7 Best Pedometers 2018 to Track Your Smart Steps

best pedometer

A pedometer can be your next best friend in the process of losing weight and in the last few years they have also created a trend among the people who love to stay active and fit. We are not talking about all the pedometers on the market.

But, the world’s best pedometers ensure to work as precisely as possible by tracking each and every step you keep. While they sense your main body movements such as hips and hands as you walk, they are also able to determine any variations of the steps you keep. Actually, these pedometers are so smart that they sense you and recognize your body movements and their alterations. Yes, they are cute and handy to use. While many people who live an active life carry a pedometer, it is regarded as the benchmark of an active lifestyle. Are you interested in integrating your performances with these smart devices? If so, here is the best place to learn more about the 7 best pedometers in the world.

Best Pedometers 2017

Product Battery life Wireless/Bluetooth Waterproof/water resistance
Fitbit Zip 5-6 months Yes Water resistance
Fitbit One One to two weeks Yes Water resistance
Teslasz Bluetooth 4.0 3-4 days Yes Water resistance
Omron Tri Axis No Water resistance
Fitbit blaze 5 days Yes Water resistance
Fitbit Flex 20-25 days Yes Water resistance
Withings Activité Steel 9 months Yes Waterproof

1. Fitbit Zip ― Affordable and user-friendly

fitbit zip pedometer

Fitbit Zip is one of the best pedometers available in the market. It’s cheap price and easy to use features attract thousands of users. Further, the smaller size of the fitbit zip makes it more attractive. This fitbit zip pedometer also comes with fitbit app that can help in customizing your goals through syncing the data via Bluetooth.

Further, the fitbit zip has the most accurate step counter among all the other pedometers. The test carried on the pedometer’s accuracy showed that the only 2 steps are out of track for 5000 steps. However, other pedometers in the market miss 100 steps for every 5000 steps. This pedometer doesn’t only track steps but also measure accurately the time in minutes for the measured steps.

The accuracy is not 100% for each measurement, but Fitbit zip is equipped to provide the maximum accuracy as possible. The distance measurement also shows 1 mile off for every 5 miles while it counts 100 calories off for every 2000 calories. However, the accuracy of this pedometer can be called comparably accurate when compared with the other pedometers in the market.

In addition, the design of this pedometer is made in such a specific way that it can be worn anywhere, but not on the wrist. The clip which comes with this pedometer makes it easy to attach to your accessories and even to your clothing. The silicone covering of this pedometer makes it more durable and prevents the pedometer from severe damages during accidental fall.

This pedometer runs with a coin cell battery and a single coin battery has a life that approximate for about 6 months. This is really good news. However, many people also reported that the battery does not last more than 2 months and that they had to replace it sooner than it is expected.

Further, this small appearance of this pedometer does not exclude it from having multiple features. The LCD screen displays distance, steps, duration and also the calories that are burned for the number of steps you have walked or jogged. What is more interesting is that this pedometer displays a cute smiley when the pedometer wakes up. These small and exciting features make it more user-friendly.

On the other hand, the extra small letters and the details make them quite non-friendly for people who are a bit elder and who wear glasses. Another important property of this pedometer is water resistance. This does not mean that you can swim with your pedometer because Fitbit zip is not having waterproof property.
  • Easy to use this pedometer, due to its single tap feature. This makes it easy to use without having multiple buttons.
  • Wireless connection to your phones and tablets through Bluetooth smart. This helps the data to sync easily and quickly.
  • The life of Fitbit zip pedometer’s battery is about 5-6 months and the replacement of this battery also cost only 2-3$.
  • The app and the dashboard work well so that the data consumption is very easy and simple.
  • People prefer to use a pedometer on their wrist as this can cause more awareness that the pedometer is there with them, so that keep people motivated. But, this pedometer cannot be worn around the wrist.
  • This pedometer does not track the steps that were covered in the period before you sleep and also the number of steps covered after getting up.
  • The accuracy of the pedometer’s reading has significant errors in the measurement of calories, distance and time.
  • The export function of this pedometer is a paid function, hence you need to allocate another 50$ per year other than the cost of the pedometer itself.

