Best Humidifier 2018: Rankings and Reviews

best humidifier

Fresh air is necessary for normal life and well-being. But through the ventilation pane, some amount of harmful substances, including gases and dust, can enter the house, which does not allow using this way of ventilation unless it is certainly not a house in the village. For effective cleaning and an additional source of moisture, air humidifiers are now available, endowed with benefit and harm, according to consumers’ reviews and the opinion of doctors.

The modern market is replete with various models of such devices, capable of regulating the temperature of the air, the content of ions and humidity. Instruments that perform similar functions have appeared for a long time, but popularity began to come to them relatively recently.

Normal and comfortable for a person is the humidity of the room from 40% to 60%. Typically, such indicators can be observed in homes in the summer. But with the beginning of the heating season, the situation changes dramatically, the humidity of the air decreases markedly. You feel this almost with your skin: your hands are covered with microcracks, your lips dry, your nose dries up. There is a desire to ventilate and humidify the room. It was to saturate the dry air with moisture and solve related problems, and the humidifier was invented. This article deals with the best humidifier in the market. Before analyzing, which is the best option, let us check, what each model can do?

Comparison Table for the Best Humidifier

Product Size Noise level Special features
Pure enrichment Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier Heaviest Absolutely no noise N/A
TaoTronics Ultrasonic Humidifier Medium heavy Absolutely no noise 360-degree nozzle
URPOWER Humidifier Medium heavy Noise from the beep alarm LED light
TaoTronics Warm & Cool Mist Humidifier Medium heavy Noise from the beep alarm 360-Degree nozzle
OPOLAR Digital Humidifier Medium heavy Noise from the beep alarm N/A
NEXGADGET Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier Lightweight and portable Absolutely no noise Specialized fragrance bed
PureGuardian Cool Mist Humidifier Tower Lightweight and portable Absolutely no noise N/A

1. Pure enrichment Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Pure enrichment Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

On the off chance that the nature of air in the room is dry, you will experience considerable difficulties with breathing. This is one thing that isn’t useful for your wellbeing, and for this very reason, you need to put resources to buy the best humidifier that you can discover in the market. This will enhance air quality by including the dampness that is required.

While it is without a doubt genuine that a humidifier can be gainful in more routes than one, remember that they are not all made the same way. Definitely, one humidifier can be superior to the next. As the purchaser, your choice is to ensure that you will be furnished with the best value for the money. With this, among others, one alternative that you might need to consider would be Pure Enrichment Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier.

The major features of pure enrichment Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier are:

  1. 1,500-ml Tank Capacity – When you see this model, you may think that it is of small size. As a general rule, the tank of this humidifier accompanies a larger size, enabling it to suit up to 1.5 liters of fluid. This implies it will take some time before there is a requirement for refilling. This will likewise settle on it an amazing decision not using this humidifier for bigger rooms. As a result of the measure of the tank, when it is used, it can diffuse for up to 16 hours constantly.
  2. Nightlight – Besides being a humidifier, it can likewise serve as a nightlight. This will make it a magnificent expansion in the room, particularly in the nursery. The delicate sparkle of the humidifier will give unobtrusive light, which can likewise help set the mind-set.
  3. 360 Degree Nozzle – This is one component that will give you finish control on how the humidifier is utilized. This helps to pivot the spout and to coordinate the humidity in your picked direction.
  4. Programmed Shutoff Feature – There is no requirement for you to physically turn it off. Once the tank is vacant, the unit will stop without anyone else manually turning off it. This will limit the likelihood of making harm the unit and will likewise viably expand its utilitarian life.
  5. It has a huge tank and can diffuse for quite a while. It may be very testing to keep up, yet with persistence, you will have the capacity to clean it successfully, and henceforth, this can be instrumental towards delaying its practical life.
  • Whisper-Quiet Operation: As it has been before specified, this is fundamentally a direct result of the Ultrasonic Mist innovation. You would scarcely see that it is there. This is not at all like on account of different models that can make a humming clamor, which can disturb, particularly when you are resting.
  • Huge Tank: The span of the tank is another justifiable reason motivation to have it considered above different choices that are accessible in the market. This implies it can diffuse for a broadened timeframe. There is no need the tank refilled once in a while, and subsequently, limiting the bother on your end.
  • Mist Can be Directed: The spout that is incorporated in this unit makes it conceivable to have the fog guided where you need it to be.
  • Durable Construction: Even as the years progressed, you will be cheerful realizing that it can hold its unrivaled usefulness. It has an inflexible development. To appreciate this advantage, notwithstanding, you need to ensure that it is all around kept up. General cleaning is an absolute necessity.
    • Can be Difficult to Maintain: To make certain that your humidifier will stay utilitarian for an expanded period, standard cleaning and appropriate upkeep will be important. Be that as it may, such can assignment on account of this model. The likelihood of having mineral development is the explanation behind such.
    • The tank is Hard to Open: When the time has come to have the tank opened and to refill the fluid, you may likewise encounter a few challenges. The tank is somewhat tight, requiring more exertion for you to have it opened.

