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Portable Ultrasound Machines for Fast and Non-Invasive Diagnosing and Therapy

portable ultrasound machine

A portable ultrasound machine is used for diagnostic medical imaging to visualize many internal organs, tendons and muscles. It captures their size and structure, as well as pathological lesions with real-time images.

Ultrasound had become widely used since 1980s, and since that time its bulk and cost were greatly limited to be used in hospitals. In ten years (1990s) there was offered a portable machine that weighed less than 6 pounds. As for today, the units are very lightweight, can withstand various abusive environmental conditions, and provide images of the highest quality.

Portable units become more and more popular. They get smaller, more adaptable and much better. So, the ultrasound market offers a huge variety of portable devices of different types, options, additional features, as well as from different manufacturers.

How to Promote Rapid Healing with a Physical Therapy Ultrasound Machine?

therapeutic ultrasound machine

To help patients with their pain many physical therapists use ultrasound. A physical therapy ultrasound machine uses sound waves in order to generate heat within a certain body part. Ultrasound plays a role of a stimulator, as it stimulates tissue regeneration and is able to increase the blood supply to the affected area. In fact, it also can relieve pain.


What Is an Ultrasound Machine?

A typical therapeutic ultrasound machine consists of a current generator of 800 kHz frequency. It is led to the crystal in the head of an applicator. Crystal polarization causes to the oscillations of the same frequency. In order to avoid the presence of air in the crevices of skin, doctors use contact solutions.

It is important to remember that high ultrasound exposure can trigger the damage of the tissue. That is why nothing greater than 2 W/cm2 of the head of the applicator is used. (How to use ultrasound machine)

Shaping Your Body with an Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine is Easy!

ultrasonic cavitation machine

What does ultrasonic cavitation treatment aim at? It aims at reshaping one’s body instantly. This is a pain free and noninvasive alternative that delivers immediate, consistent and long-lasting results. If you are looking for a pretty fast and non-surgical way to shape your body globally, then an ultrasonic cavitation machine is what you really need!


What Is an Ultrasound Cavitation Machine?

It is also called a slimming machine for a nonsurgical liposuction. As long as it is a non-invasive treatment option, it has no risks. The effects of the use of such machine are noticeable after the very first procedure. Besides, there is no alteration or any kind of inflammation of the surrounding tissues. Right after the very first course you will notice great changes in your body shape.

The ultrasonic cavitation machine can be effectively used by an average or moderate overweight person, who exercises regularly and has a healthy lifestyle.

Ultrasound Systems Review

ultrasound systems review

Due to its noninvasiveness, low prices and no radioactive treatment, ultrasound visualization has become very widespread in all medical spheres.

But there are no limits for science. Companies create compact ultrasound systems for work in confined spaces (in operating rooms). Philips presented a portative ultrasound system CX50 at the RSNA.  At the same synod Siemens Healthcare presented the first in the world Acuson Freestyle with a wireless detector. It can be used in 10 feet distance and is provided with an inbuilt shockproof protection.

How to Use Ultrasound Machine: Definition & Purposes

how to use ultrasound machine

Ultrasound machine is a special medical device used in ultrasonography for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Ultrasonography, commonly known as ultrasound, is a popular medical imaging technique used in physical therapy and diagnostics, and which uses high-frequency sound pulses and their echoes to specific body regions. Ultrasonic waves are specifically helpful in visualizing or imaging subcutaneous or internal body structures including muscles, tendons, vessels, joints or internal organs for any pathology or lesions.

Ultrasound machine is constantly becoming very popular for its diagnostic and therapeutic qualities. It doesn’t matter whether you’re pregnant and your obstetrician would like to monitor a developing fetus or determine the due date, or you’re experiencing blood circulation problems in your limb or heart and your physician needs to check your blood flow, ultrasound is always at your service. Ultrasound machines are successfully helping patients in reducing pain and improving the healing process, such as generating heat deep into muscles or breaking up minor calcifications and bruises by creating localized vibrations, increasing nutrients & oxygen and reducing swelling.