2. Fitbit One – User-friendly and portable

fitbit one pedometer

Most of the pedometers in the market are very confusing and less user-friendly. People need a high amount of technological knowledge to operate such pedometers. However, Fitbit one is designed in a simple and accurate way that the user does not need a high amount of technological knowledge to operate this pedometer and the small size of its body makes it an excellent pedometer with an easy portable option. Further, wireless synchronizing of the data to both the mobile phone and computer makes it easier to track your fitness index anywhere and everywhere you go. These fine tuning of the fitness index helps to make healthier choices.

Moreover, Fitbit One is equipped to track various indices of fitness including the number of steps, calorie expenditure, distance traveled and also it counts the stairs that you climbed. All these data can be easily accessed through the OLED screen of this pedometer. This is not all, the digital flower increases or decreases its number of petals depending on your recent activity. It is fun watching the screen of this pedometer. This special digital flower helps you to motivate yourself to remain active throughout the day.

Further, this pedometer measures various functions that are highly essential for fitness including sleep. This pedometer records the quality of sleep by calculating the number of times that you woke up during the sleep and also provides advice based on the quality of sleep recorded by the pedometer. It is not accurate as if you are measuring the sleep directly from your brain, but it gives a rough idea about the sleep pattern that you have now. We know that the data can be sometimes inaccurate and does not precisely determine the sleep pattern. In general, this data cannot be helpful when deciding the quality of sleep in an official manner. Don’t think that this pedometer bares only these features. The next feature that comes in this little device is the wake-up alarm. This alarm does not make a terrible sound, but it vibrates in a soft manner so that you will be woken up in a peaceful manner and it would not disturb your partner or children.

The health risk of this vibration that is used in this alarm is not yet clear. However, a vibration of any sense can cause mild to moderate health effects. Therefore, use of this feature jeopardizes the standard of the device.

On the other hand, it is easy to misplace it or lose it due to its small size. This pedometer cannot be used in water as this pedometer does not come with the waterproof option. The other annoying problem of this pedometer is that this device needs battery replacement every 1 or 2 weeks time. This is one of the most disappointing features of this pedometer by most people who use them.
  • The device is small and can be an ideal pedometer with easy portable function.
  • Easy sync of data with both mobile phone and your computer. This makes you track data more easily and clearly.
  • OLED screen of Fitbit One pedometer makes it easy to read.
  • Measures greater amount of fitness indices including calorie expenditure, steps walked, sleep pattern and quality of sleep, distance covered and wake up alarm.
  • The battery life is only one to two weeks. So it is necessary to change the battery frequently.
  • Always has to clip this pedometer on your clothing. This results in the malfunctioning of the clipping after a certain period of time.
  • The accuracy of sleep measurement by this pedometer is not reliable.
  • The vibration used by the wake-up alarm can reduce the safety and standard of the device.

3. Teslasz Bluetooth 4.0 – Multifunctional pedometer for a cheap price

teslasz bluetooth 4.0 pedometer

Teslasz Bluetooth 4.0 is loved by many fitness lovers and by those who plan to engage themselves in fitness activities. The easy to use feature and the wrist wearing design attract thousands of young men and women than the elders. This pedometer also comes with one of the very important features of step counting, which is almost accurate. However, there can be a small deviation in the accuracy of the steps counted. Additionally, this device has the ability to count the calories as well.

The calorie counting is carried out based on the number of steps, distances as well as the duration it took to cover the distance. Therefore, the errors in other fitness indices can affect the accuracy of the calorie expenditure measurement. This is especially true for distance measuring as this pedometer does not come with a GPS function. Hence, the distance covered for a certain period of time cannot be estimated with a full accuracy.

Another important feature of the pedometer is automatic sleep monitoring. This feature enables the pedometer to monitor the quality of the sleep along with the measurement of the sleep pattern. This pedometer measures the number of times you woke up during sleep, and this data is the crucial element that determines the sleep pattern. Even though this data can be considered as an important reading, but the accuracy of the data is unreliable. This pedometer cannot actually measure the amount of time your body is at sleep. The data produced by this pedometer is only an approximate estimation of the physical movements your body makes.

Further, this pedometer also comes with another interesting feature – call and message alerts. The connection of your mobile phone with this pedometer enables you to get alerts about your calls and messages and they appear on the screen of the pedometer. After seeing the name, you can choose whether you want to answer that call or reply to a message. This allows you to work out or do your work without getting disturbed from unnecessary and non-urgent calls.