2. TaoTronics Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

TaoTronics Ultrasonic Humidifier

This ultrasonic humidifier is somewhat not the same as the past one. It is outfitted with a microporous cartridge that decreases microorganisms, ions as if magnesium and calcium broke down in the water. The limit of the humidifier is very great that is the reason you can utilize it for the entire night without the need to refill it over and over.

  • You can set the level of moistness that is agreeable for you and controls the measure of humidity.
  • The humidifier accompanies a 360-degree rotatable spout to change the edge.
  • It is great notwithstanding for enormous rooms up 538 sq ft.
  • This humidifier uses over a gallon of water and works for full 15 hours.
  • This humidifier has special rest and clock mode.
  • The humidifier produces a sort of gurgling sound now and then. It isn’t that noisy. However, it isn’t 100 % calm.
  • You cannot use essential oils or compound aromas, just clean water is prescribed.

3. URPOWER Humidifier

URPOWER Humidifier

The Urpower ultrasonic air humidifier is an adaptable item without a doubt. It serves five unique parts in your home which incorporate humidifying, cleansing the air, ionizing, diffusing smells and being a night light. It utilizes a progressed ultrasonic diffusing innovation to ensure that both water and essential oils are broken into a huge number of particles every second. It is significant that this occurs without the utilization of warmth. Warmth will destroy the respectability of essential oils. Thus, the oil particles can be caught up in the body in an express that is sound for you. The following is a full audit of what this item is about. What’s more, you will get the chance to perceive what clients of this item think about it. This way, you can settle on a wise choice when purchasing a dependable room diffuser for your home.

This humidifier qualifies as one of the greatest inferable from its extensive water limit of 300ml. This implies that you can utilize it for up to 10 hours without stressing that water will run out. Basically, it is profoundly gainful in the evening where you don’t need to wake up to refill. Even better, dissimilar to different items, when it comes up short on water, it will auto off. There are incredible highlights that enable you to set clocks for up to 360 minutes. Pushing on the ‘Fog’ catch will enable you to explore different choices gave.

There are a few advantages that you will get by utilizing this item:

To start with, the room humidifier is in charge of enhancing the nature of air in the home. It is perfect for disposing of second-hand smoke. In the event that your air is inclined to being stale or harboring allergens, this item will handle this issue too. As implied before, the URPOWER diffuser acts as an ionizer, and it discharges negative particles into the air to dispose of positive particles which are unsafe. The medical advantages that will originate from this incorporate better breathing, a lift to the safe framework and also an enhanced state of mind. What’s more, it assumes an urgent part in calming stress.

Its filtering and humidifying highlights are in charge of the better air quality. Much of the time, this item can likewise be utilized as a non-fragrant healing humidifier. It is a phenomenal solution for individuals who are enduring with a dry skin and also sinus disturbance. It assumes a tasteful part by giving a wide cluster of light choices. You can pick among 7 LED light hues to completely alter your room and enhance your state of mind. In the event that you are not very obsessed with the light, you can abandon it off while you keep on using the diffuser.

