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Blood Warmer Machines for a Safe and Easy Transfusion Therapy

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One of hypothermia causes is administering cold blood intravenously. The consequences are dangerous and that is why they should be prevented. This is what a blood warmer machine is for.

Blood warmers are frequently used in different ways in a critical care setting. Though there are different manufacturers of such units, all the devices work in the same way: the blood tubing is placed in the warmer and the circulation is warmed. The majority of time the units are used in critically ill patients in combination with a rapid infuser machine. The task of such machine is to put the blood into the patient quickly.

Each unit does things a bit differently. For example, there are such that have policies in which the blood is warmed, even in stable patients.

Towel Warmer Racks and Cabinets to Any Taste and Need

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The main function of a towel warmer is to provide warm towels to be used after a shower or bath. However, there are some other possible uses. For example, a towel warmer rack is perfect for drying hand washable and delicate items, as well as bathing suits.

Such devices are available in most homes, besides there are also special towel warmer cabinets that are widely used in professional massage saloons. Dry or moist towels can be placed inside a warmer. This is an effective way of giving a client extra comfort. Plus, there is no need to do laundry or moisten the towels yourself. These devices are often confused with fluid warming cabinets. But its not correct.

Of course, in most cases such devices are purchased to dry the towels, but still there are people, who purchase them to add an upscale, modern and spa-like feel and look to their bathrooms. Why not? They are affordable and can be purchased in different sizes and models.

Top Peculiarities of Fluid Warming Cabinets

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At present, there are a lot of health care centers that specialize in conducting operations. Some operations are short-termed and not very serious by their nature, while some operations require much time and are very serious. There are a lot of different operations: the transplantation of a heart, the transplantation of a liver, and this list can be prolonged.

As a matter of fact, no matter how serious an operation is, physicians ask relatives or close friends to donate blood to make sure they can provide all the necessary help in case it is required. The donated blood is kept in special refrigerators. In case the blood is going to be used during an operation, it is kept in special fluid warming cabinets. The reason for it is clear: blood that is going to be transported to the organism of a human being should be of the same temperature as the human body. Otherwise, the results of an operation can be unexpected.

Electric Blanket: Reviews and Description

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Electric blanket until the 1950s was called ‘a warming pad’ or ‘heated quilt’. In the US it is a blanket having integrated electrical heating, and it is placed above the top bed sheet. In other English-speaking countries the term ‘electric blanket’ refers to electric mattress pad placed under the bed sheet. Electric blanket is used to pre-heat the bed before sleep or keep it warm during use. The heating element or an insulated wire is inserted into the fabric. The temperature can be regulated with the control unit.

Electric heating blanket was invented in 1900s. It was big and bulky, and it did not resemble the ones we use today. Since 1920s electric blankets have been widely used in tuberculosis sanitariums. The patients were prescribed to spend a lot of time outdoors, including sleeping. That is why they needed something to keep them warm while sleeping outside.