Apart from the measurement of fitness indices and the sync to mobile phone, this pedometer enables the mobile phone to take photos from a single button press from your pedometer. Moreover, you can also set up multiple alarms using this app. This helps you to remind your day-to-day activities. This would not make a sound so that you can use this alarm feature in any place including the workplace. The silent alarm feature makes your pedometer to buzz and no one else knows that the alarm is working. The health risk that comes with the vibration develops by this alarm is not yet evaluated. The long term use of such alarm potentially increases the chance of developing certain diseases which come due to vibration.

Further, the battery of this pedometer needs to be charged for every 3-4 days. This makes this device sometimes dysfunctional.
  • You can get a detailed report on the health indices, including the number of steps covered, distance travelled, the number of calories burned and the time taken to jog or run for certain distance. This helps you to track your health in a detailed manner.
  • The call and message alert feature is something which you cannot see in other types of pedometers that hit the market. This feature enables you to not to miss your important calls and messages even when you are jogging. And also this feature allows you to not to check your phone every now and then during your workout.
  • The next important feature of this special gadget is 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity. This is one of the latest tech advancement and this allows you to sync your data with your phone more efficiently and quickly.
  • The wristband allows this pedometer to be worn without any difficulty. This cool gadget can replace most of your jewellery and can give you a trendy techno look.
  • The battery life of this pedometer is only 3-4 days long. This brings the need to change the battery or charge this pedometer very often. However, another problem is that this pedometer does not come with any specific charger. So you need to find an alternative charger.
  • The sleep pattern measurement does not produce the actual reading due to the fact that this gadget cannot measure the sleep duration directly from our brain.
  • In order to make most out of this 4.0 Bluetooth feature, you need to download the app every time from the apple or play store and these apps changes with the phones and so on. So you cannot plug and play this pedometer with any device and also you have to be a techno-savvy to use this device.
  • It is not 100% safe due to the alarm feature of this pedometer. The vibration produced from this silent alarm feature can cause vibration related disease in long term usage.

4. Omron Tri Axis – Less techno pedometer

omron tri axis pedometer

This pedometer is an ideal pedometer for people who do not want a pedometer that can be synchronised with your phone or computer. This makes it very easy to use as there is no difficult techno knowledge that you need to keep in mind to operate this device.

This device uses a special 3D sensor to register the footsteps and also it comes in a smaller size. The silent nature of this pedometer makes it an ideal device to be worn at work, in university or anywhere. You can either clip this device to your clothing or you can simply secure this device in your pocket.

Keeping this device in the pocket can increase the risk of the accidental fall of this pedometer.

This device is designed to measure the number of steps you covered, the distance travelled and the calories you spent during the period you were active. It does not matter whether your pedometer is tilted or upside down, the 3D sensor measures the reading very accurately.

You also need to enter the time of the day, so that the pedometer can be reset at midnight. Also, the daily data storing takes place at that time. This device comes with three specific buttons. Each button has a different function; the button 1 (Set button) is used only during the process of changing the setting, the button 2 or Mode button is used to change the display of data, while button 3 or Mem button helps you to review the data of past 7 days.

These buttons must be at least pressed once in every 5 minutes to turn on the power of the display. The display of the data is clear, however, the units of these data are written in very small letters and makes it very hard to read it.

In addition, the pedometer shows the following data in regards to certain requirements:

