Baby Bottle Sterilizers

baby bottle sterilizer

There is not much information about baby bottle sterilizers, and apparently this is due to the fact that such household items have not got accustomed yet. Most people think that different novelties aren’t worth spending money. As for baby sterilizers, we would say that it is better to save money on something, but to buy this useful and functional item. Disinfection is essential for baby’s health, as it kills germs and viruses, which cause infection, thus ensuring the safety of disinfected supplies.

The primary function of sterilizer is to cleanse and to destroy harmful bacteria, since that is actually the cause of dysbiosis. Bottle sterilizers operate in automatic mode and they are automatically switched off, so they are safe and easy to use. But still you should keep children away from it, as well as from any other electrical equipment.

The sterilizers can be divided into three groups according to their operating principle:

– steam sterilizers, in which the steam is formed due to the evaporation of water;

– steam sterilizers for microwave ovens, which operate on the same basis, but are more economical due to the power consumption of the microwave;

– sterilizers, which perform cold sterilization by means of tablets or special liquid disinfectant (convenient for those occasions when you go outside or when there is no electricity).

Let’s take a closer look at steam baby sterilizers

Today, one of the most effective ways to kill harmful bacteria is to use steam. The simple, compact steam sterilizers can be used not only at home, but in hospitals as well.  They operate automatically and do not require chemical components. Its operating principle is based on transforming water into steam, which kills germs. In addition, some steam sterilizers combine the functions of heater as well.

baby sterilizer

How to choose the right one?

In case you have realized the need of the baby sterilizer, the question still remains – how to make the right choice. Here are some tips that will help you to carry it out.

– Different baby bottle sterilizers are for different number of bottles – usually from 2 to 8. In case you want to save time, it is better to buy the machine, which can serialize the set of bottles for the whole day, so that you will have to do it only in the morning.

– They are also designed for different size of bottles. So, if you haven’t decided which of the bottles to use wen feeding the baby, it’s recommended to buy a sterilizer for large ones, as it can also sterilize the narrower bottles.

– Sterilizers spend a different amount of time, typically from 5 to 15 minutes, and it varies depending on the amount of items to be sterilized and the machine capacity.

– They can also come in various shapes, but in this case, it’s up to you.

Safety rules

You should use the sterilizer only on a flat surface, and wipe them with a dry cloth afterwards. It’s strictly prohibited to pour disinfectants inside of a machine and put it in water.

As for microwave sterilizers, do not put any objects that are not intended for the microwave, for example metal ones.


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