Best Pregnancy Pillow: Top 7 Models

pregnancy pillow

Why do we need a pillow? Pillow helps us to support and give comfort to our head while we sleep. But, during the special situation, as if during pregnancy a relaxed posture is of great importance to the mother. The right position of lying down will cause less discomfort and pain. We even can’t imagine carrying a heavy bag around a waist 24/7 for 10 months. It is really very hard when you think, but the pregnant mother somewhat makes it to their 10th month. In the meantime, every mother feels very uncomfortable to sleep on the same bed they slept before they were pregnant. But, can we do is, give them a good set of pregnancy pillows. Yes, it is not about a good pregnancy pillow but the best pregnancy pillow. You can find millions of pillows on the market with the tagline pregnancy pillows. But, how do we know which is the best pillow? Every husband wants to give their wife, “The Best.” But, how are they going to choose the best pregnancy pillow? This article is going act as a guide to choose the best pregnancy pillows available in the market.

best pregnancy pillow

How can a pregnancy pillow help?

Due to the pregnancy, the physiology of the pregnant woman is subject to higher demands, because it has to cope with a steadily increasing weight for months. Their mobility is also limited by the growing pregnancy. This represents a tremendous burden for their supporting apparatus and calls for relief. A pregnancy pillow can provide support to fulfill the mother’s need for sitting or lying down. This is done by supporting the back and the head. Also, the belly of the pregnant woman can be brought into a relaxed attitude by an underlaying of the pillow. As a result of the use, the body parts which are most stressed most of the day are relieved.

Due to the growing belly, it is no longer possible to sleep in the prone position, and the pregnant woman has to move into the side position, in which she then receives support by lying on a side cushion pillow. In this way, such pregnancy pillows can provide a quiet and restful sleep and help replenish new strength for the next day.

How does the pregnancy pillow help?

Basically, the use of a pregnancy pill is to provide the pregnant woman with a comfortable and relaxing position. This is ensured, in particular, by the special shape which such a pregnancy pad possesses. Usually, pillows are offered in C-shaped or shaped like the letter U. By placing the head down on the closed part of the U-pillow, pulling a longitudinal arm of the pillow close to its back and pinching the other between the legs, it is supported from the front, and the rear and that has to expend less force to stay in this position. This has a relieving effect on its support apparatus. But if this is not convincing enough, let us see the why pregnancy pillows are important? The benefits of best pregnancy pillows available in the market are

Pregnancy pillows firmly supports the tummy

Every day in a pregnant women’s life is not an easy task, as the size of the baby increases, so as the tummy of the mother. This is obviously going to put massive pressure on the back, neck and even on the legs of a pregnant mother. However, the use of pregnancy pillows allows the tummy to be placed on the soft material of pregnancy pillow. This reduces the stress on the back, neck and even on the legs.

Increases the quality of sleep

Every pregnant woman finds it very hard to sleep due to the extra pressure that the baby bump exerts on the body. Also, the mobility of mother decreased. Hence, the mother finds it difficult to sleep. The pregnancy pillows were first introduced to improve the quality of sleep in the pregnant mother. There is no doubt that it works. Every day, it becomes harder for the mother as the bump grows bigger. The full body support that comes with most of the best pregnancy pillows in the market provides an ultimate microenvironment for the pregnant mother to sleep peacefully and carefree.

Proper positioning of the baby

It is essential that the mother gets rest, as the mother gets sufficient sleep, the baby stays in the right position. This correct positioning of the baby is maintained by the pregnancy pillows. Why is positioning important for the baby? This allows the labor process to be short and less stressful. The pregnancy pillows indirectly enable the women to have painless and quick labor. Isn’t it great?

Improved blood circulation

Researchers show that the pregnant women need to sleep on specific sides during different trimester of pregnancy. This helps to keep the blood circulation between the mother and baby effective. The quality of the sleep also determines the quality of blood circulation. The pregnancy pillow allows the pregnant mother to sleep peacefully and even to stay on the specific side so that the blood circulation is improved.