  1. The number of steps covered from midnight of that current day.
  2. You need to know your height and weight in order to find the stride length. The distance covered is displayed in miles or in kilometres, which is calculated from the step count and also from the stride length.
  3. The next data displayed on the screen of this Omron Tri Axis pedometer is calories spent for a specific workout. This calculation is purely based on the weight, stride length and the number of steps covered within a minute.
  4. Next important data displayed is the aerobic steps. The number of steps that was taken when walking at a speed of 60 steps per minute and for a period of more than 10 minutes. If you are recommended to perform at least 1 hour of moderate exercises every day, then this data helps to determine whether you are reaching your target.
  5. Pitch or the speed of your activity is also displayed on the screen of the pedometer. This guides you to increase or decrease the speed.
  6. The time of the day also displayed, and this day setting helps the pedometer to reset every day at midnight. This is very important for the pedometer, as all data will be refreshed at that time. If you did not set time properly, this will result in an incorrect reading of the fitness indices.
  • You can get a detailed report on various health indices, including the number of steps covered, the speed of the activity, distance travelled, the number of calories burned and the time taken to jog or run for certain distance. This helps you to track your health in a detailed manner.
  • The less techno feature enables this pedometer to be used by people who possess low techno knowledge – especially elderly people.
  • The use of 3D sensor technology allows every bit of steps to be registered. The accuracy is almost 99%. The 3D sensor allows the pedometer to be placed at any angle, but the accuracy of the result would not change.
  • The total number of steps covered and the total number of aerobics steps covered are displayed, but you cannot reset the pedometer to count the number of steps for a specific activity. This makes this pedometer less flexible.
  • The data is calculated based on the reading of the 3D sensor. There are many errors in the data provided by this pedometer as the readings of each are calculated from the steps counted. The uncertainty of the reading of the steps covered reading affect the entire readings of this pedometer.
  • This pedometer does not come with the special connectivity system to connect with mobiles phones or computer. This makes them less techno-friendly and makes it very hard for a person to analyse the data and also to compare data from different days.

5. Fitbit Blaze – Technologically advanced

fitbit blaze pedometer

Fitbit Blaze is one of the advanced pedometers that is available in the market. This wrist watch like structure allows them to be used by most of the teenagers and also in young adults.

Further, this pedometer comes with various special features than the common features that come with another pedometer as if calorie counting, time, distance and sleep pattern tracking. The brand new features of this pedometer are:

  • heart rate monitoring,
  • Breathing guide
  • Sleep phase tracker
  • Exercises display from, Fitstar
  • GPS tracker
Even though this pedometer comes with various features, the battery life of this pedometer very weak. The battery can only last for 2 days without charging and it is not fulfilling the manufacturer’s promise of about 5 days without charging.
  • Heart rate monitoring features make this pedometer very special. The heart rate tells us the necessary activity level for each age group of people so that one can increase the level of activity or decrease the level of activity to achieve maximum health benefits.
  • Sleep tracker feature of Fitbit Blaze pedometer is brand new and very distinctive from other brands of pedometer. The sleep tracker does not simply track the sleep, but the speciality of this pedometer is that the different phases of the sleep are also shown. This makes the accuracy of the sleep phase measurement to be more than 99%.
  • Breathing guided feature of this pedometer allows us to keep us calm throughout the day. This features supplies with various methods to calm down the person and helps to send the stress away from life. Together with other fitness indices, this feature strengthens the health of the person.
  • This special device displays the total summary of the exercise after a session is over. Further, this device is sync with Fitbit app, so that the weekly goals can be displayed there. This helps you to witness the amount of time you spend on a particular exercise and also shows whether you reached your weekly target.
  • Fitbit Blaze pedometer comes with a very weak battery life. The battery can stay only for 2 days without charging, but the manufacturer guarantees up to 5days of this pedometer usage without charging it.
  • Fitbit blaze does not track any new activities. They have partnered with Fitstar so that the activities on Fitstar is only tracked. This makes it uncomfortable for most of the people as the amount of Fitstar exercises are not enough and if the person wants to add something new.
  • The outer look of the Fitbit blaze is resembling the sign of stop sign. This can bring negative effect on the motivation of a person to perform exercises.
  • There are only four clock faces to choose from. The choice of faces of the clock are not as great as they are out of trend.

6. Fitbit Flex – Super friendly pedometer

fitbit flex pedometer

This super friendly Fitbit flex pedometer comes with two wristbands and a dongle. This dongle activates the wireless environment for the Fitbit flex. The two wristbands are coming with two different sizes so that you can use the most fitting size.

This pedometer also comes with most of the common features that come with almost all types of pedometers. This includes, calorie expenditure, time taken, and distance covered.

The special feature of the Fitbit flex is that there are 5 dots in the display. Each dot represents 20% your goal. First dot blinks and stops after you reach 2000 steps and then the second dot begins its blinking and this continues until you reach all 5 dots. At the end of the 5th dot, the pedometer will vibrate to show that the goal is reached.

