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Digital pupillometer

Digital Pupilometer

We know our eyes are the windows to the soul, but they are also windows to our general state of health, and while we might think a digital pupilometer is used only by an optometrist when we have our eyes tested, it is also used by healthcare practitioners and specialists.

The pupil is the round black circle in the middle of the colored part of the eye, the iris, and they are literally windows, or holes, through which light passes to the light-sensitive area in the back part of the eye, otherwise called the retina. The size of our pupils can tell someone who knows what to look for a lot of information about our health, and while some dilation is normal, unequal sized pupils are usually the sign of an illness or disease. To assess how our pupils dilate, and how quickly they do so, your GP or specialist will use a digital pupilometer.

Braun Thermoscan pro 4000

Braun ThermoScan PRO 4000

The temperature reading is an important measurement we need in order to tell whether our body is functioning properly or affected by any disease or an infection. Traditionally, we used a mercury thermometer, but, the reading of this thermometer is reliable or not is an important question. We know that the oral route or axillary route of temperature measurement with mercury thermometer can go wrong in many instances and this makes them more unreliable and difficult to trust for its accuracy. Do not panic, when we have a better and more comfortable option, why do we have to choose mercury thermometer.

Top 5 Ear Lavage Equipment Reviewed

ear lavage

If you have been looking for an all-in-one online resource where you could find and learn everything about ear lavage/irrigation techniques and ear lavage equipment, you are in the right place then.

How to Use Flutter Valve


Mucus in the lungs is not healthy for an individual. There are times when they even thicken. This makes clearing the airway hard.  If this mucus is left there in the airway, there is a possibility that they block them there, which makes it hard for the individual to breath. If this stays that way and the mucus are left in the airway, there is a possibility of infections being developed.

A flutter valve is a device used to clear the lungs with mucus and makes breathing easier. It helps in loosening up the mucus, which then makes it easier for the lungs to cough them off.

ENT Workstation: Modern Equipment Of Any ENT-Cabinet

ent workstation

The diseases of upper air passages and ENT-organs are very common among patients of all age categories and require careful attention to diagnosis and timeous treatment. Qualitative modern equipment of the cabinet and availability of doctor’s instruments for the inspection of a big number of patients play fundamental role in the organization of work of an otolaryngologist; it helps to reduce labour intensity and increase work efficiency.

Specialized sets and complexes of medical equipment are designed for the achievements of these goals: the working place of an otolaryngologist or ENT workstation (ENT installation).

ENT workstations possess a wide range of functions, which are aimed at optimization of the work of a specialist. In most cases the functionality of the equipment meets all modern requirements.