Opening this item isn’t hard in any way. It just takes a straightforward turn, and you are prepared to go. It accompanies a bolt that demonstrates the client how it lines up to open. Turning off is also simple. Topping it off will take you during that time for up to 10 hours. Be that as it may, the fragrance will diminish as the time passes. In such manner, you should include a couple of more drops of oil to keep up the aroma as needs be. Altogether, it accompanies 4 clocks settings which will give you the ability to pick what works for you best.

As indicated by client surveys, this item isn’t quite recently simple to utilize yet it is anything but difficult to perfect it. It additionally has a more extensive scope with regards to humidity contrasted with different items. At the point when water is low, it will beep twice to advise you, and after that, it will turn off automatically. Numerous clients are additionally satisfied in light of the fact that it comes at a decent moderate cost while giving full an incentive to cash. Numerous clients are likewise happy with the cleaning manual that aides on the best way to attempt the cleaning of this humidifier. Notwithstanding a full item manual, this item accompanies a measuring container for filling water and a charger connector. It doesn’t accompany oil, and in such manner, you can pick the essential oils that are perfect for you.

This item has been a genuine saver for individuals who have hypersensitivities, for example, asthma and conditions like dry skin. Having quality air is all it takes for some to recapture their hold in life. Furthermore, the stretch has been one of those issues that are difficult to dispose of. On account of the fragrance based treatment made conceivable by this humidifier, numerous clients are resting in a casual and alleviating way with personal satisfaction. The important fact is that many are satisfied that they don’t need to stress over the item warming up on the grounds that there is no creation of warmth in this humidifier. The lovely LED light hues are likewise amazing gorgeous sight to keep the mind-set up.

Different clients have expressed that their children are absolutely infatuated with the LED lights because of the animating hues. For individuals who are not very sharp about the fragrant healing, the item can likewise be utilized without essential oils. In any case, with every good thing, there are a few defects that may ride along, and there are some drawbacks that have been accounted for by a few clients regarding the use of this humidifier.

At the point when this item is out of water, it will beep twice and afterward stop automatically. For the individuals who are light sleepers, this beep may wake them up. Despite the fact that the beep isn’t so uproarious, a few people may discover it somewhat irritating. This can be aggravated when you have it in an infant’s room; the exact opposite thing you need is to wake your infant up. With everything taken into account, most client audits of the Urpower ultrasonic air humidifier are profoundly positive, and their encounters have been productive without any doubt.

From every one of the certainties that have been specified over, this item is unquestionably great incentive for cash. It is a high limit room humidifier that will change your poor air into quality air. This will accompany various medical advantages, and by the day’s end, it is tied in with boosting health and prosperity. Many individuals don’t lament purchasing this item, and you will be pleased to put resources into a healthy and adaptable item.

  • LED light that comes with this humidifier is the plus point that attracts children as well as adults.
  • The beeping sound can be annoying for a sleeping adult or an infant. It irritates the person and can disturb the sleep.

4. TaoTronics Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier

TaoTronics Warm & Cool Mist Humidifier

This Humidifier is a specialized humidifier and an essential oil diffuser, giving you the choice of a warm or cool humidity (air) utilizing your most loved essential oils. It includes a 1.58-gallon limit water tank (6 liters) which is sufficient to permit the humidifier to run overnight, ideal to be utilized by room. The unit closes off consequently once the water level drops to a specific sum.

There are three diverse humidity yield modes you can pick. There is additionally a preset moistness level alternative that enables you to set the coveted mugginess level. There are a control bolt and a clock mode. The night mode is incredible for decreasing humidifier light and commotion, to enable you to rest better.

The TaoTronics humidifier is beautiful and appropriate choice for the individuals who need to utilize a humidifier year-round, as you can pick whether the humidifier scatters a cool air or warm air. The temperature modes can be switched without any problem. The unit can warm the water up to 38C in less than 30 minutes.