The sleeping mode of this pedometer gives a greater amount of trouble for most of the people. This feature sometimes annoys the user and the user sometimes stays without this pedometer due to the non-responsiveness of the sleep mode.
  • This pedometer can be worn on your wrist easily without any problem and this makes the usage of this pedometer easier. Further, this pedometer is light and comfortable for your wrist, so that most people replaces watch with this pedometer.
  • You don’t need to connect your Fitbit Flex pedometer to your mobile phone or computer, but the wireless dongle that comes with this pedometer automatically sync data.
  • The customizable food menu that is available makes you choose healthier choices.
  • The sleep tracker mode does not work properly in most cases. This feature too decreases the accuracy of the readings. Most people tend to remove this tracker before goes to sleep due to the fact that the sleep tracker feature is not working.
  • You can only charge this Fitbit Flex pedometer with USB cable. This makes it difficult for the user to charge this pedometer in most of the locations.
  • The food menu feature of this pedometer requires a huge amount of time to be invested at the beginning of the setting process. This makes it an annoying feature.

7. Withings Activité Steel – Waterproof pedometer

withings activite steel pedometer

Another pedometer with best features including heart rate monitor (only through its app), workout tracker, sleep tracker and also with common features as if calorie burnt, distance travelled, the number of steps covered and time taken. There is no inbuilt heart rate monitor with this type of pedometer. Further, the sleep tracker feature is not very accurate.

Apart from that Withings Activite Steel comes with very good battery life. You can expect this pedometer to work at least 20-25 days without charging.

  • This pedometer is the only pedometer with waterproof feature. This means you can use this pedometer while you swim or while taking bath.
  • The battery life of this pedometer is around 9 months. This makes the use of this pedometer easier.
  • Sleep tracking feature is not accurate as other pedometers. This is because the device lacks the button to change the sleep mode. You need to assume that the pedometer automatically detects sleep and measure it.
  • There is no inbuilt heart rate monitors with this pedometer. However, the Withings Activite Steel apps come with a feature to measure heart rate by pressing your finger on the camera lens of your mobile phone. This value is not accurate.

Buyer’s Guide

The safety information – In order to use this product accurately, you need to follow these safety measures which includes warnings and cautions. The following situations are when the person does not follow the warnings and caution, and the result is a mild-moderate injury of the user along with the damage of the pedometer. The warnings and cautions are:

  1. You need to contact your doctor before scheduling your weight loss program or any physical exercises. This help to avoid accidents due to overstraining.
  2. The package of the pedometer should be kept out of reach of children. There are small parts that come with a pedometer can be swallowed by small children. However, you need to call your doctor, if any piece is swallowed by a child.
  3. If the battery fluid splashes into your eyes, you need to rinse your eye thoroughly with clean water. Do not rub or add any medication without consulting with your doctor.
  4. All the information in the instruction manual should be read and clearly understood before operating the pedometer. Apply methods as stated in the instruction manual. Do not try to use this product for any other purpose that is not said in the instructions manual.
  5. Be cautious, when trying to insert the battery as the insertion of the battery with wrong polarities can damage the product. In addition, do not throw the used batteries into fire. This increases the risk of an explosion.
  6. Do not dispose these batteries in your dustbin, and check with your local regulations on the disposal of batteries and electronic devices. Improper disposal results in environmental pollution.

Further, the contents of the pedometer should be clearly identified and arranged according to the instructions of the user manual that comes with each device. The usual content of a pedometer package are:

  • Pedometer device (sometimes in various sizes)
  • Battery – the insulator covering should be removed before using the battery
  • Clip-on holder for attachment
  • Wireless dongle
  • User manual

Further, in order increase the life of this device, there are certain basic care principles that need to be followed. The basic care principles are:

  1. The pedometer should not be used in harsh temperatures, as this can damage or results in malfunctioning of this device.
  2. Do not attempt to use any alcohol or any other corrosive agents to wipe this pedometer.
  3. Most of the pedometers are water resistance, however, they are not waterproof except for Withings Activité Steel pedometer. The washing of this device with water results in the improper functioning of this device.
  4. Always use a soft and dry towel to wipe this pedometer.
  5. Avoid dropping these pedometers, as the shocks induce by certain falls affects the proper functioning of this device.
  6. If there is a need to change the battery, you need to make sure that the battery is changed immediately. Delaying of battery change can cause serious damage to the pedometer.

If you want to use this pedometer for a longer duration, then you need to follow the warnings, precautions and basic care, which is listed in the user manual.


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