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What is Nasal Cannula? Full guide

The term “Nasal Cannula” is a medical device used to deliver concentrated oxygen or increased airflow to a patient or person who needs respiratory help. For this purpose, oxygen face masks can also be used but in generally Nasal cannulas are used because they have the slimline shape which allows a patient to move around and to perform normal activities like eating, drinking or talking more effectively than with a face mask. Nasal cannulas are also cheap to replace and can rapidly be placed in most patients.

Patients who are receiving long-term oxygen therapy, they most commonly use a nasal cannula. The appliance is usually well tolerated, allowing normal speech, eating, and drinking. Cannulas can be used by combining with spectacle frames for convenience. For patients receiving long-term oxygen therapy, oxygen conserving cannulas combined with inlet reservoir are also available which are more comfortable. As oxygen flows continuously, almost 80% of the gas is wasted during expiration, so to avoid oxygen loss there are valved reservoirs that allow the storage of incoming gas or oxygen unless patient starts inhaling.

Best Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Portable Oxygen Concentrator

People with breathings issues are usually looking for oxygen concentrators so that it helps them with breathing problems that they’re facing. With advancement in technology and many great medicinal developments there are many oxygen concentrators which are available in the market. The portable and non portable oxygen concentrators are available and they both pretty much work in a similar pattern, however if you opt for the portable ones than they offer ease to carry and these can be taken along you to as many places as you want to.

Medical oxygen cylinder

Medical Oxygen Cylinder

When it comes to the most critical situations, in which, patients’ battle for their precious lives, the first thing comes to our mind is oxygen. An intact oxygen supply or so-called ventilation saves millions of lives around the world every year. Since it was invented long ago, it was not something much talked about. While most of us do not know much about those small green color cylinders which stand next to the hospital beds supplying this oxygen, it is wise to know some important information about them. You never know – it might save you or others someday!

How Does An Oxygen Concentrator Work?

Many people in the world suffer from chronic issues that impair their breathing, whether they struggle with COPD or lung cancer or another ailment. Trouble breathing can seriously impair many aspects of day to day life, and the majority of people would prefer to have more ease with breathing. Part of the problem usually stems from their body not getting enough oxygen from the air around them with each breath, resulting in numerous other health issues.

Medical Gas Pipeline System for Healthcare Units

medical gas pipeline system

Medical gases are always used in hospitals as life-supporting elements that assist in maintaining a patient’s life. They are provided via a special medical gas pipeline system.


What is MGPS?

A medical gas pipeline system, or MGPS, is always installed for providing a cost-effective, safe and very convenient unit for medical gases provision, so that medical staff can freely use it when needed. The whole unit reduces a bunch of different problems that are usually associated with the use of gas cylinders, for example noise, storage and safety, of course.

Medical Gas Manifold Systems

medical gas manifold

Medical gas manifolds and gas manifold systems have been designed for industrial and laboratory applications that require permanent inflows of medical gas at a specified level of pressure.  There is a whole range of offers for various types of medical institutions as well as for wide spectrum of medical gases (oxygen, nitrogen, CO2, medical air, helium, etc.). Designed in compliance with official standards such as EN ISO 7396-1 or HTM 02-01 they can be easily customized for any application depending on the size of the institution, clinical requirements and specific customer needs. For small medical institutions there are simple, semi- and fully automated gas manifolds, while for large clinics there are manifold systems terminals and manifold plants.

Typical automated manifold is a pipeline system filled with high-pressured medical gas that flows from cylindrical containers or tanks. It consists of two banks of containers on either side of the pressure control set and an additional source for emergency gas supply. As primary supply for oxygen, liquid source typically is in use, while two-side cylinder supply serves as a reserve. The position of the automatic switchover indicates which bank is being utilized at a particular moment and which is still in reserve. The gas pressure remains constant at a preset level. The manifold takes gas in from the “working” cylinder until its get empty. Then manifold automatically switches to the “reserved” cylinder bank intake. After the replacement of the empty cylinder, bank the changeover moves to the other side to reset the manifold. Each manifold is supplied with a detailed operating instruction and a warranty manual.  

Use of Medical Oxygen Tanks for Lung Diseases

medical oxygen tanks

In case of breathing problems the level of oxygen in lungs decreases. This leads to the decrease of the oxygen amount that is normally delivered to the vital organs via the blood stream. This is when oxygen therapy is given in order to prevent possible complications. Medical oxygen tanks are the devices used for this purpose.

What is a Medical Oxygen Tank?

This is a special container that has either liquid oxygen or compressed oxygen gas. The tank delivers pure oxygen to the patient. Small containers are also referred to as mobile ones, as they can be easily carried around. To show great results they are to be professionally filled.