Blood Drawing Chairs for Phlebotomy Applications

blood drawing chair

Blood draw chair is a special piece of medical equipment that combines both comfort for a hospital’s patient, and efficiency for a caregiver when drawing blood from the first. Sometimes it is called blood donor chair and is mainly used for phlebotomy applications in hospitals and clinics. What is phlebotomy?

Phlebotomy, a procedure commonly known as a venipuncture, is the act, practice, or process of opening a vein (making an incision in a vein with a needle) to draw some blood as a kind of diagnostic or therapeutic measure. People specially trained to perform phlebotomy procedures are called phlebotomists, who draw blood from a patient mainly for medical or clinical testing, donations, transfusions, or research. The procedure itself involves drawing a valuable human product, and needs to be done in extreme care, cleanness and comfort. That’s why special phlebotomy equipment is used, blood drawing chair being the most common. So, how to choose the right blood draw chair that combines low price and comfort, simplicity in design and efficiency in work?

Blood Drawing Chair Producers & Suppliers: Features vs. Series & Models

blood draw chair

The right choice of a chair for drawing blood is something that must be done in accordance with the various needs of many patients. That’s why, when choosing a chair, such options as comfort and efficiency are most valued, and here are the companies that have already gained their reputation of most reliable producers and suppliers of medical equipment, including both comfortable and efficient blood draw chairs: Clinton Industries, Hausmann Industries, QuickMedical, UMF Medical, Winco, Brewer and others. The first three are considered to be the mainstream and can offer the broadest lines of affordable chairs for drawing blood (from economical models to super comfortable padded chairs), designed for convenience and ease of performance for both patient and medical attendant. Here are some of the common typical features that most series and models of blood drawing chairs combine:

  • contemporary heavy-duty steel frame (e.g. white chair frame);
  • upholstered & padded seat, armrests and back;
  • seat features extra center support and additional depth;
  • 2” padded seat & back;
  • adjustable flip arms (height & depth), foot levelers & arm width;
  • easy-to-clean vinyl upholstery & plastic drawer for storage;
  • one-piece plastic seat with adjustable height to reduce bending for staff;
  • accommodate patient from 300 lbs. (135 kg) up to 700 lbs. (300 kg);
  • average cost between $500-$800.

Here is the list of most popular series of chairs for drawing blood, models included:

  • Bariatric Series: Model #6000B-F, #6000B-FD;
  • Lab X Series: Model #6000X-F, #6000X-FD, #6010-F, #6011-F, #6020-F, #6022-F, #6099-F, #6099-FD;
  • MD Series: Model #64929-F, #64929-BF, #64950-F, #64950-BF;
  • Value Series: Model #6011-V, #6022-V, #6029-V, #6060-V;
  • Standard Lab Series: Model #6011-P, #6022-P, #6029-P, #6060-P.


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