Documentation, Visualization and Reviewing of Procedures with Endoscopy Towers

endoscopy tower

What is an endoscopy tower? An endoscopy tower is a special unit that is designed for providing visualization and documentation of an endoscopy procedure. It gives the capacity for arthroscopy as well as many other rigid endoscopy procedures.

Where is it placed? As a rule, the tower is placed to the right behind the endoscopist with the room in between for a huge number of different accessories. Most modern units have six state-of-the-art suites that are fitted with the latest technology and equipments. A good example is high definition endoscopes that offer the clearest view for optimal diagnosis.

What about endoscopy tower manufacturers? Among the most reliable are the following:

  • Stryker
  • Olympus
  • Storz
  • Richard Wolf GmbH


They feature similar characteristics and equipment, and also have some additional ones to be used. The things that unite them all are reliability, high quality and long-term service.


The Components of the Tower

components of endoscopy tower

A basic endoscopy tower has several vital components. Special hand controls make it possible to manipulate the endoscope that has light path, lens, tools, gas/water outlets. The head of an endoscope is connected to the light source with the help of fiber optics. The light source generates a controlled high-intensity illumination that is manipulated during the procedure by the surgeon.

At the same time the endoscope connects with the camera that has a single- or three-clip arrays and video- preprocessing electronics. The head of the camera requires a smaller footprint, as it is hand held. It is connected to a video processing box that generates high-quality video and performs transport functions, delivering the video of the procedure through a video router or to the local display to the medical-grade monitors that are placed in the operating room.


How Does the Endoscopic System Work?

An endoscopic system is organizes in an endoscopy tower and contains a light source, a video/digital recorder, as well as a photographic documentation system. Most endoscopes have camera attachments, and a generic oculus to which a charged coupling device is attached.

endoscopic system work

The attachments can be rotated about allowing the full field of view to be rotated to the area a physician is interested in the most. The so-called three-clip cameras display the highest light sensitivity and resolution. This is why such units are always pretty expensive.

The signal from the camera is processed and optimized for sharpness and contrast. Then it is relayed to a video monitor. The signal is also recoded by a digital video recorder. The majority of such systems allow printing of a still image on a special paper.

Some towers also have storage devices and video recorders. It means that procedures can be easily reviewed. Many new models have the insufflators, which inject CO2 into body cavities. This is done for maintenance of a pressure level in the body.

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