Pain reduction

Pain is a constant problem of a pregnant mother. No one can say, there is no pain. As the baby grows, the pressure on different parts of the body presents as pain especially on the legs, back, and neck. These pillows are made in such a way that the structure and the soft material of pregnancy pillow support the body and remove the pain.

Allergy prevention

Every woman during pregnancy experiences hormonal roller coasters, but this is reflected in their health status. The women usually have allergic reactions during this period including irritations of the skin and even diseases as if bronchitis, asthma and so on. Do you know where do they get these diseases from? These allergens come from the body pillow that they use. However, the best pregnancy pillows in the market are made up of non-allergy inducing materials. Hence, the pregnant mother can stay out from most of the allergies during pregnancy.

Heartburn prevention

During pregnancy, most women suffer from heartburns, gastric reflux diseases and even from nighttime coughs. Why are these problems happening? This is because of the pressure the baby bump exert on the internal organs of mother and improper positioning of a mother. However, pregnancy pillows help to correct the posture, so that the problem of reflux settles, so as the heartburns and nighttime coughs.

It is not all. The pregnancy pillows can be used for many occasion during your lifetime. These pillows are the most suitable pillow for breastfeeding the child. These pillows also give extra support to your back, so you can use it regularly to avoid back pain as well as to keep yourself comfort.

Best pregnancy pillows

Product Weight Material used Used in hot country or cold country
Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow, Ivory Less heavy in comparison with other pregnancy pillows Polyester Ideal for cold countries and the countries where low humidity
Queen Rose U Shaped Pregnancy Body Pillow Heavier Polyester Ideal for cold countries and the countries where low humidity
Dream Comfortable Pregnancy Maternity Pillow Heavier Cotton Ideal for hot countries and the countries where high humidity prevails
Leachco Back ‘N Belly Contoured Body Pillow, Ivory Heavier Polyester Ideal for cold countries and the countries where low humidity
Pregnancy Maternity Pillow with Contoured U-Shape by Bluestone Heavier Polyester Ideal for cold countries and the countries where low humidity
PharMeDoc Full Body Pregnancy Pillow Heavier Polyester Ideal for cold countries and the countries where low humidity
Restorology Full 60-Inch Body Pregnancy Pillow Heavier Polyester Ideal for cold countries and the countries where low humidity

1. Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow – Extra Comforting

Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow

Everyone says a good night sleep is a blessing. It is not the case for people who are pregnant and couldn’t even fall asleep. Do you know why? Because the baby bump is no more allowing them to move their body freely and they are overly conscious about the way they sleep. This makes many sleepless nights for them. Sleep has become cursed. But hold on, it is not over yet. You can renew your sleeping style and the environment with Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow. Yes, you are asking, what can this pillow do anything to change the situation?

But, you do not know the fact that your pillow type, size, and texture have a much different attitude on your sound sleep. The quality of sleep improves with the use of the right pillow. This total body support Leachco pillow comes with C-shape, which helps to accommodate the entire body. It gives excellent support to your back, neck and even to your tummy.

You can just try one day and check to see the effectiveness of this pillow in providing total body support. To know more about this product, you need to know about this pillow in detail.

Material of choice – 100% polyester

Leachco Snoogle total body pillow is made out of soft and smooth material, which is 100% polyester. The 100% polyester allows the pillow to attain soft texture, unlike regular body pillows. This pillow comes with a cover, and the cover is removable and is washable. You can wash this pillow with the help of a washing machine.

Furthermore, this pillow is made out of polyester, which is not a good choice for people living in a tropical climate. Hence, the important drawback of using this pillow is limited to cold countries, but the use is not suitable for hot countries.

This pregnancy pillow is unisex, which means that anyone can use it. But, this pillow is highly popular among pregnant women. This pillow comes with C – shape, which helps to contour the body and covers more than half of the body. This specialized structure allows the pillow to give maximum comfort. Further, this pillow reduces the need to have more than one pillow, because the need is sufficiently satisfied with this C- shaped pillow.

