Drager Anesthesia Machines: Technical Excellence in Every Solution

drager anesthesia machine

The anesthetic (UK), or anesthesia (US), machine, also known as Boyle’s machine (the original concept for the machine was invented in 1917 by the British anesthetist Henry Boyle), is a special kind of medical equipment used mainly by anesthesiologists, anesthesiologist assistants, and nurse anesthetists to support anesthesia administration to the patient. The original machine concept has gone though time and changes, and today modern anesthesia machines incorporate the following parts: ventilator, patient monitoring device, and suction unit.

The world knows a lot of types of anesthetic machines, but a continuous-flow anesthetic machine is considered the most common one, designed to provide a continuous mixed supply of medical gases (e.g. nitrous oxide or oxygen) and anesthetic vapor concentration (e.g. isoflurane), and delivering it directly to the patient at both safe flow and pressure. And if we talk about safety medical technology, then Dr?ger is truly an international leader that conveys the asset of ‘safety’ in its every solution.


Dr?ger Medical Solutions: Technology That Saves Lives

Dr?ger is a company with an international name that develops innovative solutions & equipment trusted much by the people all over the world. The company’s motto is “Technology for Life”, which except technical excellence means also that the products produced, no matter whether they are used in clinical, mining or industrial applications, in rescue or firefighting services, always serve to protect, support and, most of all, save human lives.

Dr?ger is famous for many products and services (IT & Software Solutions, Architectural Systems & Lights, Alcohol & Drug Screening Devices, Patient Monitoring, OEM Products & Components, Ventilation & Respiratory Monitoring, Stationary Gas Detection Systems and others), but quality and reliable Anesthesia Workstations is one of the most common things associated with Dr?ger. Dr?ger anesthetic machines are very popular world over, and that is mainly due to their exquisite performance and reliability.


Dr?ger Anesthetic Machines: Technologies You Were Looking For, Solutions We Made Real

drager anaesthetic machine

Dr?ger is the producer of the most advanced anesthesia workstations, the most popular being:

  • Zeus® Infinity® Empowered (combines the full spectrum of state-of-the-art ventilation therapy, comprehensive monitoring, enhanced automation features, info management technology, etc.);
  • Perseus® A500 (combines quality ventilation technology, latest improvements in ergonomics, systems integration and advanced anesthesia platform);
  • Primus Infinity® Empowered (incorporates latest advanced anesthesia solutions, such as highly-integrated reliability, performance, information management & workflow);
  • Fabius® Plus XL (combines proven engineering solution one can count on, quality ventilation therapy and highly-advanced monitoring capabilities);
  • Fabius® GS Premium (a highly efficient and simple-to-use anesthesia workstation that combines solid design, modular architecture, and a wide range of ventilation capabilities).

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