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Drive medical walkers are the perfect solution for individuals experiencing mobility issues. With strong frames as well as extremely light construction, drive medical walkers are known for their resiliency as well as their top quality support. With a wide selection of walkers and accessories available online as well as through registered dealers, Drive continues its mission to create new and innovative designs for its customers. Drive Medical Walkers are designed for individuals to keep their independence and to ensure proper support and recovery for the future. Drive Medical walkers will continue to be synonymous with independent living excellence.

Drive medical walkers can come in several different configurations:

Two button walkers

Two button walkers are known for their stronger frames as well as the U-shaped arms. These walkers generally require two buttons to lock them in and they usually come with two wheels in the front. Most of the weight of the user is handled by the frame and using this conventional style to button walkers fairly simple. Users can rest extra weight on the Walker for support as they are moving along. 2 button walkers also have a number of accessories to assist with use in the winter as well as with seats and more. These are some of the most versatile and in demand to wheel walkers available from Drive Medical Walkers.

One button walkers

One button style walkers can lock together and release with just one very simple action. These walkers generally come with two wheels in the front and they can also be changed out for skis or posts depending on the environment that a person is going to be walking in. One button walkers can be in demand from Drive medical Walkers because they can be much simpler to release and much faster to fold out during any car trips. Some people still prefer the two button Walker system because it can be used to provide an extra level of security and a safeguard when using a walker. Although it’s fairly rare the one button walker release could potentially be triggered by accident. Two button walkers have this extra safeguards in place to prevent the Walker becoming unlocked accidently.

Specialty walkers

Specialty walkers are generally designed for specific mobility issues. These types of walkers can be medical walkers with wheels, medical walkers with a seat or even knee style walkers. In many cases these items are purpose built to provide support for individuals recovering from various surgeries or for individuals that have limited mobility support in just one leg. The specialty walkers can also be used to provide support to individuals who cannot keep themselves up using arm strength. Based off of the recommendations of medical professionals, a specialty Walker could be an excellent way for an individual to gain their independence as well as stay off of an injury for the greatest healing and recuperation time.

Bariatric walkers

Bariatric walkers are generally designed for individuals with mobility issues as a result of obesity. Many of the top bariatric walkers available from Drive medical walkers come with reinforced frames as well as powerful components. These deeper and wider frame designs can in many cases hold up to 500 pounds at a time and be much lighter than a traditional walker or cane. Drive Medical walkers has completed extensive research and development to produce bariatric walker’s which are made out of a light material that remains extremely strong for any sized individual.

Drive medical walkers

Top accessories

Drive medical walkers can also come with a whole host of accessories which are generally interchangeable with every one of their walker designs. Getting access to some of these accessories can make sure that you, your friends or your family members are able to cope in any situation as well as remain quite comfortable during the use of the walker. Extra wheels can help with height adjustment as well as ensure that users have the maximum amount of grip for safety, new skis can also add to grip and prevent damage inside the home, carrying cases can make travelling easier and adjustable seats can ensure that users can take a break and use the walker as a seat when necessary.

As you can see from this impressive lineup of two wheel walkers, accessories and other Drive Medical walkers, the company is ready to address any need for independence and mobility support. Now that you’ve seen some of the products available from Drive Medical Walkers, why not consider some of the top reasons it could be time to get a walker for your family member or for yourself.

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Is it time to consider a walker for your family member or for your own needs?

Sometimes it can be very difficult for individuals to reach out for the help that they need. With Drive Medical Walkers it’s possible to get access to medical walkers that will allow you or your family member to regain their independence. Drive medical walkers can come in many different configurations and to suit many different types of conditions. Here are some of the top reasons why you may want to consider a walker if you are having problems with mobility or you know someone that is having issues with their independence and mobility:

For preventing injury

Slips and falls can be extremely hazardous especially if you are recovering from an injury or if you are an older individual. Rather than potentially risking your health in the long term it could be a much better idea to consider injury prevention and using an appropriate walker to support yourself while you are out in public. Walkers can prevent injuries not only if you are out but also in the home as well.

For reducing fatigue

Medical walkers with a seat can really help with reducing fatigue. By having the ability to sit down and rest on walks or to have access to a seat when you get lightheaded, it’s possible to feel more comfortable though matter where you are. If you regularly suffer from problems related to energy levels or a condition where you can experience pain and stiffness from walking too much. A seat with your walker can be very helpful.

For supporting your weight

If you have trouble with obesity or you know someone that is affected by obesity, you may want to consider getting a professional walker that can be used to support your weight. With the help of one of these excellent reinforced Walkers it’s possible to support your weight more readily and enjoy greater energy levels throughout your day.

For encouraging healing

If you are recovering from an injury or from surgery, you may have to keep your leg or your body in a particular position. A knee walker can ensure that your leg remains elevated throughout the day and that you can still continue to get around with ease. These types of walkers come highly recommended from athletes as well as individuals that are recovering from surgery because they can deliver the support that is needed for faster healing.

Preventing problems with balance

If you have a condition like MS, you have had a stroke or you experience slower reflexes, having a walker can be an excellent way that you can prevent injury if you regularly experience poor balance issues. With the extra support of the walker as you are out and in the car, it’s possible to enjoy your life with more confidence.

Picking up a drive medical walker is relatively easy and you don’t necessarily have to go and see a doctor or therapist to consider the purchase of one of these items. Drive Medical Walker manufacturers do recommend meeting with a therapist at least once to cover some of the various safety issues and to learn the mechanics of the walker. Luckily there are also some videos available on the Drive medical Walker website you can take you through some of the basic features and explore the methods used for folding and unfolding most of the walkers.

Drive also has financial assistance available as well as an online chat feature that can help you to pick out the right walker and accessories that will suit the needs of your condition or a family member’s condition. If you feel as though someone should have access to a walker, the company is very accommodating to its customers and will assist with the style of walker that is needed and the financial assistance that could be required to purchase a walker.

Investing in a walker is highly recommended if your condition is not expected to improve or is expected to continue deteriorating over the next 6 months. Drive Medical Walkers are definitely built to last and can be modified with accessories as your condition potentially worsens or to assist with mobility and the changing seasons.

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