ENT Workstation: Modern Equipment Of Any ENT-Cabinet

ent workstation

The diseases of upper air passages and ENT-organs are very common among patients of all age categories and require careful attention to diagnosis and timeous treatment. Qualitative modern equipment of the cabinet and availability of doctor’s instruments for the inspection of a big number of patients play fundamental role in the organization of work of an otolaryngologist; it helps to reduce labour intensity and increase work efficiency.

Specialized sets and complexes of medical equipment are designed for the achievements of these goals: the working place of an otolaryngologist or ENT workstation (ENT installation).

ENT workstations possess a wide range of functions, which are aimed at optimization of the work of a specialist. In most cases the functionality of the equipment meets all modern requirements.

The complement of an ENT installation can vary and depends on doctor’s needs.

This modern device significantly simplifies the work of an otolaryngologist, it also makes the stay of the patient in a doctor’s office more comfortable. Videoimage endoscopy service is available with the workstation. The doctor examines the patient and displays a magnified image of what is happening in the nose, throat or ear on the screen.

The patient has the opportunity to make sure of the effectiveness of the treatment with his own eyes, because the examination (with the utilization of a special endoscope) is conducted before and after the therapy ordered by the doctor. Images are laid into computer’s memory, it gives an opportunity to compare them. Apart from endoscopy the workstation allows you to apply other methods of diagnosis and treatment of ENT diseases.

Inflamed tonsils can be cleaned by vacuum with the help of a special attachment. The device gently sucks out tonsil stones and mucus from the plugged glands. When having sinusitis, you can use the workstation to irrigate the maxillary antrum. Spray nozzle allows irrigating the nose or an ear with antibacterial, antiseptic and other drugs. The device also has the function of washing ears.

Thanks to the workstation the doctor has fewer problems when removing earwax from the ear. All you need is to «shoot» from a special nozzle-pistol. The device automatically heats the water to the right temperature and controls the force of a «shot» and water pressure. During the procedure the doctor puts another probe to your ear and sucks away the water that has already been used. It is more effective and less dangerous than a usual procedure with a syringe.

ent workstation

The system usually includes:

  • otorhinolaryngologic workstation (ENT-workstation);
  • ENT-chairs for the doctor and the patient;
  • endoscopy and the imaging system;
  • specific diagnostic units (stroboscopy, rhinomanometry, sinuscopy);
  • viewing tools

The usage of ENT installations optimizes the workplace, significantly expands diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities, saves time and helps the doctor to make a correct diagnosis.


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