Even though this pillow is made to be used for people who have trouble falling asleep, but the benefit is mostly consumed by pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. This is tricky pillow which gives the comfort for those who constantly change position during sleep. This pillow allows those people to have maximum mobility when sleeping with this pillow. This pillow was initially developed by a nurse, and due to it, this pillow has a wide coverage. Even after the delivery of your child and you can use this pillow for breastfeeding and to release the post-delivery pain. Even after pregnancy some, women use to have back pain, this pillow can then be used in that instance too. So, you do not have to worry about investing on this special pillow.

Further, many people like to use pillows over their head and body. But, most time, regular body pillows provide insufficient space for the nose to breathe and also bring many other diseases when this is a regular habit. However, the use of Leachco Snoogle total body pillow has a supporting headpiece, which reduces the chance of covering of nose, and thus allows greater quality sleep with comfort. Further, the headpiece of this pillow helps to prevent heartburn and reflux which comes during pregnancy.

  • Cost-effective replacement for multiple pillows. This helps to avoid messy bed.
  • The pillow is designed in special way that the user finds the pillow having a cool effect, regardless of the environmental temperature fluctuation.
  • Best pillow for taking a nap after a meal, as the tummy is full and the discomfort of heartburn and reflux is reduced in pregnant and non- pregnant women.
    • This pillow is slightly heavy, which makes it hard for the person to carry with one hand. This might cause strain on the body.
    • Even though the pillow has an inbuilt cooling effect, the polyester material makes it not suitable for hot and high humidity conditions.
    • This pillow is not suitable for people who are tall, due to the fact that this pillow is only 60 inches in length.

2. Queen Rose U Shaped Pregnancy Body Pillow – Exclusive Model

Queen Rose U Shaped Pregnancy Body Pillow

This queen rose u-shaped pregnancy body pillow is 100% cotton and is best suitable to support the pregnant mother and lactating baby. It is so steady for your midsection and also supports the body’s shape.

The cover has a zipper to expel and wash it. The filling is 100% polypropylene (PP), which is delicate in quality and the filling is movable. The pillow itself can’t be washed. All individuals can utilize this pillow regardless of whether the person is pregnant or not.

This pillow is additionally long and additionally wide, delicate, and strong for an extension. It will support your feet, hips, tummy, and back. This pillow will help those people suffering from fibromyalgia, sciatica, indigestion, gastric reflux, GERD, blockage, carpal tunnel disorder. The pillow is useful for those with hypersensitivities, and asthma, due to its non-allergenic material which is used in the making of the pillow.

This is the best pregnancy pillow to help your body amid pregnancy. The Queen Rose pillow offers an amazing help to many parts of your body including neck, back, knees, sides, and feet and gives you an alleviation from different sorts of torment amid pregnancy. You won’t hurl and turning any longer once you begin utilizing in this pillow.
  • Extra support for your body.
  • It helps to reduce medical problems that arise during pregnancy as if heartburn, GERD, gastritis, back pain, leg cramps and swelling of legs.
  • Extra room for tummy, back and even to increasing weight.
  • Polypropylene filling is questionable to be used during pregnancy.
  • It is also very heavy to handle while washing the cover. Additional support from a person is needed.
  • During the early stage of pregnancy, this pillow is not useful due to its huge size.

3. Dream Comfortable Pregnancy Maternity Pillow

Dream pregnancy cushion gives completely care to the expecting mother and the baby, effectively offering the change of blood circulation during night, reducing the swelling around the legs/feet, release your body pressure, improve your sleep,360°support to keep from hyperextension, Lumbar support against the back pain and helps to avoid malposition.

