What Is the Best Mattress for Back Pain? 4 Perfect Variants for Your Needs

best mattress for back pain

Suffering from chronic back pain? Don’t you think that an uncomfortable mattress may be one of the reasons? If that idea came across your mind at least once, you should think of buying the best mattress for your back pain.

But how can you find it? Today’s market offers several perfect variants to meet the needs of its clients. And here are four most reliable and efficient of them.


Memory Foam Mattresses

memory foam mattress

As a rule, the curve of the spine with all its interlocking bone segments is either distorted or flattened because of a rather firm innerspring mattress. It happens both with those, who sleep on their backs, and most side sleepers. What about stomach sleepers? They usually have quite the opposite problem: their hips usually sink too far in exaggerating the lower back’s the curve. This is when you’d better think of buying a new mattress. A memory foam variant is regarded to as one of the optimal choices, as it evenly distributes one’s weight and also takes the brunt of the weight off of hips, shoulders, buttocks and other  pressure points. It provides support and contouring to the dips in the body (neck and waist).

Such mattresses are extremely effective in alleviating pain and allowing one’s spine to elongate, naturally align itself during the hours of rest and decompress.


Latex Mattresses

latex mattress

This is another type of best mattresses for back pain. These mattresses are regarded to be a perfect option for those sufferers, who can’t cope with chronic back pain. How does latex work? It contours the body’s shape, assuring the level of support, which is essential for all pressure points. Such mattresses allow one’s body to relax, while latex is doing its job.

It’s a known fact that most people don’t really care about the firmness of the surface, while those with back pain are trying to stay away from soft beds prone to sagging. When the mattress sags, the body does the same thing, and sooner or later this leads to great back problems.

FYI, latex is referred to as a firm mattress. It is a perfect design for those, who are craving for additional support during sleep. Today it is available in several types with a plusher upper layer for those patients, who prefer plusher beds.


Air Mattresses

air mattress

Most of us know air mattresses as variants that are used as a guest room bedding option. Due to a pretty simple design and construction, they never take much place when they aren’t used. When the mattress is of a high quality it looks like a usual one. The main difference is its air chambers that are easily inflated to the preferable level with a special remote control. Such air mattresses are also frequently used in hospitals for maintaining good circulation of the blood as well as alleviating pressure points.

They distribute the weight equally, and this makes them a perfect choice for those, who are suffering from back pain. Some more models come with dual air chambers. This means that users can set the desired firmness individually.


Water Mattresses

water mattress

Water bed mattresses are known for being in the list of best mattresses for back pain. The liquid is strolled in special vinyl tubes. When a user fills it to a maximum level, he makes the mattress more supportive and firmer. It is even possible to vary the sides of the mattress, in case two people have different needs, but have to share one bed.

Some models feature the heating facility, which helps to alleviate back pain. The so-called therapeutic warmth helps one’s muscles to relax, which is perfect for those, who are looking for ways to relieve pain caused by tension or chronic illness.

As there are several options of best mattresses for back pain available, one can choose the one that suits his/her needs best.

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