Finger Pulse Oximeter

finger pulse oximeter

A finger pulse oximeter is a device that measures oxygen saturation. A blood-oxygen monitor shows the percentage of blood that is loaded together with oxygen. To be more specific, the device measures the percentage of protein in blood that can be carried by oxygen only or the percentage of hemoglobin. A norm for people who have no pulmonary or lung diseases is 95 – 99 percent. As a matter of fact, there are a number of symptoms that indicate that people have a low level of hemoglobin.

The most common of them are the following ones: people fill dizzy; they have constant headaches and no antispasmodic medications are effective; people can lose coordination; they can lack air, and this list can be prolonged. As soon as people notice some of the aforementioned symptoms, they should turn for help to specialists, who will examine them and give all the necessary medications. At first sight, the symptoms that are connected with a low level of hemoglobin seem to be insignificant. However, that is not so. If no medical treatment is provided and patients’ outcomes do not improve, the healthcare outcomes may worse, which can cause severe complications or even lead to the death.

People are recommended to have a pulse oximeter at home to measure finger pulse as soon as they have some of the described symptoms. Pregnant women are much recommended to have this medical device at home. As a matter of fact, as soon as women get pregnant, children get all the necessary vitamins from blood, which can contribute to the decrease of the level of hemoglobin, which can cause severe complications. Women are recommended to take vitamins and eat a lot of fruit and products that contribute to the increase of the level of hemoglobin. Good nutrition and regular determination of finger pulse is the guarantee of improved health conditions of a pregnant woman and future children.

Finger pulse oximeter sm-110

This medical device has a number of functions and is easily exploited. It is very light and compact, which provides people with an opportunity to carry it wherever they go. People are highly recommended to take this device when they go to the sea or in the mountains. It is a well known fact that the percentage of oxygen there is very high. More than that, the air on the sea is very wet. Those climate changes deprive people of an opportunity to breathe in a usual manner and, as a result, the percentage of protein in blood that can be carried by oxygen decreases. People should consult specialists as soon as they go to the sea or in the mountains to be aware of the measure that should be taken in case the level of hemoglobin decreases.

finger pulse oximeter sm-110

A finger pulse oximeter sm-110 consumes little power: two AAA batteries can be operated for approximately 30 hours or more. The medical device can be used both in healthcare and medical centers. In addition, it can be used in fitness centers or by people individually. Sports enthusiasts who are interested in measuring and evaluating oxygen saturation and pulse rate can use this device under any circumstances. This device can be easily carried: it can be carried either on a neck cord or a wrist cord. The device has one year warranty. Therefore, if some of the functions are violated during this period of time, you may change the device for another one.

Pediatric finger pulse oximeter

A finger oximeter that is used on pediatric purposes is used to ensure accurate oxygen readings when used with small or newly born children, small children that have too thin pulsoximeter fingers, small adults, and geriatric patients. The research has shown that this device is one of the best and most oximetry applications that can be found in healthcare settings. The screen of a finger oximeter is four-colored, which makes it possible to monitor patient readings from different angles. There are pre-set alarms installed in the application. These alarms provide caregivers, physicians, and ordinary people with an opportunity to watch whether the numbers range within the norm or whether they fall outside the norm.

Finger oximeter reviews

Reviews have shown that not all features of the device are of great importance to readers. The primary features that are vitally important are the following ones: durability, data storage, and transfer capability. The reputation of the brand and pricing are not of great importance. The style and color of the device are not important.


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