Our fantastic U-Shaped cushion is extraordinary for getting an entire night’s rest during pregnancy or while nursing babies. It is likewise extraordinary for supporting different diseases, for example:

  1. Pubic symphysis dysfunction
  2. Fibromyalgia
  3. Arthritis
  4. Upper Body Pain (Upper Back pain, Shoulder pain, and Neck pain)
  5. Lower Body Pain (Hips, Baby Bump, Knees, and Legs)

The major highlights of this pillow are:

  • Designed to cover the characteristic bends of the body during pregnancy;
  • Inner bend holds mother’s back and stomach bolstered;
  • Improved lumbar support;
  • Support enables tummy to be placed on the pillow appropriately;
  • Keeps mom’s back padded and keeps infant upheld while nursing;
  • Upper and lower body can be raised;
  • The cover is easily machine washable;

The cover is made of 100% cotton, and the filing also has a cotton filling. However, the use of cotton is not a suitable option for people living in cold countries. A polyester cover would be an ideal choice for people living in cold countries. However, the cotton cover and filling is highly suitable for people living in hot countries.

  • Cotton covering allows to be used in the hot countries and the country with high humidity.
  • Easily machine washable.
  • The cotton covering is not an ideal choice for people living in cold countries, as it cannot bring warmth.
  • Very heavy to handle it alone. It always requires additional support to transfer, move or lift these pillows.

4. Leachco Back ‘N Belly Contoured Body Pillow, Ivory
Full Body Support

Leachco Back 'N Belly Contoured Body Pillow, Ivory

The Leachco back ‘N Belly contoured body pillow, ivory is intended for use in different positions while you rest or sleep. Leachco is pioneered in gaining practical experience from customers regarding comfort over their profit. They make products which are highly cost-effective and efficient. This pillow also one of the important addition to that list.

Customers are currently being demanding for items they need to use for quite a while and which could give them the more advantages at an exceptionally reasonable cost. These items are what the general population look for, to give them solace and security to accomplish quality sleep and rest. All these things are considered while making the product. Therefore, it allows the consumer to get extraordinary benefits from it.

The Leachco Back ‘N Belly Contoured Body Pillow, which comes in the Ivory shade, is stuffed with stunning highlights and attributes essential to bring satisfaction and alleviation for agitated sleepers. Furthermore, in the event that you are at present encountering non-existent inconveniences utilizing regular body pillows, you may try to use this pillow and check its quality. The quality will never let you get out of the bed. Every pregnant woman will tell that they had a heavenly sleep and resting time with these pillows.

What makes them amazing? Let us see the features of them in great detail.


The Back ‘N Belly Body Pillow is with U shaped pillow cushion, which allows 6 ft. 5 inches. a person can fit into it. The shape configuration is interestingly considered to give sleepers a decision of utilizing just a single pillow in their bed while having multitude medical advantages besides being agreeable in mobility to any position during sleep or rest.

Inner body curve

The inward bends of this pregnancy pillows demonstrate to support the entire body and cozily comforting the back and midsection in an exceptionally comfortable and agreeable way. In this bend, “naughty” sleepers (the individuals who rest in various positions) will be restricted to sides and back positions, to support the need of the trimester of the pregnant women. The positioning is highly essential for mother and baby, which is a determinant factor of proper blood circulation.

Polyester material

This pillow is also made out of polyester material, which allows creating soft texture. However, this pillow would not be an ideal choice for people who live in hot and humid climate. This pillow is highly suitable for those who live in cold and sub-tropical areas. This pillow is free from Phthalates ( a toxic substance), lead, latex, and BPA (otherwise called bisphenol). The item is undoubtedly synthetic free. The outer cover is made out of cotton and is washable.

Special head support

The two finishes of this cushion could be consolidated while you easily rest lying in the middle. Along these lines, your neck, back, and hips could be rested and adjusted appropriately. This helps to avoid reflux and heartburn which is a common problem in most pregnant women who uses regular body pillows. This discomfort is eliminated in this special pillow.

Smart Design

The brilliant outline of this pillow empowers you to mull over your back, or either side of you could tuck the finish of the U-shaped pillow and put it between your legs or knees giving an awesome mitigating impact on your joints and muscles. The pregnant mothers can maintain a strategic distance from leg issues while doing this. This way unwinds and supports the veins on the thighs; henceforth leg spasms are kept out.