Microscopic organisms’ flourishes in warm conditions and a warm fog humidifier can regularly prompt microbes and form being scattered with the vapors. In any case, the TaoTronics humidifier highlights an implicit water channel that evacuates microscopic organisms, and awful smells come with the water. It likewise includes a dispensable air channel that channels the air to keep it clean. This is a typical issue with cool air humidifiers.

If you would like to try some essential oils, the TaoTronics humidifier has a different oil holder that enables you to add around 5-6 drops of your most loved essential oils. Contingent upon the essential oil brand and sort, you could use it up to 3 hours. The TaoTronics humidifier accompanies a touch LED display, which makes it more easier for the user.

  • It is easy to operate.
  • It can be used for a longer duration of about 15 hours continuously.
  • The specialized 360-degree rotating nozzle makes this humidifier more advance and more effective.
  • It is not a suitable option to humidify large rooms.

5. OPOLAR Digital Humidifier

OPOLAR Digital Humidifier

Inhale quality and clean air with the Opolar 3.8L Ultrasonic Humidifier that saturates the air and avoids dryness and can decrease the chance of many sicknesses. While different humidifiers are a bother to set up and work – frequently including silly tedious advances like evacuating tanks and valves – OPOLAR humidifier utilizes the breeze. Rather than conveying an overwhelming tank to refill, just pour water straightforwardly to the best and swing it in a split of second to dampen the air.

On the off chance that cleaning is hard because of little openings, our ultrasonic humidifier with a wide tank opening will make cleaning less demanding. The bigger than ordinary tank opening implies that you can hand wash the water tank.

Envision of having the capacity to turn your humidifier on and not expecting to stress over it amid the night or notwithstanding for the whole day! With a gigantic 3.8L/1 Gallon tank, you’ll have enough humidity for up to 24 hours before the following refill. The amazing size of the tank implies that the humidifier can cover an entire 400 sq ft range making it perfect for home or a workplace.

For better air, you require better channels, and what is superior to anything one channel is two of them. The water channel evacuates all microscopic organisms, while the expendable air channel guarantees that clean air would not mix up everywhere during the operation of this humidifier. For a far and away superior time, you can include 2-3 drop of your most loved essential oil into the essential oil holder to take in a sublime smell.

In case you’re ever uncertain when to refill or when it’s a great opportunity to clean, the Opolar Ultrasonic Humidifier will tell you. This convenient little component will show a non-meddling light, so you know when it needs some additional consideration.

  • It has 24 hours run time.
  • It is perfect for home and office utilize.
  • Automatic stop when water level is low.
  • Easy to clean humidifier.
  • Very simple to refill, no need of evacuating the tank, it has an extensive opening that gives you a chance to put water without bother.
  • No advanced framework.

6. NEXGADGET Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

NEXGADGET Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

The NEXGADGET Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier emerges in these ranges. The NEXGADGET Ultrasonic is a huge limit humidifier with a 3.8-liter tank limit, which is precisely 1 gallon for the individuals who don’t utilize the metric framework. It’s expansive, it’s smooth, it looks advanced, and it has a couple of flawless highlights.

Throughout the years, different advancements have been specific for use in business and private humidifiers. There are vaporizers, evaporative humidifiers, and even characteristic humidifiers. This model; in any case, uses ultrasonic innovation. The advantages of utilizing an ultrasonic humidifier are various. One such advantage is that they are commonly substantially calmer than different models.

Now and then you may need somewhat more humidity than regular. The humidity/dampness yield of the NEXGADGET ultrasonic humidifier is totally customizable. At its most elevated yield setting and a full tank of water, it can consistently discharge a flood of humidity/dampness for 10 hours. The center setting will take into consideration a somewhat longer yield of 13 hours. Lastly, with the most minimal humidity yield setting, you can appreciate 16 hours of excellent damp environment. Once the tank is unfilled, the humidifier is sufficiently shrewd to close off until the point when it is refilled and restarted.

