Adjustable Bed Reviews. What Features Make These Constructions Popular?

adjustable bed

Owning adjustable beds brings multiple benefits, as there are so many possible variants to adjust them to your needs. Comfort, convenience and health are among the main reasons why so many people read adjustable bed reviews and choose one of the models from a reliable manufacturer.

As the name of the whole construction suggests, the bed can be easily adjusted to many different positions. Some popular models also boast of massage features that ensure full relaxation of body and mind. Such beds are ready to meet the needs of any customer.

Leggett and Platt Adjustable Bed

Leggett and Platt is the most popular and reliable manufacturer of adjustable beds. Their power base makes it possible to adjust the mattress to the position you choose. The brand is always ready to offer multiple health benefits both for individuals and couples. Want to reduce snoring, acid reflux and sleep apnea? Just raise the head area of a power base.

As to the most popular models of Leggett and Platt these are the Prodigy and S-Cape. The first one allows operation through the use of an iPhone or via the remote control. It possesses basic anti-snoring features that help one person to adjust the position of his/her partner, while sleeping.

Mentioning S-Cape, it should be noted that this very model tends to rate 5 stars, offering such important features as:

  1. wireless controls
  2. massage
  3. programmable buttons

In addition there are also Lifestyle collection bases that have lifetime limited warranties (2 year parts or 1 year full), as well as lifetime mechanical coverage (electronics and motor excluded). Such bases can be purchased online.

Electric Adjustable Bed

electric adjustable bed

According to adjustable bed reviews, such models ensure complete freedom to sleep the way you want, without any back or neck pain in the morning. Our useful article – Best mattress for back pain.

Generally speaking, such models have been around for more than 20 years already. Their homeland was America and at first they were very expensive and too unusual. Such beds worked on mains voltage, were heavy and quite difficult to ship or deliver. Today the things are quite different. All electric adjustable beds are made of wood sections and feature laminated flexi-slats to rest a mattress on.

Modern models are much easier to assemble and deliver as actions drop into a deep base unit or a separate shallow. The moving and fixed parts (together with handsets and motors) can be easily repaired or replaced, when it is needed.

King Size Adjustable Bed

king size adjustable bed

These models always come in split models, and the two parts operate independently. These split bases can also be made up to operate together. This is when a single king size mattress is used.

When there are two parts, each partner has a chance to have his/her own adjustment. The only possible drawback is the fact that the middle area is unfriendly for cuddling and spooning, even when the sides have the same adjustment.

Most king size beds look just like regular ones, when they are completely flat. When the size is 150 cm across, there is the choice of base surroundings:

  • Dual base. It is a single base surround with two adjustable bed frames that operate independently from each other.
  • Coupled base. These are two separate beds which are pushed together.

Such beds are recognized as fully powered. Besides they have independent foot and head adjustments. They are frequently referred to as long-term solutions for people with respiratory or circulatory conditions, as well as arthritis and many other chronic conditions.

Adjustable Height Bed Frame

No matter what type of bed you are about to buy, it is surely on the frame that leaves too little room for storage beneath it. However, many wooden bed frames are easily adjustable, giving you a possibility to lower or raise the bed’s height, creating extra storage area for your things. This extra storage possibility is perfect for dorm rooms and small apartments with little space.

An adjustable height bed frame can be raised to a rather high height. So, there is no need to bend dangerously. This sort of adjustability helps to reduce possible back injuries. In fact, such frames are one of the main requirements most social services provide basic home care.

The frame allows positioning the bed at the correct height for assisting the transfer into/out of bed with minimum reliance on other people. Besides, some models can even lower themselves close to the floor, reducing possible risks of falls.

As you see from this adjustable bed review, such models have many advantages over traditional beds with flat mattresses, as they provide:

  • pressure relief
  • healthy posture
  • proper circulation
  • customized support
  • electric adjustment of bed angles
  • height with Hi-Low systems

As long as these beds allow total access for patient lifts and much easier transfers, they are beneficial for may people worldwide.

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