  • There is no need to change the position of pillow while you change the position. This is because of its body contour inner curve shape supports the entire body especially, neck, back and even hips and legs.
  • This pillow is made in special way that the firm parts are on the sides, while the bends are very soft in nature. This allows discomfort of knocking on the hard surfaces while sleeping.
  • Reduces the need to use multiple pillows and also reduces the cost of using multiple pillows.
  • The material used in this pillow is polyester. It is not a suitable choice to be used in the hot countries. The use of this material in hot and high humidity countries cause irritation and discomfort due to sweating.
  • This pillow is also heavier, which makes it slightly less suitable to be used during the late stage of pregnancy. As the pregnant mother cannot carry weights of 7lbs and it is not good for her back.

5. Pregnancy Maternity Pillow with Contoured U-Shape by Bluestone

Pregnancy Maternity Pillow with Contoured U-Shape by Bluestone

This special maternity pillow is also designed to perfectly satisfy the needs of a pregnant mother. This pillow provides head-toe support to the pregnant women and also provides excellent support during nursing the baby. Every mother’s dream is to have a peaceful sleep without any discomfort. This pillow helps to make that dream alive.

Furthermore, the hypoallergenic materials that are used in the pillow help to avoid allergic reactions that happen during pregnancy. Most of the pregnant mothers are prone to allergy due to hormonal changes. However, this pillow helps to eliminate that threat.

In the meantime, the firm edges of this pillow can be quite irritating. The cover of this pillow does not usually come in this pack, which needs to be bought additionally.

This product is very heavy, and due to it, most people often avoid it. The transferring or moving this pillow requires additional support due to its heavy and large size.

This type of pillow is highly unsuitable during early stages of pregnancy. However, obese or overweight people can use it even during early stages of pregnancy. In addition, this pillow is also made out of polyester. The polyester is soft and gives enough warmth and cooling effect. However, this pillow also unsuitable to be used in hot and high humidity having countries. This is due to the material used for filling and covering. You may opt to use cotton covering, but it will not make any effective changes.

It also provides extraordinary support during different diseases, as if:

  • Pubic symphysis dysfunction
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Arthritis
  • Upper Body Pain (Upper Back pain, Shoulders pain and Neck pain)
  • Lower Body Pain (Hips, Baby Bump, Knees, and Legs)
  • Sciatica or back pain
  • Extra support for your body of pregnant mother and nursing baby.
  • It helps to reduce medical problems that arise during pregnancy as if heartburn, GERD, gastritis, back pain, leg cramps and swelling of legs.
  • Extra room for tummy, back and even to increasing weight.
  • Large size, which makes it unsuitable to accommodate in small spaces.
  • The heavy nature of this bed makes it unsuitable to be used by the pregnant women alone.
  • The material used in this pillow is polyester. It is not a suitable choice to be used in the hot countries. The use of this material in hot and high humidity countries cause irritation and discomfort due to sweating.

6. PharMeDoc Full Body Pregnancy Pillow – Pregnancy Supportive

PharMeDoc Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

As our title suggests, this item is a pregnancy pillow that serves well on pregnant mothers and their baby during breastfeeding. Nursing mothers require soft pillows to have a quality sleep and rest time. Lactating moms must have all the vitality and legitimate care to have the capacity to rest easily while nursing their newborn children.

The quality time must be accomplished between the mother and the baby, which is possible through extremely supportive and comfortable environment for both of them to rest. This pillow helps to create a new environment for mother and the baby.

Given the undertaking of nurturing their baby, moms are required to spend the night in exhaustive positions. This pillow covers the entire body and helps them to wrap-around the whole body. With the PharMeDoc Total Body Pillow, one pillow is enough to secure and comfort mother and baby.

To better comprehend this item, its different beneficial highlights can be clearly seen through analyzing its specific features. The features are:

Soft polyester material

This pillow also made using delicate polyester which is absolutely free from lead, Phthalate, latex, and BPAs. These are poisonous chemicals usually connected polyester in general. However, its cozy nature is brought by the soft polyester. However, the use of this pillow also can be limited to cold countries. As the person living in hot countries need materials as if cotton, while polyester can be more irritating materials to them. However, a person living in cold countries can get the maximum benefit from it.

