About Us

The main task of our web-site is to provide visitors with useful information about medical equipment, its technical characteristics, as well as customers’ comments. It is an informational resource dedicated to medical devices, novelties in the field of medicine.  

about us

This recourse is addressed primarily to physicians, managers of health care institutions, managers and employees of companies, whose daily work is connected with medical goods. We also hope that our information will be interesting to medical students, technicians who repair medical equipment, and curious patients.

Our development strategy is based on providing you with proven information only.

Realizing the responsibility for our work, we strive for the effective management of the working processes as well as continuous improvement and development of our web-site.  If you have some ideas or advice on how to make our informational resource better, our editorial staff will take them into consideration. 

In case of any questions please contact us – info@medinstrum.com