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What is a hydrocollator


During physical therapy, depending on the seriousness of the patient’s condition, physical therapists can use anything from their hands to medicinal balls to other objects during the therapy sessions. Most of the times when the muscle damage is deep, medicines are used alongside therapy session for faster recovery. Hydrocollators are used in such cases to assist the therapy sessions and improve the effectiveness of the massages. The technique is little less known to the general public, but it had proved its advantages when it came to preparing the skin for deeper massage in various health conditions.

Medical refrigerator

Medical refrigerator

If the refrigerator at your home breaks down, what gets spoiled is some food supplies; it’s a lot of inconvenience especially if you are about to make yourself some sandwich at 2 AM. But what happens when a medical refrigerator breaks down at a nearby hospital? It leads to a loss of some valuable medications or even patients’ lab samples. So we are talking about a much bigger problem when we say that the medical refrigerator broke down.

Medical toilet seats

Modern technology is the new trend, spreading worldwide. Its ultimate aim is to make the traditional medical equipment wireless and could be handled with ease. It is replacing the large medical device with modern, quickly hand able and digital devices which are up to date and can be operated by advanced 3G technology. Well not going to that ultra level but a comfortable medical device which can serve the affected ones by reducing their efforts which they make while using the regular toilet seats is the medical toilet seat.

Bathroom Medicine Cabinets with Mirrors: the Best for Your Home

bathroom medicine cabinets with mirrors

We all believe that cabinets are an essential part of a bathroom, though today they also become a stylish element. There are many various selections of bathroom medicine cabinets with mirrors, oil rubbed medicine cabinets. So there is no problem in finding a great piece that will fit into your area.

From the point of view of style all cabinets range from those with oval-shaped mirrors or simple rectangular ones, lighted or vintage pieces. Of course, mirrors are always important, however, you should also think of the frame, as today there are many varieties of wood and metal finishes. Make your choice, judging from the style of your bathroom.

Best Medicine Cabinets with Lights at Affordable Costs

medicine cabinets with lights

What are medicine cabinets made for? They are designed to add d?cor to the room and store various bathroom items. The most popular brands of such constructions are Robern, Broan, Ketcham, Kohler, Empire, Wave and others.

Speaking about medicine cabinets with lights, it should be noted that they are widely available in a great variety of sizes and styles, thus they can store as many items as you have. In addition, such cabinets can add a decorative touch. Lighted medicine cabinets can have either side or top lights, which increase the light where you need.

You can also choose either a frameless or framed design, a triple, double or single door variant to accommodate the bathroom of any configuration and size.

What about the most popular models?

Popular Oil Rubbed Bronze Medicine Cabinets for Your Bathroom

oil rubbed bronze cabinet

While choosing a medical cabinet, it is highly important to pay special attention both to its functionality and style. Today’s market offers many simple ones that have mirrors over the shelves necessary for some basic needs. However, there are also other popular models, including oil rubbed bronze medicine cabinets. What makes them different from others?



  1. A large front mirror with the maximum light reflection;
  2. an elegant design with a frame in oil rubbed bronze finish;
  3. surface mount installation with right or left handed opening;
  4. adjustable glass shelves.


Let’s see what options popular manufacturers offer.

Top Characteristics of a Recessed Medicine Cabinet

recessed medicine cabinet

Millions of people go to the hospital daily. Millions of physicians all over the world spend a lot of time in their recessed medicine cabinets. It goes without saying that the cabinets should be clean and comfortable to meet the requirements of employers and satisfy aesthetic and ethic needs of patients. Medicine cabinets should be spacious. The primary characteristics of the medicine cabinet are the following ones:

  • It should be light because it creates a working and comfortable atmosphere.
  • It should be clean.
  • It should be comfortable because both patients and physicians use it a lot of times and as a result they should feel emotionally and morally satisfied.

As a matter of fact, a working cabinet should contain all the necessary furniture. There should be a table, where physicians will write down all the necessary information and fill in the required applications. There should be a chest of drawers, where physicians will be able to keep all the documents about the medical history of patients. There should be a comfortable armchair or a chair for both patients and physicians. There should be a wardrobe, where physicians will have an opportunity to keep their working clothes, towels, and the necessary medical equipment. There should be a sink, because physicians should wash their hands before they start doing something and as soon as they complete all the necessary activities. Finally, there should be a medicine cabinet that complements the design of the room.