Huge Size

Since pregnant ladies tend to increase their weight during pregnancy, this pillow is made in such a way to accommodate weight changes, baby bump and so on. Moreover, the utilization of this pillow isn’t restricted to pregnant ladies, but any individual who needs to accomplish profound rest can utilize this pillow. The C-shape of this pillow gives total coverage of the body and also removes the need to change pillow during movements.

Zippered Cover

The bundle contains zippered cover that is made using cotton texture. The cover is machine washable.

  • This unisex nature provides that the pillow can be used by any gender and all age ranges. Hence, buying this pillow is never a waste.
  • Extra body support and the full body coverage. This prevents heartburn, reflux, back pain, leg cramps and so on.
  • Large size, which makes it unsuitable to accommodate in small spaces.
  • The heavy nature of this pillow makes it unsuitable to be used by the pregnant women alone.

7. Restorology Full 60-Inch Body Pregnancy Pillow

Restorology Full 60-Inch Body Pregnancy Pillow

This Restorology pregnancy pillow is made to make the natural contours of the body and takes the shape of the body, which allows this pillow to provide full body support. This pillow can be an alternative to the multiple pillows on your bed and also helps to clear out the mess on the bed. Even though this pillow is heavy and large size. This is one of the important drawbacks of this model. This requires the need of another person in order to provide support during moving or washing the covers. The cover can be machine washed.

In addition, this pillow gives support to head, neck, and tummy and even lower back at the same time. This helps to avoid repositioning of the pillow due to it’s around the body support. There is no need to alter the position of the pillow like the regular body pillows.

This pillow also provides support for certain diseases as if sciatica or back pain, heartburn, lower back pain and GERD.

  • Around the body support including back support, neck, head and tummy support. These are the locations every pregnant mother need support.
  • Large size allows enough room for weight gain during pregnancy.
  • Large size, which makes it unsuitable to accommodate in small spaces.
  • The heavy nature of this bed makes it unsuitable to be used by the pregnant women alone.

Buyers guide


What is to be considered when purchasing a best pregnancy pillow?

First of all, it is important to pay attention to contaminant-free materials. Many people today tend to have allergies, and just in pregnancy and breastfeeding, you should not take any risk. Look for appropriate seals from official bodies or certificates for environmental protection or eco-certification.

The processing is an important aspect because there is nothing more annoying than rough seams, caused by the pressure points or where you chafe it. Flat and smooth seams are always a sign of high quality in pregnancy pillows.

Today, hollow fibers or fiber balls are often used, which are very durable and do not lose their support properties even under extreme loads.

An important detail with these special pillows is the ergonomic shape, which supports a relaxed sleeping position. Due to the adaptation to the silhouette of the user, the pillow automatically fits better.

Pregnancy Pillow Different Types

In this way, as you set yourself in purchasing that pregnancy pillow, there are heaps of variables to put into thought. From experimenting with the distinctive sorts of pregnancy pillows, with changed sizes and shapes to picking the correct one that suits your requirements.

Types of Pregnancy Pillows

Pregnancy pillows are uniquely intended to help ladies in making their pregnancy period tolerable and while enhancing their rest quality. The three types of pregnancy pillows include:

1) Pregnancy wedge pillows

2) Total body pregnancy pillows

3) Full-length pregnancy pillows

Pregnancy Wedge Pillow

The wedge pillow is slightly contrasted with other pregnancy pillows. Accordingly, they are just utilized on particular parts of the body where they reduce the stress from extra pressure.

Utilizing a wedge pillow

You have to put the pillow behind your lower back for a lumbar support in order to anticipate hurling and turning on the bed. You can likewise tuck it under the tummy when sleeping to guarantee the substantial weight does not strain the hips and additionally support the back. Other pregnant ladies put the pillow between their legs for an ideal arrangement of the hips, legs and the back with full support, as this could avoid leg cramping and leg swelling.

This wedge pillow proves to be useful when you require a general pillow to hoist your head. By raising your head utilizing this pillow, you can undoubtedly ease yourself from, acid reflux and heartburn.