A little fragrance bed is located at the bottom of the humidifier. This is a removable plate where you can include your most loved essential oils. If you like to use the fragrant lavender for the morning in order to refreshen your day or require something all the more mitigating to enable you to rest around evening time. Regardless of the possibility that you’re not especially inspired by fragrant healing, the utilization of essential oils can help dispense with undesirable scents noticeable all around. It would be an ideal option to create a calm environment.

Extensive, lightweight, and calm aren’t three qualities that more often than not go together. In any case, this humidifier has pulled it off pleasantly. In spite of including a robust 1-gallon tank limit, it just courses around 3.7 pounds. It takes into account an intense humidity yield, yet remains calm to a great degree. This is likely because of the utilization of ultrasonic power.

This Humidifier is lightweight, solid, and has an amazing tank limit. It can give a constant flow of humidity for up to 16 hours. When it’s set, it will stop independently without the help of anyone. The fragrance bed gives you a chance to add your most loved essential oils to that flood of humidity. The inward LED light is a decent visual element of this humidifier and attracts many. In general, it’s an awesome humidifier for any room in the house.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It does not make any noise.
  • It has a special fragrance bedchamber for essential oils.
  • Easily dirt builds up in the machine due to the use of ultrasonic waves. This requires frequent cleaning.

7. Pure Guardian Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

PureGuardian Cool Mist Humidifier Tower

If you are looking for an impeccable ultrasonic cool humidifier for a medium-sized room, then you can settle on this one. This is an exciting model that can give you up to 70 hours of administration on one filling.

  • The Silver Clean Protection of this humidifier can battle against the development of buildup of dirt.
  • It gives fine humidity to dispose of the dry air around you.
  • You can likewise change the humidity settings to coordinate your inclination and requirements.
  • It is somewhat little so that you can put it in any place.
  • You are not ready to utilize essential oils with this item.
  • This humidifier can expel or spill water when the humidity is high.

Buying Guide

The humidifier helps to create a microclimate that is most conducive to normal health and allows you to work more productively and comfortably rest.

Humidifiers in the market are represented by three types:

  1. Traditional. The operation of such a device is based on “cold” evaporation or natural – the water is poured into the barrel, from there it gets to the element that evaporates it. With the help of a fan, air is blown through it, whereby humidification occurs. Such devices are characterized by economy, low noise level and maximum ease of use. Due to the self-regulating process, optimum moisture values ​​are achieved for a certain ambient temperature. For such a humidifier to work more efficiently, you need to place an additional source of heat next to it.
  2. Steam. The principle of operation of such a humidifier is the use of “hot” evaporation technique. The electrode pairs heat the water in the device to the maximum, which leads to a transition to the vapor state. After evaporation of the entire volume of liquid, the device automatically turns off. The main advantage – high performance with the ability to raise the humidity to higher marks. It is necessary to constantly monitor the water level for trouble-free operation. In its equipment, there is no hydrostat, plus a large volume of power consumption. Due to the production of too hot steam, it is not possible to install such a humidifier in the children’s room. But it is great for inhalations and aromatherapy, by dropping a small amount of oil into the nozzle of the device.
  3. Ultrasound. Such devices are considered the most effective and in demand. The principle of operation lies in the supply of water to the plate, vibrating in the high-frequency mode. The result is the formation of a cloud with its running through a fan in the dwelling. Such a device is capable of generating cool, moist air. According to reviews, the benefit and harm of ultrasonic humidifier is its high performance, safety, but high cost and dependence on water quality. To work it is better to use distilled water; the details are below. There are also air sinks with climate complexes that combine a cleaner with a humidifier. Such a device removes harmful substances from the air, tobacco smoke, wool, and dust while moistening it to a comfortable environment using “cold” evaporation. They are economical, high-performance, noiseless and do not require a change of filters.

