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Documentation, Visualization and Reviewing of Procedures with Endoscopy Towers

endoscopy tower

What is an endoscopy tower? An endoscopy tower is a special unit that is designed for providing visualization and documentation of an endoscopy procedure. It gives the capacity for arthroscopy as well as many other rigid endoscopy procedures.

Where is it placed? As a rule, the tower is placed to the right behind the endoscopist with the room in between for a huge number of different accessories. Most modern units have six state-of-the-art suites that are fitted with the latest technology and equipments. A good example is high definition endoscopes that offer the clearest view for optimal diagnosis.

Endoscope Storage Cabinets: High-Quality Drying, Conditioning and Storing

endoscope storage cabinets

What is an endoscope storage cabinet? As the name suggests, this is a special unit that is designed for an organized storage as well as display of clean endoscopes. Such cabinets usually feature special soft-plastic brackets that secure the endoscope heads, and are made of materials that insure ease of cleaning.

The cabinets should have proper vents in order to keep all the devices dry. Some models circulate clean air with the help of a high-efficiency particulate-air filter. They exhaust the air back into the room via an activated carbon filter. After the tools are decontaminated and the removable parts are detached, an endoscope storage cabinet can keep them clean for the next procedure. Never store them in carrying cases.

Laparoscopic Instruments for Minimally Invasive Surgeries: Access & Exposure Equipment vs. Surgical Instruments

laparoscopic instruments

Laparoscopic surgery, or laparoscopy, also called a keyhole surgery, minimally invasive surgery (MIS), or bandaid surgery, is a modern surgical procedure that involves operations, such as inspection or diagnosing a certain health condition or surgical treating the abdominal or pelvis cavity through small incisions using special laparoscopy equipment and instruments. Laparoscopic surgery is more popular in the medical practice as it is more advantageous than any open surgical technique, and unlike the latter it includes shorter recovery time, reduced hemorrhaging and pain due to smaller incisions (0.5-1.5 cm). And all this thanks to laparoscope, which is the main element in any laparoscopic surgery. There are two common types of laparoscopes encountered by surgeons:

  • laparoscope with a telescopic rod lens system (attached to a video camera, single-CCD or three-CCD);
  • digital laparoscope (a tiny charge-coupled camera is connected to the laparoscope‚Äôs end).