Pregnancy wedge pillow major features:

  • It offers most extreme help and solace to the pregnant lady’s tummy, back, head and additional support to the legs.
  • These pillows come in two shapes; triangular (like a wedge of cheddar) and adjusted triangular shape
  • The cover which comes with this pillow is machine washable.
  • The pillow is firm and flexible

Total Body Pregnancy Pillows

Of the various pillows, most pregnant women pledge to have had a super cool involvement with total body pregnancy pillows. These pillows wrap around the body and embrace the front side making a firm and agreeable support.

Total body pregnancy pillows highlights

  • They are expansive and cumbersome, which is not versatile
  • These pillows embrace the total body
  • Total body pillow is very costly
  • The removable cover makes it simple to use the pillow

Total body pregnancy pillows come in three shapes:

  1. C-shaped body pillows
  2. U-shaped body pillows
  3. J-shaped body pillows

Using of C-shaped pillow

This pillow is the commonest type particularly due to low cost. The base of the pad is tucked between the legs while the best piece of the C serenely lies on the head. The C bend wraps around your back, and this eases the body from the weight the overwhelming pressure on the spine by the baby bump.

Using of U-shaped pillow

In the event that your essential concern is back and tummy bolster, at that point get yourself, the U-shaped body pillow. This pillow comes in handy for sleepers who can never sleep properly due to the discomfort of pregnancy. With the U-shaped pillow, there is sufficient support for your back and tummy simultaneously.

The U-shaped pillow likewise gives you the advantage of moving either side without turning the pillow. Most importantly, since your head is very much hoisted, you effectively figure out how to battle against heartburn, GERD, and reflux, which is a typical problem of every pregnant woman.

Using of J shaped pregnancy pillows

The J-shaped pillow takes after the shape of general body pillow just that it is bent. The J-shaped pillow guarantees the support of your back.

The cushion effectively tucks between the knees and this guides in temperature control and in addition support your midsection. This pillow also aids in keeping the head slightly above the body level, which avoids the acid reflux and heartburn. The J shape does not provide enough body contour support.

Full-Length Pregnancy Pillows

As the name proposes, full-length pillows serve the whole length of the pregnant lady’s body. Full-length pillows are of straight shape and tend to give negligible help to your back.

This pillow can be contrasted with the utilization of a few standard pillows to help the full length of your body. Most ladies incline toward using this pillow rather than a few general pillows since it comes as a solitary unit. This keeps away from the likelihood of having a few pillows diffuse on the bed amidst.

Utilizing the full-length pillow

These pillows enable the mother-to-be embraced and nestled the delicate material around the body to nurse the infant.

When resting, you have to put your legs and arms around the pillow which guaranteeing the total body support from head to toe. On the off chance that you have the long-customary full-length pillow, you can tuck it between your legs for better solace and support.

Utilizing the pillow in the correct way supports you back, tummy, neck, and hip from extra pressure. Once more, when utilizing the full-length pillow, you don’t have to utilize standard pillows to support your head. It is shocking that the full-length pillow may take a lot of the bed space, and this reduces the chance of another person sleeping with you on the same bed.

Full-length pregnancy pad highlights

  • There are two types of full length pregnancy pillows; the straight pillows (resembles a general lengthened pillow) and adjustable pillow (looks like a long draft plug)
  • The adjustable full-length cushion effectively twists and turns to take the shape you need.
  • Due to their prolonged nature, they are difficult to clean in a washing machine.
  • The pillow supports the head, midsection, knees and the legs for more open to rest
  • They accompany a removable pillow cover that is anything but difficult to clean
  • Due to the solace they offer, they have a tendency to be very costly

The Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow was made by a nurse who gave a professional touch to these pregnancy pillows. The C-shape configuration easily wraps around your body, and this soothes any weight on the back and also on the neck and shoulders.

The pillows adaptability makes it conceivable to use the item for an assortment of positions. In the event that you have to sit on to read your best novel or make up for lost time with your favorite TV program, all you require is to twist the pillow to a favored position.