Principle of operation of the main types of humidifiers

Mechanical (Traditional) humidifiers are the simplest type of humidifier. In such devices, water is poured into a small tank, from where it is fed to moisturizing cartridges, through which the built-in fan drives the air, naturally moisturizing it. Simultaneously with moistening, air purification takes place. The disadvantages of such humidifiers are low efficiency and high noise level.

Steam humidifiers – in them water boils, leaving out in the form of steam. They have a lot of disadvantages: hot steam, which can be burned, high power consumption (up to 600 W) and high noise level. There are pluses – they work perfectly with hard and even dirty water, with their help you can do inhalations (often complete with inhalation nozzles), have high performance, do not require consumables.

Ultrasonic humidifiers are the most modern type of moisturizers. In them, water with a special membrane with an ultrasonic vibration frequency is converted into cold steam. It is possible to adjust the necessary humidity level, either manually or automatically, with very low noise. But they require careful care and use of special cartridges, with a filler that requires regular replacement or filling with distilled water.

Combined devices are devices in which the humidifier is combined with an air purifier. The latter is a structure of plastic discs rotating in a container with water, on which the dust is entering the device settles and then is washed off with water. Such devices, as a rule, contain a traditional type of humidifier, with inherent flaws and advantages. Since this device is more complicated than the previous one, it requires more careful maintenance.

Benefits of humidifier

The direct purpose of the device is to increase the humidity of the air with the removal of the negative influence of excessive dryness of the environment in the dwelling. The main benefit of the air humidifier is its need for the health of the child’s body.

The metabolism of the child is very intense, producing a lot of heat when the heat exchange regulation is made mainly by the lungs. With a large dryness of the air, a large amount of water is lost by the body, resulting in excessive sweating with a thickening of the blood. In some cases, even the activities of certain systems and bodies may be disrupted:

Excessive dryness of the mucous membranes of the nose and larynx causes a loss of protective properties, due to which favorable conditions for the life of pathogenic bacteria develop. Because of this, the child develops bronchitis, otitis media, pneumonia, sinusitis and other diseases;

  • The humidifier is useful in minimizing the risk of asthma and rhinitis;
  • Insufficient moisture in the room entails dry skin, resulting in peeling, irritation and premature aging;
  • Such a device supports the immune system with the protection of the body from possible dehydration;
  • Excessive dryness of the environment reduces attention and causes fatigue;
  • Also, such a device will help to preserve furniture from wood longer, including doors that can dry up and deform with insufficient moisture;
  • For plants, the humidifier is also useful, helping them to feel normal and maintain an optimum condition to stimulate growth.

According to doctors and numerous reviews, an air humidifier is useful for the eyes, solving the problem with their dryness. Thanks to this device, you do not need to additionally moisturize the mucous of eyes to get rid of redness and itching, which is a common problem today.

In the autumn-winter period, colds worsen. And the drier the air in the room, the more favorable the environment becomes for the propagation of harmful bacteria. So, the speed of the spread of microbes and viruses will be quite high. That is, all households are under threat. In this case, the benefit of the air humidifier is obvious.

In a house where the air humidity is optimal, the plants flush with greens and glow from the inside. However, they require much less care, fertilizing and spraying. In dry air, not only people and plants suffer, but even furniture. The wooden chest of drawers or the cabinet starts to crack, the parquet cracked, and the frame in the picture – crumbling before our eyes.

Harmful effects of humidifier

For a better understanding of the harmful effects of air humidifiers, it is worth considering each individually:

  1. Due to the ejection of hot steam outside the steam appliance, there is a higher probability of burns. In addition, they cause a high air temperature with simultaneous use of heating devices. And one more drawback – when installing it near the wall, there is a risk of damaging its coverage.
  2. The harm of the traditional air humidifier consists in the accumulation on the replaceable cassette of various microorganisms harmful to the body. This is due to the simultaneous function of cleaning the air with the subsequent emission of collected particles with dust into the environment.
  3. Ultrasonic air humidifiers are harmful by throwing out the liquid at the same time as other elements dissolved in it. It is usually salt and possible harmful substances that are then deposited on the surrounding furniture, including the floor and the lungs. To avoid this, it is recommended to use only distilled water.
  4. Using any such device, it is necessary to constantly monitor the level of humidity – in fact, its overestimated indicators are harmful as well as excessive dryness. This is done by a hygrometer purchased separately or already built into the humidifier.

