Electro acupuncture machine – Pain relieve at its best

electro acupuncture machine

Pain is one of the important determinants of our limitation. The perception of pain differs from the individual as well as its tolerance level. The plenty of pain relieving therapies are available, but how many of them are as effective as acupuncture. Traditionally, acupuncture is used in practice for more than several thousand years. The benefits of its use are highly pronounced in all types of pain relieve.

However, the advanced world brought us acupuncture in a different form. The introduction of electro acupuncture machine took over the manual acupuncture techniques. The theories applied in manual and electro acupuncture are the same, but its precision varies dramatically. The precision is achieved through electro acupuncture machine.


How does this electro acupuncture machine work?

There are two mechanisms behind the action of electro acupuncture machine. They are:

Gate controlled theory

In order to have a deep understanding of the mechanism of the action of electro acupuncture, we need to know a bit more about the nerve fibres that are present in our body. The nerve fibres are usually resembling the appearance of cables, but the size of the cables can vary. There are thick and thin nerve fibres present in our body and each of them have totally different function altogether. The pain signals are transmitted through thin nerve fibres, while the thick nerve fibres transmit the sensation of touch (tactile sensation). The idea behind this gate controlled mechanism of electro acupuncture machine is to block the conduction in the thin fibres. This is achieved by increasing the signal transmission in the thick fibres, and this is turn blocks the conduction pathway of pain sensation. The electro acupuncture machine achieves this by sending high amount impulses to the thick fibres by stimulation touch sensation. Naturally, the body is designed to block pain sensation if there is an increase in the transmission of the tactile sensation.

Neuro-endocrine theory

As we all knows that there are specific acupuncture points or energy points in our body. The stimulation of these points results in the releasing of substances called endorphins. Endorphins are naturally occurring painkillers in our body. They are released from various parts of our nervous system and also from the endocrine organs (hormones secreting organs). The involvement of the nervous system as well as by the endocrine system leads to name the secretion of endorphins as neuro-endocrine secretion. These endorphins molecules remove the pain instantly. The electrical charge produced by the electro acupuncture machine can stimulate the production of endorphins by acting as the stimulant for nervous system and endocrine system. The pain reduction is facilitated by the endorphins release. However, the use of electro acupuncture stimulation is thought to be more intense, comforting and quick pain relieving action due to the control of electrical frequency. The use of low frequency electrical impulse which is of frequency less than 10Hz are thought to release beta-endorphins and met –enkephalin at the level of our brain stem. However, the use of frequencies between 15Hz- 200Hz in order for the stimulation release dynorphins at each segment of the spine. In addition, the higher frequencies of electro acupuncture machine also release another hormone called serotonin. This hormone is usually called as the happy hormone, which is usually produced during heavy exercise. The important action of the serotonin hormone is the blocking of the pain sensation. The higher frequencies are applied to a very painful area.

Indication of electro acupuncture machine

The electro acupuncture machine is indicated for all indications of manual acupuncture. The pain relieve is the major goal of electro acupuncture machine. The pain can be classified in a certain way that can aid in the determination of the frequency and the energy points stimulation to relieve pain.

Acute pain

We see pain as one form, but actually, pain can be of different nature. The acute form of pain is the sudden emerging of pain and the intensity of the pain is very severe. The most radical approach to the treatment of acute pain is high-frequency stimulation with electro acupuncture machine. The optimum frequency to be used in acute pain is 80Hz that can use in continuous stimulation or through pulse modulated stimulation. This optimum high frequency gives the rapid result of segmentary action on pain reduction. The pain relieve achieved is very rapid and the person who is in pain feels as there is a complete termination of pain all of a sudden.

However, if there is only intense acute pain, the low frequency can be used as the treatment frequency. This frequency is applied to strong distal and extrasegmental energy points as if LI4, TE5, ST36 and SP6.

Subacute pain

The easiest way to tackle subacute pain is through stimulating the local points in the specific painful localizations. The choice of the frequency can be anything, but the best-suited frequency is of high frequency in continuous stimulation or through pulse mediated stimulation. The other viable option that can be used in this situation of subacute pain is the usage of mixed frequency. The choice of mixed frequency can be 2HZ with 15 Hz or 2Hz with 80Hz. This frequency treatment should be used in combination with low frequency distal and extrasegmental stimulation.

Chronic pain

The chronic pain can be tackled with low frequency stimulation through electro acupuncture machine. The ideal frequency to be used as a treatment is 2Hz or in the form of combined frequency 2Hz with 15Hz or with 2Hz with 80Hz.This treatment should be used in combination with stimulation of distal and extrasegmental stimulation with 2Hz low frequency in series of treatment schedule.


Features of electro acupuncture machine

electro acupuncture machine

The electro acupuncture machine is very easy to use. The features of this machine are designed in a simple manner so that it is user-friendly. The battery of the machine should be inserted before the initial usage as the machine comes without battery due to health safety. The battery should be inserted carefully and the battery should be placed over it. This machine comes with a needle and the body of this electro acupuncture has various types of switches.

The machine works with the help of a simple on/off switch at the top of the electro acupuncture machine. The side of the acupuncture machine comes with various switches and indications. The switches are timer with various timing facility, the sensitivity switch to move them to different levels as desired and the intensity switch also comes with a switch to oscillate them to different level when desired.

In addition, there is also T button on the top of the electro acupuncture machine. After turning on, and setting up the sensitivity, timer and intensity, the T button should be pressed with the thumb in order to begin the treatment. Moreover, the timer also comes with the three letters T, M and C. The T light illumination shows that the treatment button is pressed, while M button is the desired setting for most of the treatments. However, some of the treatment require continuous use of frequency and the C button shows the continuous treatment option.


Warnings and precautionary measures

Everyone cannot undergo treatment with the help of electro acupuncture machine. This machine cannot be used in people who have implanted pacemakers. As the pacemaker can be interrupted by the electric impulse of the electro acupuncture machine, it can cause life-threatening situation by malfunctioning the pacemaker. In addition, this usage of the acupuncture machine also should be avoided when the person is connected with high frequency generating surgical equipment as this can burn the location of the needle applied and the machine too. Therefore, the use of electro acupuncture machine with other surgical equipment should be avoided.

In addition, the electro acupuncture machine should also be kept away from neck area localization of the carotid artery, as the application of this machine in that area, spontaneously drops the blood pressure. Furthermore, the use of electro acupuncture machine should be avoided during the first trimester near the vessels of the womb (uterus).

Moreover, if the person is having any known history of heart diseases especially arrhythmias, the usage of the electro acupuncture should be avoided. And also in every other normal individual without any heart disease, the usage of the electro acupuncture machine directly on the chest region marking the localization of the heart should be avoided.

The person with different neurological conditions especially epilepsy or any other seizure related diseases should be treated carefully with the help of the electro acupuncture machine. The use of the electro acupuncture machine near the head in such patients should be avoided, as the electrical stimulation from this machine initiates the seizure.

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