Other than pregnant ladies, this pillow is perfect for any individual who has back and neck issues. The pillow goes about as an emotionally supportive network to ease torment in the body parts during pregnancy, and this encourages better and quality rest to the client.

Best Material for Pregnancy Pillows

A decent pregnancy cushion should be loaded with delicate and safe material for the ideal solace of the mother and the baby. As indicated by specialists, purchasers need to guarantee the pillow qualifies in the agenda of 3 essential materials from which the pillow was made as if hypoallergenic materials, foamy material, which also should be a natural material.

Hypoallergenic material

A decent pregnancy pillow ought not to cause skin rashes or breathing issues as if asthma. Hypoallergenic fillings utilized as a part of pregnancy pillows keep the pregnant ladies from acquiring hypersensitivities that might be passed on to the unborn infant.


Pregnancy pillows are made of quality foam, which effortlessly reacts to weight that applied on them. This makes it conceivable to take diverse shapes whether the client is larger size or thin. The foamy material, in this way, leaves a pregnant lady agreeable as she effectively fits into the particular pillow.

Natural material

The materials that are used should be eco-friendly, and this prevents any irritation to the skin. The best pregnancy pillows should be made of normal materials, for example, cotton. It is better to avoid synthetic materials.

Elements to Consider Before Purchasing Pregnancy Pillows

There are millions of pregnancy pillows are available in the market. But, certain features should be noted while choosing the correct pillow that meets your personal needs. Every pillow is not a suitable pillow for everyone. The following are the points that need to be checked before considering a pregnancy pillow:

Ease of cleaning

Pregnancy pillows are a lifetime speculation since they are utilized even after the nine months’ time frame. So it is tricky to choose the right pregnancy pillow that can be used for longer duration. Hence, you need to choose a pillow that is easy to clean, which allows the pillow to be used for longer period. Picking a pillow that is made of a simple to clean material guarantees its quality and durability. Pregnancy pillows that accompany a removable cover are the best particularly for the long pillows that can’t fit in a washing machine.

The clients’ body estimate

Obviously, the body size of the client decides the pregnancy pillow type that can be used. For example, a C-shaped pregnancy pillow has an uneven shape that best fits larger size ladies. While J-shaped pillows can help the thin ladies.

Sleeping position

Despite the fact that specialists prescribe mulling over the left side to guarantee appropriate blood circulation determines the sleeping position. The sleeping position helps to sort out the type of pregnancy pillow that can be used. This allows a comfortable sleeping space for the pregnant women.


Frankly, pregnancy pillows are not too cheap or too expensive, but rather moderate enough to be bought by almost all type of individuals. The cost is frequently controlled by the material used to make the pillow and also to the quality of the pillow. It is very much needed to carefully select the pillow according to the need, as this is not a low-cost product. Always think twice before buying the desired pregnancy pillow.


An ideal approach to comprehend the quality and usefulness of a pregnancy pillow is by getting input from past clients. These surveys can be gotten from experienced people in buying these pillows and additionally from different online forums and comments sections. Try not to be lazy to go through this stage of selection process, as this can give a clear idea about the pregnancy pillow that you are planning to buy.


Pregnancy pillows come in normal, medium and the large sizes. The normal size fits all the standard beds. The medium estimated pillows are most appropriate for the ruler measured beds while the huge pillows run well with specially made beds. It is important to pick the correct pregnancy pillow measure with regards to your body estimate and in addition that of your bed to abstain from pushing your partner from the bed.

If expecting twins

As specified before, a pregnancy pillow is a long haul speculation. A lady expecting twins should purchase a U-shaped pillow. This pillow is additional expansive and in this way flawlessly fits the extensive tummy of the mother to be. In addition, the pillow proves to be useful amid breastfeeding of the babies.

Finally, all these information that is summarized in this article helps to decide the appropriate pregnancy pillow for you. After reading and carefully analyzing this information that is given above helps to make a wise decision in the choice of best pregnancy pillow that meets you or your wife. The best gift for any pregnant women can be a perfectly fitting pregnancy pillow.

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