Household humidifiers are autonomous on the principle of their activity, are easy to handle and do not require complex maintenance. Regular cleaning and care for them allow you to functionally extend the life of the device and use the device for 100% of its intended use. According to the principle of operation, humidifiers are divided into four types: steam, ultrasonic, traditional and climatic complex. Care at home for each of these types is determined by the specifics of their work.

According to the principle of operation, air humidifiers can be divided into three types: traditional mechanical humidifiers, steam humidifiers, and ultrasonic humidifiers. There are also combined humidifiers with a built-in air purifier. Like many other household appliances, moisturizers need regular care and cleaning, which can sometimes not be easy. In order to understand how to properly clean the humidifier, you need to understand its device and the principle of operation, if, of course, there is no desire to give the device for repair.

Elimination of dirt

Often, when one or another model of the humidifier is being discussed, we are talking about a white dirt. Such a coating occurs during the operation of ultrasonic humidifiers. Basically, it consists of various salts contained in water, which settle on all horizontal surfaces. The harder the water used, the more dirt is formed, which, if not removed in a timely manner, can lead to the need for repair of the device.

To neutralize the dirt, use cartridges with ion-exchange resin, which consists of fine particles, which can absorb excess salts. This resin requires regular replacement, the timing of which depends on the intensity of the device and the quality of water. It would be ideal to use distilled water, which allows prolonging the life of the cartridge filler for a long time, but this possibility is not always available. In addition, not everyone wants to install a distiller at home or run to buy distilled water at gas stations. You can use drinking bottled water, only this option is suitable only for people with high incomes since ultrasonic humidifiers emit about six liters of water per day.

Care of the humidifier

Care for air humidifiers consists in regular cleaning of deposits and scale and replacement of the filler cartridge, or a change of filter in traditional humidifiers. With the last operation, everything is simple enough – the filler needs to be changed every two to three months if hard water is used. Replacement is required the less often, the softer the water. When using distilled water, the need for a cartridge may completely disappear.

Cleaning the humidifier

To do this, you will need:

  • chlorine solution;
  • vinegar solution;
  • water;
  • piece of clean cloth;

Cleaning the humidifier – many do not know how to do it yourself, and it’s quite simple. During the period when the device is actively used, it must be wiped once a week and the lime deposits permanently accumulated on its parts are removed. Before cleaning the humidifier, it is necessary to drain all liquid from its container and rinse it thoroughly with running water, after which it is good to dry, but not under direct sunlight. For cleaning it is better not to use detergents that can not only negatively affect the operation of the device but also spread throughout the operation throughout the room in the form of tiny particles, which can cause headaches among family members.

If dirt is difficult to remove, use liquids recommended by the manufacturer or safe ingredients, such as citric acid or cleaning liquids for electric kettles. You can remove deposits and scale with the help of warm water and sodium bicarbonate, popular in everyday life, and to put it more simply, – baking soda, which will help you get rid of unpleasant odor, and remove light deposits. A strongly hardened scale is removed with special powders or mechanically – a metal mesh. However, in this case, there is a risk of leaving deep scratches on the case, so it is better to do regular cleaning, not allowing the appearance of hardened deposits.

The nozzle of the humidifier requires special attention. It is necessary to remove the scum accumulated on it completely. Use abrasive agents for this purpose is not allowed. This can lead to damage to the nozzle and its failure, after which it will be necessary to repair the humidifier associated with replacing the nozzle. For descaling, you can use a special solution, which can be replaced with a weak solution of vinegar. Treatment is carried out with a soft tissue swab. After that, you can pour fresh water into the container, and start the device in operation.

