in order to ensure that its products will last for many years to come, offering the best healthcare services. Among the reliable ones are:

  • Stryker
  • Linet
  • Invacare
  • Drive Medical
  • Bionic Medizintechnik
  • Savion Industries
  • Tecnimoem
  • Burke Inc.


When there are reliable hospital beds, the staff is able to help and transport all patients regardless of their weight and injuries.

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