To avoid undesirable microorganisms in the humidifier, it must be regularly disinfected with a chlorine solution. Any chlorine-containing bleach can be used to prepare such a solution. After disinfection, rinse the appliance to remove the smell of chlorine.

If you carefully and timely clean the air humidifier, this device will last for many years. Different models of humidifiers have their own specific features. In some cases, it is sufficient to rinse the filters and nets with ordinary hot water, in others this procedure should be carried out using additional means contained in the purchase package. In any case, it is necessary to carefully study the user’s manual, which will indicate the manufacturer’s recommendations for care, cleaning, and sometimes minor repairs.

Remember that the microclimate in your home depends on the humidifier!

Rules of operation

To obtain maximum benefit and benefit, the air-humidifier must be properly operated: Before connecting the device, be sure to read the instructions. For example, in order not to fill the ultrasonic mechanism with water from the tap by ignorance;

In the presence of gyrostat, you need to regularly monitor its performance with a hygrometer. These figures should not be less than 45 and exceed 60 percent for a room where there are adults and from 50 to 70 percent in the children’s room;

It is not possible to replace the humidification function with ventilation with temperature monitoring. They should not exceed 23 degrees.

Observing all these simple rules, it remains only to enjoy all the benefits of an air humidifier.

General tips

  • Do not use humidifiers in rooms with humidity above 70%.
  • The device should be installed on a flat and firm surface without the slightest distortion.
  • When the humidifier is operating, the air inlet and outlet openings must be free, so they cannot be covered.
  • Emptying the tank, cleaning, replacing the evaporation mat, filter cartridge or ionizing silver rod is performed only when the appliance is disconnected from the power supply.
  • When using the device every day, it is recommended to clean at least once every two weeks so that the scale does not form a hard layer.
  • It is not recommended to clean the device with hard brushes and washcloths and abrasive agents to avoid scratching and damage.
  • The electrical part of the device should not be in contact with a liquid.
  • If there is an ionizing silver rod in the humidifier, it must regularly be changed during the year to prevent the flowering of water and the appearance of pathogenic microorganisms.
  • Primarily recommended pure water without impurities and additives.
  • When using the humidifier periodically, it is necessary to regularly change the water in the reservoir so that it does not stagnate and cause foul smelling water.
  • The device should be kept away from chemically active liquids and aerosols. Protect from any deviations in the normal atmosphere and sources of overheating.
  • The main methods of care in household conditions are carried out by cleaning from impurities, scale and salt deposits, followed by disinfection.
  • Cleaning and decontamination of water containers and the elements of the device in contact with them should use safe solutions. After the completion of each procedure, it is necessary to wash the treated surfaces with running water, completely flushing the solution. It is not desirable to use chemical detergents, the particles of which can get into the air after treatment. As an alternative, it is allowed to use a solution of household soda, which not only cleans but also does not harm health.
  • The surface of the body and parts for cleaning can be wiped with soft napkins moistened with slightly concentrated vinegar.

How to choose a humidifier

  • Limited budget forces you to purchase an inexpensive device that is not equipped with additional functions. This applies to the timer, hygrostat, backlight, display and rotary diffuser. A well-known brand also adds value.
  • Any model is suitable for using it, both in a residential building and in production. The choice of humidifier is based on:
    On the parameters of the area on which the volume of the reservoir depends and the productivity of the humidifier.
  • On management with the presence of mechanisms that expand functions. It can be an ionizer, a reservoir for aromatic oils and a filter that protects against harmful substances and contaminants.
  • Energy costs.
  • Noise indicators.

Proper use of the device will increase the humidity, which will improve sleep, eliminate perspiration in the throat and dry eye mucosa, the skin will cease to peel, and cold catarrhal diseases will disappear.
Even indoor plants will feel better, pleasing the eyes of their masters. It is always possible to improve the climate in a dwelling, caused by excessive dryness of the air medium by the device, its moisturizing.

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